Cherry Master Video Slot Machine

Cherry Master Video Slot Machine – I think it’s funny how he screams “JUST FOR FUN” at the top of the frame. After a bit of searching, it looks like this unit can actually be set up to pay, so bring your apartment next time you come.

It wasn’t running at the time of the auction, but it was a very clean cabinet and it looked clean inside so it was worth the risk. I figured that if something went wrong, I could easily fix it myself like I had done in the past. Most of the time, auctioned games require very little work to run (other than cosmetic work). I previously bought a $400 game for $30 and the only thing wrong with that game was the speaker wire that came off because it had no sound. It was an easy fix.

Cherry Master Video Slot Machine

When I got it home (it barely fits in my car – it’s not 5 feet tall, it’s much smaller than a typical video game cabinet), I plugged it in and was delighted to find it worked perfectly. The only issue was that the screen looked a bit blurry… luckily it wasn’t a problem with the monitor, it was actually a build up of dust inside the plexiglass framed cabinet. Looks like new after cleaning. I even have a biller who works even though he doesn’t like my Canadian accounts. I’m not sure if it’s broken or if it expects USD.

Cherry Master Slot

Update (June 2011): I removed the crt monitor and put it in the LCD and hooked it up to play MAME, which still emulates all the video poker/slot games very nicely. Original Cherry Master board, control panel, monitor, etc. Please contact me if you want to buy anything.

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