Caleb Lee Hutchinson Slot Machine Syndrome

Caleb Lee Hutchinson Slot Machine Syndrome – Much has changed for Hutchinson since he released his self-titled debut EP in 2019. Meanwhile after establishing himself as a baritone country boy

In his 16th season, the Georgia native delves deeper into the grittier side of his Southern roots with his sophomore EP,

Caleb Lee Hutchinson Slot Machine Syndrome

. On September 17, the Brent Cobb-produced project will see Hutchinson break barriers that his 19-year-old self was too timid to attempt. Serving as a new chapter, Hutchinson’s next project is the product of a clear vision of himself and his artistry.

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“I’ve lost a lot of my anxiety about doing the wrong thing or the right thing, especially given the year we had. No matter what you do, some things are out of your control. When I first came to town, I was worried about what was the right thing to do or what would make me successful or whatever. I don’t know if it was growing up, or if it was just the timing here, but I realized that until I do something I really believe in,” Hutchinson says. “And I love my last EP. . But, since then, I’ve only realized that I need to do what I want.

Cobb was at the top of Hutchinson’s “Dream Right” list when he first moved to Music City. As two “art historians,” the artists hit it off from the start. “I liked that he brought his own sense of direction,” says Hutchinson, “but I felt very open to speak my mind. There was nothing on it that I didn’t say, yes, absolutely.

Hutchinson didn’t start writing songs until 2020. “I was so bored, I just wanted to talk to anybody,” he says. He and Cobb wrote “Slot Machine Syndrome” when they first met as songwriters. The title comes from a conversation Hutchinson had with a friend about an off-and-on-again relationship.

“He called it the ‘slot machine syndrome’ — you put so much into something expecting, one day, you’ll get such a big return,” Hutchinson says. “And I just thought how applicable that is to everything and so many things that people do, right or wrong, just because they’ve done it for so long and are locked in the cycle of it.”

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As the title track, “Slot Machine Syndrome” is a tribute to the people in his life who he has seen suffer at the hands of various addiction patterns. Based on personal experience and past relationships, the songs speak to a universal phenomenon through a mature lens.

“I’ve been around some really incredible people who have put their lives and other people’s lives on the line, I think it was worth it at the time,” Hutchinson says. “So for me, it’s kind of a cautionary tale. It’s happened to better people than me.”

Opening the tracklist with “Who Am I”, Hutchinson says, “seemed like an obvious choice”. He wrote this song a few years back

Stage “I was still a teenager, new worries and anxieties of all these different expectations and all these eyes on me. I was in such a weird state, and I needed that song to write at that time,” says Hutchinson. “It kind of puts my life into perspective for me.”

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Facing the world in this way, Hutchinson recalls looking back through the works of his favorite songwriters whose classics were largely autobiographical. “My favorite songs of all time are the ones that someone wrote in a therapy session,” he says. Over time, those concerns haven’t gone away, but they’ve changed in many ways and the song has become more applicable. A lot of people see me as this 18-year-old kid who has no clue what to do with his life. This song is a perfect way of saying, ‘Here is what I am; Here’s what I do. You can love it; You may hate it, but it is what it is.”

Taylor Swift shares original version of “The Lakes” on ‘Folklore’ death anniversary of Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ collaborator, early bandmate John Hutchinson When he came to Nashville nearly two and a half years ago, Hutchinson just didn’t feel like he had much Everything was. To prove, but also as if everyone’s ideas about his music and career were bigger than his own. “I felt like everyone had this perception of me that I didn’t want to be myself,” says the singer-songwriter, who is in second place.

Season 16 in 2018; At the time, he was just 19 years old, and he was still trying to figure out where, exactly, he fit in.

“I was listening to my favorite authors and wondering why I liked their writing so much. I realized that all my favorite authors, from Hank [Williams] Jr. to non-native authors, all shared one quality: they all wrote as if That what he was singing was an excerpt from his own diary,” Hutchinson explains – so, he tried it. Alone, in his bedroom, he sat down and wrote “Who Am I,” which is premiering exclusively on The Boot.

Caleb Lee Hutchinson

“I just decided to write a song, almost for myself, that expresses my own feelings, struggles and worries,” continues the artist. “It’s an open letter to the world and to myself: you don’t need to define me, because I already know who I am.”

“You can try and figure out my plan / But don’t try to tell me who I am,”

“When I moved to the city, I was very worried about what people would think of me, what I should do, want to express my opinions but not step on anyone’s toes. I think the last few years have taught me that when You always have to be conscious and respectful of your audience and the people on your team, at the end of the day, you’re responsible for yourself,” says Hutchinson, now 22. “I started focusing less on what the public perception of me was and more on my own self-perception. I started thinking more about how I would want my music to sound if I didn’t need anyone else’s approval on my deathbed. I am.”

. The title track, the artist explains, “defines the period of my life that this record encompasses, as well as the subtle theme of the record as a whole.”

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“For me, it’s about breaking free from the toxic madness that many people get into and can’t get out of. It’s about moving forward with a clear mind and making the best decisions I can and letting go of the fear of future regret,” adds. Hutchinson of the song, which he co-wrote with fellow Georgian Brent Cobb. “Plus, I think it’s a cool name.

“Brent Cobb has been a hero of mine for a long time, and now I’m lucky enough to call him a friend… I enjoyed watching him bring his laid-back nature to the studio. It felt like hanging with a bunch of friends. Putting out music for the sake of making something cool.” And creating,” Hutchinson shares of the recording process. “He let me be as involved as I wanted to be while still providing his own sense of direction. I think Brent is an artist who’s really amazing and really country without trying to convince anyone. I think he He brought that energy into the studio with him, and you can hear it on the record.” Contestants Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie Pope recreated one of country music’s most iconic duets during The Great Idol Reunion on Monday.

“Honestly, I’m very honored to be back,” Pope admitted ahead of the show. “This show jumpstarted everything. I can’t believe it’s been four years.

“Maddie and I lived parallel lives even before we met in a lot of ways,” Hutchinson added. “Going through the idol thing together, we were so inseparable. There was a script of how I would tell the world about our love. Just the fact that it started here, it’s crazy.”

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Stage to perform the duet “Islands in the Stream” written by the Bee Gees and made famous by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.

, worked the stage effortlessly while singing along to chart-topping hits. Their chemistry was unmatched, making the duet a memorable performance.

Pope was the season 16 champion, while Hutchinson was runner-up. Throughout the season, contestants performed duets from Disney such as “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” “What a Wonderful World,” and “A Whole New World.”

After competing on American Idol, Pop released her debut album, Whirlwind, and the holiday release, Christmas From Home.” Her new single, “The One That Got Away,” is out now. Hutchinson released two EPs, including her latest project,

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