Buddha Slot Machine

Buddha Slot Machine – We stumbled upon what appeared to be Buddhist slot machines at the Big Buddha Temple in Koh Samui. My first thought: Has Buddhism reached a whole new level of kitsch in Southeast Asia? Well maybe …

(foreigners). Choose the machine that corresponds to your DAY of birth. Well, not too many people I know remember the day of the week they were born. Comfortably the kind nun behind the nearby counter had a notebook of dates. I was born on Wednesday. We threw down 5 baht (16 cents) and the car buzzed around and landed on a number. Once you have your number, read your corresponding “luck” or “merit” below.

Buddha Slot Machine

What is the merit of the Buddhist concept? Merit is what accumulates as a result of good deeds, acts or thoughts and moves into your current or future life. People earn merit by giving alms, praying or … donating money to the temple through slot machines.

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Well, let’s just say I’m not lucky when it comes to Buddhist slot machines. Being Thailand, I decided that a 10 baht coin could raise a more favorable fortune. But the machine only took 5 baht coins. Again, lousy luck. Going for a third, I finally got a good fortune (not the impending misery predicted by the other two fortunes) and decided to leave.

Maybe you think it was a bad idea to go back for more. However, I was just following the lead of crafty old ladies in a Taipei temple throwing their sticks of luck until they get a favorable result (or the security guard tells them to leave).

So, since I’ve had (more than one) lousy luck, I can assure you these machines are rigged. Or my credit sucks. I mean really, who trusts electronic gaming machines anyway?

Africa Art Asia Bali Books China Design Discount Ethiopia Food Journal French Concession Global Design Hmong Hill Tribe India Kilim Pillows New Products Photo Journal Photo Pillows Rajasthan Shanghai Shopping Snapshot Spin Ceramics Thailand Travel Travel Journal Update Vietnam Vintage Fabrics What makes it special: 10 cycles of centrifuge; 2 captured buddhas make you mad. The low number of spins makes it easier to predict the expected Advantage Play.

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Like its predecessor, Golden Jungle, the new version lets you collect buddhas to ultimately trigger wild coils. But it adopts the Scarab model of 10 rotation cycles for this iteration, which creates a more predictable way to assess the potential expected value of this game, and as such makes it a better Advantage Play.

Pair that with a more volatile, but potentially rewarding bonus, and you’ve got a game that definitely pushes the boundaries as a sequel.

Those who have played Golden Jungle get the general gist: it’s a 5 × 4 reel set with rated lines, but this one has 75 lines, like Scarab, but not like Golden Jungle (which only rated 60). There are five bet levels and each bet level has its own set of persistent state reels, to avoid getting a pile of wilds by betting 75 cents, and then attempting to increase the bet to get the wilds.

Even like Scarab, the game played in 10 rounds of rotation, with the jokers valued on the tenth round. So you really have to think of this as a $ 7.50 spin set if you bet 75 cents, $ 15 bet $ 1.50, etc. You don’t really have to – you can cash out whenever you want, and many players do, and that’s all where part of the Advantage Play will reside.

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The Golden Buddha collection is still what leads you to earn your wild reels. In this iteration, it takes two within the 10-spin cycle to make a reel wild. When you land the first, you will have a visual indicator that you are halfway there …

… and when the second buddha lands it becomes much more gloriously sparkling to tell you that you have a wild coil on the way. If you’re paying attention, you shouldn’t miss out on that upcoming opportunity.

On the tenth spin, he will spin the reels, deal out any last minute buddhas that need to be considered in the evaluation, turn all reels into jokers that are eligible, and evaluate the payouts. IGT calls it Wild Stays, Charges and Pays, as they also call it Scarab, so this is definitely a more game in the Scarab model. The jokers don’t stick around for four games, like in its predecessor.

With that in mind, Adavantage Play’s thought process should look a lot more like Scarab or Diamond Mania:

Prosperity Is Yours With The Fortunate Buddha Online Slot

As I mentioned in previous Scarab and Diamond Mania reviews, the advantage, if any, is especially noticeable on games like this one, and so even casual gamers can figure out where the game is.

I haven’t seen this game in nature as much as Scarab, for example, but I suspect it’s simply because the game is newer and on newer cabinets that are still being launched in casinos. I’m sure the game will become more available, like its predecessors, over time. I found it on my recent trip to Atlantic City and it was a good car to stock up on during the trip.

The free games bonus is similar to Golden Jungle and Scarab, but the wild reel count is higher and there is still a choice of volatility. The choices are:

This should give you an idea of ​​how wages are built; line wins are a bit more watered down than its predecessor due to the expectation that there are more wild reels for evaluating winnings. That said, the bonus isn’t easy to activate on these types of games and tends to be rewarding when you get it.

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Another important note: in Golden Jungle the wild reels were always in the same position; the Grand version has jokers moving from one rotation to another, more like Golden Egypt or Wheel of Fortune 4D.

As such, in both the base game and the bonus game, this game, although named a sequel, draws more from the twin games than its original, in addition to the theme. However, this actually improves Advantage Play’s overall potential, so I suspect it will be an AP pro to watch.

My name is Joshua and I am a 30 year old who works in technology as a day marketer and dabbles in casinos periodically during off periods. Know Your Slots will reflect my interests in understanding the various ways you can play slots, the games that give you a potential edge, casino promotions and systems and how you can make the most of them.

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