Cherry Master 96 Slot Machine Manual

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Cherry Master 96 Slot Machine Manual

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Interest will be charged to your account from the date of purchase if the balance is not paid in full within 6 months. Low monthly payments required. Subject to credit approval. See terms- for PayPal credit, opens in a new window or taI recently picked up both of these machines. I plan to give the cherry master as a gift and I’ll keep the poker for the deer cave. Both machines need to be cleaned thoroughly. The draw poker has dates from 1982 to 1984 inside the cabinet. Nothing I’ve noticed so far on the Cherry machine.

I want to convert both games to LCD to increase the screen size and reduce the noise the CRT makes. I’ll ask here to see if anyone has any good resources on where I can learn how to convert. Draw Poker may remain a CRT unless I can find an LCD small enough to fit within the bezel. Once the LCD is installed, Cherry Master will replace the bezel with something else.

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Also, I was told that the cherry machine has multiple games, but I don’t know how to switch between them. When you hit the momentary switches and look at the game stats and look at the payouts, there are draw poker stats that are set to zero (like the game was never played or the battery was wiped).

Both machines seem ok. No sound on Cherry Master, bill acceptors are very dated (additional acceptors inside cabinet), quarter insert work, some buttons sticking, bulbs burnt out on some buttons, etc.

Do a search on ebay. CGA to VGA converter. They run about $25. Get powered up. Not the board, but the traces passed. HD9800

It looks like there is only one game on the 8 liner. Draw Poker or HI/Low is a double up game after you win and you can either win or double your winnings—by playing a game of chance.

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If there are 2 games on the board, switching between games involves pressing two main buttons at the same time. Like take and double up.

Try the 2 button combos. Also get a setup manual for the game. I have about 100 plus on two CDs if you are now the name and make of the board.

Look at the 8 liner board and you will see a pot mounted on the board near the audio amp chip for volume control. Black or blue or white plastic is usually horizontal to the board. It adjusts the volume using a plastic tool or slight pressure from your finger to rotate the bowl. The audio chip is a vertical chip with 8 leads in series. May be flat or slightly erect. Usually in one of the corners near the battery. Check to make sure the speaker is hooked up and working. I tap them with the AA battery out of circuit to see if they make a pop sound in a pinch.

Replace or remove the battery so that the dose does not drop if it is bad. You will lose your statistics. If there are any non-dip switch settings operated by the software.

Cherry Master 97 Manual

I found the CGA to VGA board earlier, but I’m not 100% sure about the connectors from my PCB & monitor.

If that’s all there is to work with on an LCD, it’s on. I’ll look at the PCBs later tonight and send you a PM. I appreciate getting manuals for games or boards and having a breakdown of the components on them.

All I have are the setup manuals. I haven’t seen a set of schematics for 8 liners. A few hand drawn schematics.

8 liners are cheap enough. The money was new 25 liners w/ touch screen.

Draw Poker And Cherry Master

I have added a picture of the board from inside the Cherry machine. One of the ROMs seems to say poker master 30%, then there are two EPROMS, one missing the sticker.

I found a problem with draw poker. When you win a hand, the game freezes unless you ‘key out’. By key, I mean press the doorbell that someone installed inside the machine. This clears the credits and you can add more and then play again.

Try this PDF on a Poker Master board. From what I can see in your dip switch setting, it matches your game.

Position sw2 off off indicating the machine is set to close 70% of the time. The house keeps 30%.

Favorite Skill 2 By Jenka Lab

Write down the dip switch settings before playing with them. Use a pen and you may need to turn them on/off as they are set in one position for a long time. You should hear a click!

Find a piece of black tape and cover the UV glass with Eprom. This reduces the chance of wiping out a chip.

Note the position of the small connector. These have some play and it’s very easy to slide them from left to right, ending up on your B+ ground pad.

Also check the voltage on the board. Adjust the power supply for 5.1vdc on the board. 12vdc is not adjustable.

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That PDF by Pokermaster is the right one for my board. I was able to adjust the dip switches on panel #7 and get the unit to play Poker Master and Cherry Master. By pressing the big button, you can switch between games. I had to play around with the other switches on panel #7, so the controls used the Hold 1-5 buttons for the Poker Master and the other buttons for the Cherry Master.

I received the CGA to VGA converter in the mail yesterday. Haven’t had time to hook it up and try it out, but not the same as plugging the connector on the converter board into the CRT. I may have to buy another connector to fit the new board.

I tried to get the video to work with that converter card and the picture just shows for a second or two every now and then and it’s garbled. I also don’t have the right connector. I then hardwired it together before clipping and soldering the wires to the board.

I pressed the auto button a few times and nothing seemed to do. I’ll give it another go. Been pretty busy last week and haven’t worked on this project in a while.

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I tried putting another signal through the converter board and it still didn’t produce a picture. This thing didn’t come with an instruction manual, and the ones online don’t seem very useful.

I’m using the connector for the R G B Gnd Sync part, not the connector with the cable that comes with it.

To reset you press and hold the menu button for 5 seconds/scan the red led on the board will blink and the pick on the screen will reset

Arrow up. menu (select). Arrow up. Then press the up and down arrows to select English, then menu, then the up/down arrows to exit, then menu.

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I had to mess with the vertical position a bit to get the top line of credits to show up in the board menu

A bit of a mountain of cheese, but I was just using what I had lying around. In the future I will mount the monitor mount on the side of the cabinet and match the bolts on the other side. $60 for an open frame mount is a little steep, especially since I’m donating the game to the VFW.

The video output cable in the existing cabinet does not fit that connector you mentioned. Where can I buy it?

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