Chili Pepper Slot Machine

Chili Pepper Slot Machine – IGT S2000s are classic reels that you see in casinos today. These are our most popular machines for home use. We strongly recommend keeping the machines metal free, although coin handling can be added to the machine. This machine can vary in cabinet color, style, size. please let us know if you need anything special. The photo is a stock photo. The car may vary in cabinet style or color.

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Chili Pepper Slot Machine

The Hot Peppers slot machine features the Double Peppers symbol, which can substitute for any other symbol in a winning combination. The bill acceptor accepts currency from $1 to $100 dollars.

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Check out our Youtube video for more information on this car. Please note that this machine may vary in cabinet color or style.

Bill Validator Accepts $1 to $100 Standard Casino Size Cabinet 48″ High, 250 lbs Chrome Finish – Self-service Machine Exterior Color Varies

Cabinet color. additional pictures are available by email. by mail with a request to ensure there are no misunderstandings regarding the color of the vehicle you purchased. Most car cabinets are black, but this is not the rule.

Dimensions of the car. This machine is 44″ tall and the top wax will add an additional 4 to 6″. The width is 22 inches and the depth is 20 inches. Weight is approximately 250 lbs.

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Power Requirements: This machine will run on normal 110V household power. The power cord will run out of the back of the car. No special adapter or wiring required. It’s a good idea to connect the power cord to a surge protector because there is a computer board inside this machine.

The IGT S2000 slot machine is probably the most recognized slot machine in the world due to its widespread distribution and the movie industry. Most casinos today will have them on the game floor. The IGT S2000 continues to be a favorite of “rotating car” enthusiasts around the world. IGT S2000 slots are a must for any floor and are also some of the lowest priced slots available right now.

IGT S2000s are classic reels that you see in casinos today. These are our most popular cars for sale at home. These machines come to us without money now from the casino, that is, they will take bills and print a ticket. just like in a modern casino. We can convert them to take coins for an additional cost; However, we strongly recommend keeping them coin-free. An unenlightened gourmand who is trapped in the fire will try to douse the fire with water, but is unsuccessful. Experience the clarity of this game by playing the slot. The game in the machine is structured on five reels with 50 fixed lines. Each round is divided into three rows. The images are the peppers themselves. card symbols, effectively styled, bordered with flames and special symbols: Bonus, Scatter and Wild. All these images will help you earn good payouts. The bottom of the screen displays a classic set of buttons. Large round spin button – will trigger the reels for one spin. Users can select auto play mode if needed. After that, all that remains is to watch the gameplay that takes place on the screen. Current balance and winnings are displayed in the fields provided. If you are interested in our new product, you can buy it in our store – https:///product/chili-pepper/.

The main background is a Mexican store that sells all kinds of peppers for those who are not afraid of getting burned. Here you will find habanero peppers. Next to it are the less hot, but still spicy Mexican ones: yellow and red tabasco peppers, bird’s eye peppers, medium-hot halapeni, and the famous cayenne pepper. Visit the store and experience the unique aroma and taste of these unique products.

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Vivid images of the hole can lift even the worst mood. They literally radiate energy and positive emotions. There are images of peppers in the slot machine theme collection. They differ in color and type. On the lower level are the card denominations A, K, Q, made in a matching style. The special symbols are the flames, which are said to highlight the hottest of the slot and are signed Bonus, Scatter and Wild respectively.

When loading the main game, the user can see our splash screen in the center of the screen with the game logo and name on the screen. After the main program window appears, the splash closes.

Three or more bonus symbols on a line trigger the bonus mode, in which a window with six red peppers appears, behind which additional bonus points are hidden. You only have three attempts. Amazing vegetables promise to bring impressive victories. Hot pepper fruits contain a lot of prizes.

In case of a successful attempt, the float will highlight the amount won. Otherwise, the pepper will simply burn. In Mexico, eating chili is associated with strength, courage, and masculine traits. How many peppers can you use?

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Three or more SCATTER symbols trigger free spins. In this case, you will see a pop-up window surrounded by multi-colored peppers with information about the number of free spins. Free spins give you a chance to win without a single top-up and investment.

The winning amount will be displayed as gold symbols. You can win a nice jackpot, and thanks to the money you earn, you will be able to continue playing and increase your advantage.

Paytable symbols are displayed in descending order of value and in 4 subgroups of three highlighted icons. The first consists of special symbols: Bonus (bonus round), Scatter (triggers free spins), Wild (substitutes other values ​​for a more profitable combination).

Medium Symbols – Theme icons are also featured here. Chains with not very high coefficients are made and placed in the third block.

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At the bottom of the table are the low-level symbols, the face values ​​of the cards. They most often land on the reels, but bring small wins.

Like the chili pepper itself, the special character animation is done primarily in bright red colors with a green insert engulfed in burning fire. In the animation of the other symbols, the rich colors of the juicy palette appear, which perfectly emphasize the brightness of the main game elements of the car. Some peppercorns show fruit ripening effects. All elements look harmonious. Lovers of excitement and passionate passions will rightfully appreciate the bright symbols of the card’s denominations. This symbolism seems very appropriate.

But one thing seems to be certain. whether you like chilli for a kick or hate the bland flavor of bland dishes, you won’t find a shortage of spiciness here.

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