Antique Slot Machine Values

Antique Slot Machine Values – You can hit the jackpot every day in your house when you bring home an antique slot machine. These machines not only make beautiful antique decorations, but can provide fun for all your friends and family. And if you’re thinking of going on a big vacation soon, then they’re a great way to practice your slot slinging technique for a big time prize at the casino.

A genuine antique slot machine can be a great investment. The best way to determine if you are getting a fair price is to do as much research as you can on the machine you are considering buying. The more details you have, the more informed you will be about what exactly the machine in question is worth, and some of the pieces of information you should have are:

Antique Slot Machine Values

The more original parts an antique slot machine has, the more value it has. A real antique machine should have a serial number, unlike a reproduction slot machine. Reputable antique slot machine dealers will usually offer a certificate of authenticity with the machine. Yet, if you can’t find any hard documentation specifying the machine’s manufacturing date, you can rely on the visual component to see if you can figure out a ballpark date range.

Story Ar Slot Machine

The earliest slot machines were generally significantly smaller than those in use today and were about the size of an old cash register. These early registers were made out of various heavy metals and usually featured a less unpleasant design element compared to their modern counterparts. In addition, there are also slot machines built on metal frames so they can stand upright, much like gum machines. These early machines were mostly created out of wood, and were even less decorative than their metal contemporaries. Designs grew more and more daring as the decades passed, and the sizes increased with the passing years as well. So, if you find fluorescent lights or digital components, then chances are your machine is not old.

Another visual identifier is to look for machines with brands that were making machines at the time, such as:

Most antique machines have been refurbished, as these metal and wooden machines can take quite a beating over time. This restoration process involves taking the machines apart to clean and re-lubricate all internal working parts. Damaged or missing parts are replaced and the machine is then reassembled and packaged for sale. According to renowned appraiser Dr. Lori Verderame, the most valuable machines are those that work and have the fewest replacement parts needed. Depending on her specialty, these can sell for a few thousand dollars at worst, and tens of thousands of dollars at best.

Unfortunately, with a market as niche as antique slot machines, you always run the risk of not having an abundance of information at your fingertips. As for these playful leisure activities, there is very little evidence of their sale on the current digital market. This is not to say that they are not traded privately or in local antique shops that do not publicly record there goods, but it is safe to say that you are not going to find these are for sale very often, so it’s best to speak to an appraiser if you have one in your possession to get a better understanding of what it might be worth.

Antique Slot Machines

That said, there are a ton of repaired and restored vintage machines available online for purchase. These machines typically sell for the high hundreds and low thousands, meaning that — due to their rarity — vintage slot machines in similar condition could be worth at least the same, if more than probably more if they are marketed to the right customers. Some of these vintage machines that have sold recently include:

Before you consider buying an antique slot machine, it is important to find out what the laws are in the state or country in which you live. For example, some American states prohibit the ownership of a slot machine, regardless of the age of the machine or what it is intended for. The states where it is illegal to own a slot machine include:

In contrast, many other states already allow private ownership of slot machines with some restrictions. For example, in California, Delaware, Montana and several other states, you can own a slot machine that is 25 years old or older. New Jersey and Pennsylvania laws allow private slot machine ownership of machines manufactured before 1941. Machines manufactured before 1952 are legal in Washington DC and machines manufactured before 1954 are legal in Vermont, as long as they are not in use for gaming.

Given the tenuous legality of owning slot machines – at least in the US – you should make sure you’ve researched what you are and aren’t allowed to own in your area before buying anything.

Antique Slot Machine Values: What To Know Before You Buy

The best place to start your research for finding out how many vintage slot machines you own or someone you know owns is online. There are a number of easily accessible websites that offer price guide information, as well as plenty of private dealers and collectors that offer information and advice on buying and selling antique slot machines. Here are three of the best places to go first.

The Antique Slot Machine Price Guide is an online database of over 8000 slot machines and they get their prices from auctions completed through eBay, Victorian Casino Auctions, James D. Julia Auctions and Inman Auctions. It is important to note that you must be subscribed to be able to see the prices of any of these ancient slot machines, if you are interested.

Slots Etc has been buying, trading, selling and restoring vintage slot machines since 1987. They offer top dollar if you sell an antique slot machine or they will help you find’ the machine you are looking for if you want to buy. The company has extensive knowledge of the following brands, which they are always open to purchase:

Bob Levy started Antique Slot Machines, which he claims is one of the largest sellers of antique slot machines in the United States. Levy deals exclusively in vintage machines from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and a few from the 1950s, and for $50, you can get an official written appraisal for your vintage slot machine from Levy. Here you can also view Bob Levy’s private collection of vintage slot machines or search for one to buy yourself.

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Slot machines are where history and fun collide. Although it may seem like an unconventional recreational toy to bring into your house compared to the millions of air hockey tables and pinball machines that people bring home each year, an ancient slot machine may be the icing on your games room cake. In this way, there is so much more to the values ​​of old slot machines than just money, as your friends jubilantly shouting from hitting big will surely confirm.

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