Borderlands 2 Moxxi Slot Machine

Borderlands 2 Moxxi Slot Machine – Interactive objects introduced in Slot Machines 2. They can drop anything from weapons to live grenades depending on the outcome.

Targ Slot Machine or ‘Fully Targeted Jackpot’ Machines Mr. Interactive objects introduced in Torg’s Campaign of Carnage.

Borderlands 2 Moxxi Slot Machine

Skins, pistols, eridium, live grenades and cash are dispensed from the front drawers. All non-pistol weapons from the side drawer. Live grenades from the triple iridium reward and eleven of the twelve iridium bars drop to the ground.

Badass Crater Bar

1) Assigned. Assuming this value is randomly assigned, win probabilities can be obtained even if some wins are locked to a certain point in the story. In: Pre-Sequel, it is impossible to win a rocket launcher, cryo, or any Moonstones that contain a corrosive element until New Direction is completed, and it is also impossible to win the jackpot.

Slot machines return, but with slightly altered functions. The character has access to four different slot machines in Sanctuary III, each with their own unique payouts. In The Handsome Jackpot the characters encounter a considerable number of slot machines; While most of them are lootable items, this area also features an interactive slot machine with a unique model.

In Sanctuary III, if a character is removed from a live grenade roll, friendly NPCs will try to revive them.

Loot Boxer machines have psycho. They pay with weapons, weapon skins, trinkets, money and eridium. Weapons won from this machine range from simple quality to legendary.

Borderlands 3 Dlc Adds Slot Machine Farm For Unlimited Money

Cash trap! Machines has claptrap and imagery based on him. They pay for class mods, room decorations, skin and head customizations, money and Eridium. Weapons won from this machine range from simple quality to legendary.

Tink’s Hijinx machines include Tink. They pay with shields, grenade mods and money. Items won from this machine range from green quality to legendary.

Vault line machines carry the Treasury symbol and Iridium. Unlike other machines, Vault Line machines require 10 iridium. There are no different types of equipped items and white rewards (other than artifacts) or chances to get a live grenade, resulting in them paying better loot overall.

They pay with weapons, shields, grenade mods and artifacts. Items won from this machine range from blue quality to epic, except for artifacts (which can appear in white).

Rock Dove’s Revenge

The jackpot can only be found in The Handsome Jackpot, which features a butt stallion. It is functionally similar to Loot Boxer.

2 – 2 times Triple Iridium Bars at Slot Machine 2 – 2 times Triple Iridium Bars at Slot Machine: Mimic machines are disguised as gambling machines and can be found by the Grand Opening and The Spendopticon. They only shed their disguise when vault hunters approach or try to interact with them. There are two types:

Both types, when destroyed, spawn large amounts of cash, eridium bars, health pots, ammo, grenade or class mods, and weapons. Mimics can also drop a slot shot weapon trinket.

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I know of at least three gambling locations. Two are in the Sanctuary (in place of Mad Moxie), and the other is in Holy Spirits (Highlands). I’m curious if Pandora actually has any other slot machines.

Furthermore, you will sometimes stumble upon an armed bandit. These enemies carry slot machines on their backs. When killed, they drop and the slot machine can play.

Steam Community :: Guide :: [borderlands 2] + Dlc 100% Achievement Guide

You’ll find the newest DLC, Mr. Badass Crater Bar has two slot machines in case Torg’s Campaign of Slaughter is on. Along with these two are two special Torg slot machines that only accept Torg Tokens, the currency you pick up in the new DLC.

You’ll occasionally encounter enemies with a gambling machine behind them – you can play the machine when you kill them – this is the only other ‘location’ I know of, but I’ve only been as far as the Holy Spirits Tavern.

I encountered three one-armed bandits in playthrough 1 (and sadly zero in playthrough 2). The first is in Fleshstick Camp, the second is in The Fridge (before the hill above the Crystalisks), and the third is while doing a side mission to raise flags in the Sawtooth Cauldron (he’s in the last flag camp). I found that slot machines carrying one armed bandits cost the same as everyone else and the odds of a useful payout or legendary are exactly the same.

The cost of a spin on any slot machine seems to scale to storyline progression and playthrough. So another player who is lv 50 with power-levels 1 to 50 in campaign but never finished their own campaign in playthrough 1 can play slots in sanctuary when they first come with nothing but lv 20 is possible. The fridge or maybe the sanctuary was only reached after flying, paying more than 400 or 500 a spin (maybe it’s been a while since I was lv 20). By the end of Playthrough 2 this will spin into thousands of dollars and rarely are you going to find anything better than what you earned by killing bosses.

Borderlands 2 Cheats For Xbox 360 Playstation 3 Pc Macintosh Playstation Vita Linux Playstation 4 Xbox One

Also, the level of guns you get from payouts is scaled to your storyline progress so if you take that power-level character and sit at the machine in the sanctuary (in the storyline you started) you’re lucky enough to get 3 vault- hunters/borders symbols; The legendary gun you get is level 7. Not exactly useful for a level 50 character.

(especially useful) for inequality of payment; There are tons of videos on YouTube suggesting that one or the other has better or worse odds, but as someone who has played them all for over 10 hours; The odds of any machine are almost the same. Sometimes you get lucky and get 2 Eridium jackpots in a row, sometimes you get a grenade with 10 spins in a row. Overall you’re going to get a ton of useless vendor fodder guns (vendor fodder: an item only useful for selling in the ammo/med/gun machine), a mess of different player skins, and some of your cashback.

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Borderlands 3 Expansion Moxxi’s Heist Of The Handsome Jackpot Out Soon

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