Bally Slot Machine Repair

Bally Slot Machine Repair – Working on a Bali slot machine for a co-worker. I think it’s 5000 plus, but not 100% sure. Looking for a guide so I can start troubleshooting.

I brought it home last night, and when I turned it on, I could see that it was stuck in cash mode. There is no reset key, so I opened the cabinet and pushed the switch manually. Went through the settings, and it needed a reset. I found a YouTube video that shows me how to clear the settings and do a reset by turning off the machine, disconnecting the top PCB, turning it on, and waiting until I see “CL” on the display.

Bally Slot Machine Repair

This brought the machine to somewhat working condition. I could make it up and pull the handle, and the coils would spin. I played it until it won a small payout, then it threw an error – 31 – meaning empty. So I filled the tank, made sure the pressure switch was on. Turned the machine off, cleaned it again, turned it back on. Played some more. You got paid. No hopper movement at all. Error – hopper jam.

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No sound either. I tried adjusting what I think is the sound pot. Nothing. I tried a new speaker. Nothing.

This morning, on a cold and fresh start, I have no LED display. The owner told me that sometimes it “takes time” to get things working on the machine. Classic cap syndrome. I think I will need a new power supply.

Here are some pictures I took. Can anyone confirm the model I have? And a link to the guide?

Thanks! I’ll do it. First I need to make sure the power supply is putting out the correct voltages, then we’ll go from there.

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I had to shelve this project for a few weeks while I finished building a game for a client. Now that I’m done with it, I can get back to it.

I need to find out where the disconnected wires belong. I have a feeling that at least one of the disconnected wires is for sound, and the other may be for the hopper operation. But it’s hard to tell who goes where.

These machines had very limited sound. I used a lot of information from newlifegames. There is a whole section of Bally 5000 and 5000+ fixes. I’ve had 6 of these machines, but never had a hopper problem. The power supply is the key to a good working machine.

Is the hopper relay locked? I ran into a previous unit that required two separate lines to get high before the motor would run and the shift fork would retract.

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Just picked this up, worked for 2 days, now it’s dead with no leds or anything…anyone know about these? Author Topic: Last machine came home, Bally 873 5-line, now clean and fix it. (read 62338 times)

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