Book Of Shadows Slot Machine

Book Of Shadows Slot Machine – Do you believe in magic? Book of Shadows offers a journey to a dark mysterious place where you as a player can participate and influence the possibilities and start the setup. All this with the help of formulas and exorcistic powers found in the book of spells. The creators of this Nolimit City casino game have created a great atmosphere to draw you into this mysterious world and give you a book to guide you through the initial setup.

This slot starts with 5 reels and 3 lines, which can be increased to 5 reels and 5 lines in both the main game and during the free spins, which in turn generates more paylines and bigger wins. Book of Shadows has a very high volatility with a minimum bet of 0.10 and a maximum bet of 100. The default bet starts at 1 but can be adjusted by the casino site itself and when it comes to RTP adjustments. The game can be bought for 96.01% or 94.09%. A small difference that you should still consider. Because this slot is very volatile, it takes longer to hit big wins, but when you do, you have a chance to win up to 30,338X your stake. This gives you an insanely good chance of winning big, as it should.

Book Of Shadows Slot Machine

Swedish game developer Nolimit City is once again proving what they are known for. Slots that stand out from the crowd. Most slots are bright and happy, so they break the norm and show that a slightly darker and more mysterious game can also generate a lot of player interest.

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The Book of Shadows is a collection of many different rituals, recipes, and other things used by Wiccans and Witches, among others. The book’s detailed power and response guidelines serve many different purposes. But this time, you also have the opportunity to participate in his magical improvements. The game has a dark atmosphere with mostly black and red colors. A dark, slightly misty forest can be seen in the background, which becomes a perfect combination with the slot machine itself. Where, in contrast to the lonely forest, you are surrounded by various demonic creatures that give different amounts of profit depending on how many you manage to get into. Turning the room off and turning up the volume a bit instantly smooths the game. level more interesting to play. The game is designed to be played on both mobile and desktop and is launched in 19 languages ​​and over 100 currencies. Which includes a large part of the ideal environment of the gamer segment.

Book of Shadows takes the gaming experience to a whole new level with their interactive features. The player can participate and decide his own settings before each spin. How to choose your experience and destiny can be done in several ways.

ShadowRows For an additional fee, this feature allows you to increase the number of both rows and win lines, which in turn allows you to get bigger wins and win more often.

Lucky Locks With this feature you have the option to choose which reels to lock and respin after each main game. All of this, if you want to adjust your bet and increase your chances of winning free spins, press and hold the Scatter symbols.

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Free Spins with Gold Symbol Free spins are always a nice thing and it increases the chances of winning more. So to get 10 free spins in this casino slot you will need to land three or more scatters, these are also wilds. These free spins come with a gold symbol and you can cancel if you are not satisfied with the first play. The golden symbols can expand to cover the entire reel of your slot machine and then additional wins will be awarded. There is an option to choose more or less shadow rows for free spins, that is, to change the number of spins indicated.

Gambling Did you win something big? You have the opportunity to gamble more. With this feature, you will have the chance to double your winnings with a 50/50 chance to win. Wagering the bonus gives you the chance to roll your winnings straight into free spins where mystery wins await.

Nolimit Bonus This will allow you to buy directly into the free spin. It should be kept in mind that due to some rules in some countries the Gamble to bonus and Nolimit bonuses may not be included.

This game is truly an amazing experience. The environment that Nolimit City has created in its book of casino slots, Book of Shadows, draws the player in immediately. It allows you to discover a new side of the world of casino slots by giving you the opportunity to make decisions about your game rounds. This is in exchange for higher payments. The possibility of winning up to 30,338X your bet makes this game especially exciting. Now it’s your turn to open the book and see what magical formulas it contains. Enter the creepy world of witchcraft in Book of Shadows from Nolimit City! Those who can’t resist the theme and get to play this game will discover a reel set of 3 rows, 5 reels and 10 paylines. However, the layout can be expanded to 5 rows and 20 win lines. You’ll also have the option to lock the reels and trigger free spins to win up to 30,338x your stake. This is no ordinary Book of slot, so be sure to read our full review to find out all the secrets!

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Nolimit City seems to have no limits to their imaginations as they delve into some of the occult behind the game of Shadows. Not that we found anything mean in the game, but it has a lot of interesting symbols like ram skull, pink cat, eyeball and so on.

But what is more appealing about this game is the gameplay itself, as it can be quite dynamic. Our Book of Shadows slot review has all the information you need to know about this unique game.

“Hidden in the shadows lies a book of enchantments that will change the reality of the ‘reel’ world. The book will give you the power to change the setup of every spin in this interactive title. 5×3 reel area that can be expanded to 5×5. main game and free spins that provide additional win lines and wins. This the game gives the player a lot of options that can remain in the shadows, choosing between the number of lines, locking the reels and gambling.”

Book of Shadows is Nolimit City’s first slot in the famous Book of series. You might be familiar with these titles if you’ve played games like Book of Dead or Book of Ra before.

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This is an extremely scary and horror themed slot that allows you to choose how many lines you play. You can play on 3, 4 or 5 rows, which will change the number of active paylines from 10 to 15 and 20 respectively. The number of reels, on the other hand, is fixed at 5.

The Book of Shadows slot game consists of two elements: the main game and bonus features. The free spins bonus can increase the chances of winning a big jackpot when all the symbols in the Book of Shadows are also played. Players who can experience additional line costs can benefit from the 20 highest paylines.

The way Book of Shadows slot works is actually very simple. At first you have to choose the number of lines you will play with. After that, be sure to set your preferred bet option for each spin. Click on the dollar sign in the lower left corner and place your bet. This slot has a bet range that starts from just £0.10 and ends with a maximum bet of £100 per spin.

To win the game, you need at least three matching symbols to land on one of the ten original paylines or any of the 20 additional paylines that come with the expanded reel set. Regardless of the selection, players can win multiple paylines from any spin.

Book Of Shadows Slot By Nolimit City

The maximum win you can get from the Book of Shadows slot is 30,338 times your stake, which can turn into a huge prize!

The game has a lot of animated characters that just fit the overall dynamic. Each spin comes with an amazing set of symbols inspired by several books of black alchemy.

The illustrated Picatrix is ​​a kitten catch compared to a number of high-paying symbols such as the zombie girl, the eye, the death butterfly and the inverted pentagram infused grimoire.

When you play Book of Shadows, you will feel the thrill of Nolimit City’s genius design.

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