Battlebots Slot Machine

Battlebots Slot Machine – Konami Gaming, Inc. the developed slot is now available to the public in time for the 2021 World Cup.

Developed by Konami Gaming, Inc., the global leader in casino gaming, BattleBots, the industry’s first slot machine, is now available at Caesars Entertainment Studios during the new season taping and the 2021 World Championship.

Battlebots Slot Machine

This slot game features some of BattleBots’ most iconic robot rivals, such as Tombstone, Witch Doctor, HyperShock and more. BattleBots slot machines let players battle it out for cash as the bots strike, swing, push, slash and smash with every spin to win!

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“For more than two decades, BattleBots fans have participated in the most exciting moments of the competition. Now, BattleBots slots bring robot battle time to the casino floor as another way to join iconic scenes and machines from the show with a cash chance,” said Edward Rosky (Trey), creator and CEO of BattleBots.

And he added: “2021. 2018 World Championship teams and audiences are truly enthralled by the unique creativity and sheer presence of the slot game. We are excited to work with Konami to bring BattleBots to the gaming arena.

“When people around the world watch BattleBots, it creates a sense of excitement, competition, curiosity and wit unlike any other competition. There’s no combat sport like BattleBots. And there is no casino slot machine quite like BattleBots,” said Tom Gingoli, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Konami Gaming, Inc. “We put BattleBox in a casino slot, where the fight is a bonus and the giant nut is grand. Jackpot.”

The new line of BattleBots slots is featured in the BattleBots Season 6 live taping at Caesars Entertainment Studios in Las Vegas through September 4, 2021. Tickets are available to the public ($40-$200) and can be purchased by visiting the BattleBots ticketing page. .

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The new progressive jackpot game associated with BattleBots is featured on Konami’s latest slot machine hardware DIMENSION 75C with a 75-inch curved screen in 4K Ultra High-Definition (UHD). Konami will also make the series available on its award-winning DIMENSION 49J machine with a 49-inch “J-curve” display in 4K UHD. BattleBots slot is based on the robot fighting sport and reality TV show that airs in over 150 countries.

The company is debuting its DIMENSION 49 portrait cabinet, which will feature series such as Treasure Ball; DIMENSION 27 composite screen cabinet including Panda Power; and new cars. Konami’s SYNKROS casino management system team will also host a live demonstration of the company’s new tools, features and products aimed at enhancing the player experience.

Konami Gaming on Wednesday announced premium slot entertainment, key game releases and casino system technology premieres at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas on October 5-7, 2021.

Game managers and professionals will be able to see SYNKROS features at this year’s event, such as SYNK31 Title 31 / Anti-Money Laundering and technologies such as cashless betting and TITO support in games, cardless login using a player’s phone number, QR code and/or Nearby. field communication (NFC); new mobile features for Konetic employees such as Jackpot handling and more.

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Konami is also marking the G2E debut of its DIMENSION 49 portrait cabinet, DIMENSION 27 stacked screen cabinet and new machines coming to G2E Las Vegas for the first time. All feature a silver finish, beveled top, dual cut buttons, dual cup holders and wired and wireless phone chargers included in the original DIMENSION 49J.

DIMENSION 49 is the flat screen version of the J-curve machine for sale and will be shown at the event alongside new expansions to Konami’s series such as Treasure Ball. The company’s new DIMENSION 27, featuring three stacked 27-inch screens, also makes its G2E premiere with original tie-in series such as Panda Power. Additionally, Konami is unveiling a new premium cabinet format with its own content library.

DIMENSION 49J will feature Bull Blitz and Lucky Envelope, an all-new connected progressive inspired by the tradition of gift-giving in Chinese culture. In addition, Konami is premiering a new licensed series at the 2021 show with the G2E debut of BattleBots slot machines, based on the robot fighting sports and reality TV show that airs in more than 150 countries.

Konami’s SYNKROS casino management system team will also hold live demonstrations during the event, showcasing new tools, features and products designed for cashless, cardless, player convenience and other improvements to the overall player experience.

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New and existing SYNKROS customers have access to releases such as new table games, cashless betting, phone number login, built-in VIP host, multi-site blackout management and more. They can also use Konami’s latest mobile technology for the Konetic employee mobile app.

In an official press release, Konami Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Tom Gingoli told G2E about the company’s products and said: “Konami is delivering winning improvements to the casino floor in the coming months and years. for significant benefits to operators and continued development of our industry as a whole. From expanded SYNKROS contactless technology to new DIMENSION premium formats, Konami is adding even more value to what has proven successful in this space.

“Our expanded line of DIMENSION cabinets has helped usher in some of the industry’s most popular new sweeps. With series such as Treasure Ball Duo Luck, Panda Power, Celestial Riches Eclipse, Bull Blitz and more to be added soon, we are just beginning to explore the potential of the DIMENSION line.” he commented.

“At last G2E, the DIMENSION 49J was recognized as one of the most anticipated new cabinets in the industry. The machine has clearly created excitement with popular games like All Aboard and Ocean Spin, and now we’re taking it even further with BattleBots, Bull Blitz, Lucky Envelope and more,” he added.

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“For years, Konami’s SYNKROS cashless technology has proven successful in venues around the world and continues to grow and advance in some of the world’s most competitive gaming markets. This, combined with a host of other operator-configurable player amenities, gives SYNKROS customers the ability to exceed expectations in truly exciting ways,” he concluded.

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Panel on proposed Atlantic City casino smoking ban dropped from East Coast Gaming Congress after CANJ leader quit. The annual India Gaming Expo & Convention, April 21-22, 2022 in Anaheim, California showcased a mix of the industry’s best Konami games and systems technology.

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Press Release. Tribal gaming professionals and executives representing 184 sovereign nations unveiled the winning entertainment available at Konami Gaming, Inc. in the DIMENSION line, as well as the latest award-winning versions of Konami’s casino management system SYNKROS®.

This year’s show marked the debut of the multiplayer edition of All Aboard™ on Konami’s big screen DIMENSION 75C™. Additionally, guests explored industry-leading SYNKROS casino system technologies such as the Konetic™ employee mobile app, SYNK31™ Title 31 / Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and more during the event.

The DIMENSION 75C™ is the latest premium cabinet in Konami’s DIMENSION line. This large-format unit consists of one large 75-inch monitor that curves from top to bottom in a small “C” shape. Its generous sloped top houses two large cutting buttons, two cup holders and two wireless phone chargers.

In line with all slots in the DIMENSION range, the DIMENSION 75C features a sloping footrest, multi-colour edge lighting effects and a glossy silver finish. DIMENSION 75C supports all popular Konami game IPs from DIMENSION 49J™ such as All Aboard and Ocean Spin™. One of the most popular titles is the multiplayer edition of All Aboard, which combines 4 different base games into one machine.

Konami Developing

Thrill seekers can take the excitement of All Aboard to new heights with the release of All Aboard: Gold Express™. This popular Konami-affiliated progressive has a large Grand Jackpot starting at $50,000 or $100,000 based on the denomination selected. In addition, it supports various multi-denom options to choose from. All Aboard: Gold Express comes with Dynamite Dash, Piggy Pennies, Go West and Masked Warrior.

Konami Gaming, Inc. the award-winning DIMENSION 49J has demonstrated success, consistently ranking among the best rental cabinets in the casino industry.

Equipped with a 49-inch 4K Ultra HD (UHD) ‘J’ curve display, its refined frame and customized merchandising options ensure entertainment in a variety of possible placements on the casino floor. The DIMENSION 49J’s specially designed button interface is housed in an illuminated deck with two classic cutting buttons and ample surface area for drinks, phones and other personal items. Additional amenities on the player include a wireless smartphone charging pad, a USB port, and a built-in handbag hook.

Konami’s DIMENSION 49J is the launch pad for some of the industry’s most popular premium series, such as All Aboard and Ocean Spin, both of which continue to expand with additional base game titles. At India Gaming Expo & Convention 2022, guests encountered promising new related series on this proven platform, including BattleBots®, Lucky Envelope™ and Bull Blitz™.

Discovery Season 6

A golden tree covered in striking red envelopes is the main lucky object in Konami’s Lucky Envelope premium progressive series. DIMENSION is displayed

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