Castlevania Slot Machine

Castlevania Slot Machine – After Hideo Kojima’s cancellation of Silent Hills, Silent Hill seems to be on hiatus, but fans can get their psychological survival horror fix in another form with a new video slot machine from Konami’s gaming division.

On Tuesday ahead of next week’s Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, Konami announced a new Silent Hill slot cabinet, described as a “slot experience for betting”. It is 49 inches; It’s part of a new video port with a 4K “Ultra HD” display. The new cabinet will launch with a number of Silent Hill-themed slot games:

Castlevania Slot Machine

. “Dual series launch themes leverage exciting sights, sounds and characters from Konami’s acclaimed entertainment heritage,” Konami said.

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The gaming department at Konami is Castlevania; Hundreds of slot machine themes have been played over the years, including slots based on proprietary franchises like Contra and Frogger. Silent Hill is yet another Konami property being exploited for gambling purposes — and why? Who will be drawn to the prospect of a huge Pyramid Head payout?

Above you can watch a trailer for Konami’s new Silent Hill slots (clearly aimed at arcade buyers). But he cautioned that it doesn’t come close to matching the template for Konami’s erotic pachinko machine.

Indigenous RPG Coyote & Crow is awesome, This new adventure game is a spin-off of Curse of Darkness, depicting Hector’s quest to defeat Dracula. He first walks into Dracula’s castle with a baby angel fighting bats. He then enters the gates of the castle and is greeted by Dracula who laughs and says, “For you I will conquer eternal darkness.” While sitting on his throne, Dracula calls his minions. In order to reach Dracula, Hector uses Skeletons; Golden Bones The Final Guard and Wyvern must be defeated first. Hector then faces Dracula. The final battle with Dracula is detailed in the sequel game, Ring of the Heavens. This game parallels Trevor’s similar quest in Labyrinth of Love.

Before starting the game, the player should choose the amount to bet per line (the game is available in fixed 20, 30 and 40 line formats) used to determine the line winning amount, as well as the mandatory extra bet (+10) – blue; +20 – green; +30 – yellow; +40 – orange or +50 – red); Used to increase the player’s chances of winning the Jackpot.

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By placing Hector first (lower left) towards Dracula’s Castle (Jackpot Feature), the board can be seen before the game starts. within the feature; Hector has a chance to move on the board. Once he reaches Dracula’s Castle, the Jackpot feature will start and the player will be able to see the Mini, seen at the top of the screen. Major Mega or Maxi Progressive Jackpot amounts will be won. If five warp circles are activated on this board; This moves Hector to the corresponding colored square, making him more likely to hit the Jackpot Feature. These warp circles are each branded with a different possible bonus bet amount (+10, +20, +30, +40 and +50). Specifying an additional stake amount activates all warp circles labeled with that amount or less.

Once the minimum required bet between the line bet and the extra bet is met (70 credits for a 40 line styler); The player can start the game.

When three or more Green Gems appear anywhere on the reels; Using different reels, the number of rows is expanded from 3 to 9, giving the player several free games (8 for 3 symbols, 12 for 4 or 5 for 25). During these games, All payouts are on 120 lines regardless of the number of lines. During this feature, the appearance of “Initialization” is played in the background.

The Wild feature will activate at random times (more frequently during free game play). Wild symbols will expand multiple rows on the reels where they can be used as wilds for any row they appear on. Wilds appear on the first reel and can award wild matches with the highest payout of a matching symbol.

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Whenever a Hector wild symbol appears (more often during the free game feature and wild feature), The energy radiated towards the jewel that encased the infant angel. Occasionally, That energy shatters the gem, releasing the angel and triggering the feature. As the “Bloody Tears” audio track plays, Hector can now start moving on the path to Dracula’s Castle. The player is given several locations that Trevor can randomly move to, each containing four different colored hearts. A green heart can move from 1 to 9 places. A blue heart can move from 4 to 6 spaces. A pink heart can move from 1 to 12 places. A player then selects one of these hearts and reveals the number of spaces the character will move randomly within the dimension for that heart, removing the heart from the supply and the player moves that number of spaces. If he lands on a blue circle, he will be taken to a blue square. If he lands on the golden circle. He will be taken to the Jackpot Feature space at the end of the street. After moving, A bat will fly to him and kill him. A random prize is then given, which can be credits or colored hearts. Landing on the blue circle area causes Hector to transition to the blue square area. If he has hearts left and hasn’t reached the end of the board, he can choose one of the remaining hearts and get an extra turn. If he reaches the last Jackpot Feature square, He will enter Dracula’s Castle and the Jackpot Feature will begin.

When the Jackpot feature starts, The castle drawbridge is lowered and Hector enters it. He confronts Dracula, but Dracula summons three waves of enemies before attacking him directly. Then the narration of “Vampire Killer” starts playing in the background. Hector must first defeat a few skeletons in each wave and then defeat that wave’s tougher boss. Defeating each wave’s boss will earn you a progressive jackpot.

During combat play, three symbols on each spinner with a single row and five slot slots; null symbol (-); Contains attack icons and damage icons. Hector will attack an enemy and deal damage whenever an attack symbol appears on a real one. Each time a damage icon appears, the enemy will deal Hector damage. Then we’ll go through the throat where the damage appears. Once all the reels are crossed, the Jackpot feature ends; Dracula laughed and the rest of the enemies left the fighting area. Trevor still has to collect the treasure chest that contains the highest reward he has ever received.

The first wave of enemies appears at the start of Mini Chance. They consist of 4 normal skeletons that can be cut down with a swift blade, followed by a stronger gold skeleton that can still be dispatched with one swing of the blade. After defeat, The chest at the end is guaranteed to be at least a Mini progressive prize and starts a Major Chance. This wave includes 3 more skeletons with a tough final guard. Defeating this enemy brings the total prize money up to at least one Major progressive prize and starts a Mega Chance. 2 more skeletons appear, followed by a giant Wyvern. Defeat it and the reward increases to Mega progressive, and Hector must face Dracula during the Maxi Chance. If Dracula is defeated, the Maxi Jackpot will be awarded.

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