Cardboard Slot Machine

Cardboard Slot Machine – ← My notes from #Learning2Teach hosted by @SFPC & @NYUtandon’s Integrated Digital Media and organized by @brain &@tchoi8.

So much for food for thought after another stellar @Educon on @SLAtweets ! I’ve collected my tweets here to delve into some of the collected resources. #educon#edchat →

Cardboard Slot Machine

At The Brearley School will be a Supper Club Casino Night for the community with games led by faculty. I offered to help, although I was worried about being responsible for teaching and promoting the game of poker or blackjack, so I offered to make some slot machines.

Ifd K9 Anti Jammer For Slot Game Machine And Vedning Crane Machines|coin Operated Games|

I figured there had to be a bunch of programs shared by the awesome community of Scratch users, and they didn’t disappoint. I remixed this project generously provided by Jcg127:

Procedures and swapped in nine new costumes representing Brearley’s class mascots (camel, penguin, tiger, owl, duck, buffalo, elephant, bear) and the school’s official mascot (a beaver). Then I found some cardboard in the bin and made some quick but sturdy cases for three separate laptops.

I knew I was going to use some of our FunkeyFunkey boards for the project and I was originally thinking about a physical crank with a tilt sensor. I imagined having a hinge or 3D printed parts (similar to the Makedo parts) to hold a long cardboard tube in place (I have a stash of cardboard tubes from wrapping paper rolls). A rubber band that was stretched somewhere would allow the arm to be pulled forward but return upright to its original position, and a tilt sensor inside the tube would recognize when the arm was lowered and “spin” the rollers in my slot machine.

However, I had four hours today to create a Scratch program to mock up cardboard boxes, so I used our FunkeyFunkey arcade buttons instead. They are built like a nut and bolt and fit the cardboard nicely. Easy peasy! Additionally, Stephen Lewis (creator of FunkeyFunkey) has designed his sensors (tilt, touch, button, infrared, etc.) to work without grounding, making them much easier to incorporate into projects. Cardboard Slot Machine

If I had more time, I would definitely make my slots more attractive. These sure look homey. 🙂 Here is a tutorial for a DIY slot machine that I belatedly found:

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