Antique Slot Machine

Antique Slot Machine – My name is Richard Bright and I have been restoring antique slot machines for over 35 years, you could say I have repaired or restored at least 500 antique machines in my lifetime. As a “Lieutenant” now “Retired” Professional Firefighter, I work twenty-four hour shifts, which has given me plenty of time to devote to restoring and repairing vintage slot machines. Whether it’s a minor renovation or a full restoration, no job is too big or too small. I have traveled all over the country to buy, repair or sell my vintage gaming machines. This business is set around a very small circle of people who are qualified to do this type of work. I feel that if you treat a customer right and earn their trust by doing a good job, they will be a repeat customer in the future. The slot machines we return are returned correctly to customer specifications, the first time. When a customer buys a slot machine from me, I give you a lifetime warranty, as long as you own the slot machine, as long as you bring it to me for repair. There aren’t too many people in this business who will make a promise like that and actually stand by it. We have a large collection of vintage slot machine parts. In the case of repair and restoration, there is a 99% chance that the part will be replaced with an original part, instead of a reproduction.

Machines weigh anywhere from 75-100 pounds, measure 16″X16″X 28″ tall. There is a 10% restocking fee on all returns.

Antique Slot Machine

We will provide you with assistance whenever you need it, just by picking up the phone or by email, whatever is most convenient for the customer.

Vintage Miniature Slot Machine Die Cast Pencil Sharpener

Due to laws governing the sale of antique slot machines Bright’s Antique Slot Machine Restorations will not sell to individuals in the following states: Alabama, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Nebraska, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

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Jennings & Company was the leading manufacturer of slot machines in the United States and also made other coin operated machines, including pinball machines, from 1906 to 1980. It was founded by Ode D. Jennings as the Industry Novelty Company, Incorporated of Chicago. When its founder died in 1953, the company was succeeded by Jennings & Company. Fruit machines, or three-reelers, first appeared in the USA in 1905. An immediate success, it later exposed crime and corruption, and became the basis for prohibition. Three reels were rarely seen in Britain before the Betting and Gaming Act of 1960 legalized public games.

Antique Slot Machine Values: What To Know Before You Buy

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Sold Price: Vintage Bally Slot Machine On Pedestal

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Vintage Waco

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