007 Slot Machine

007 Slot Machine – Della Yong asked, “Stopping the Reels -Which is better, letting the reels play freely or using the start/stop option? Does it matter?”

We all like to think we have the secret to success. We KNOW how to win, and we can control the outcome. The truth is, we cannot outrun computers. Repeat me…

007 Slot Machine

“Oh no Brian, whenever I see two bonus symbols I always stop the reels and 9 times out of 10 it works!”. I love optimism, however just like you can’t stop a speeding train like Superman, you can’t stop the reels to affect its outcome. It can’t be done. Never. Never.

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That said, I still give myself credit for stopping the reels and getting bonuses even though I have an influence on the outcome. I did it! 😛

So in answer to your question: which is better – stopping the reels or letting them spin freely? It doesn’t matter. Since slot machines run on random number generators (RNG’s), the only thing that stops the reels from changing is your timing.

Turn which will obviously be played in a different micro-second. It also comes to a bonus if you stop the reels, it changes the next spin (just not the one that has already started moving).

But to all the superheroes out there, keep up the good work! And be sure to tag me in your upcoming Instagram photos and stories using @ and be on the lookout for exclusive giveaways there like we did last month!

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