China Mystery Slot Machine Online

China Mystery Slot Machine Online – Play China Mystery Slot Machine for free with 30 paylines and 5 free or real money from Konami and try to win 2500 jackpots. Play China Mystery Slot Machine for free with 30 paylines and 5 free or real money from Konami and try to win 2500 jackpots. Slot machine catalogue; Slots by tags.

Chinese Mystery Slot. For many years, online slots have given a very unique view of the different cultures of the world, bringing legends and myths to players that would otherwise not be told. Chinese mystery slot machine. China Mystery is a 5-reel, 30-payline video slot brought to you by Konami and can be played in Las Vegas casinos and here (for free). The game draws inspiration from Chinese traditions, with Chinese symbols, golden turtles, and porcelain jars.

China Mystery Slot Machine Online

China Mystery is one of the most popular video slots you can find in any casino. The game is owned and produced by Konami Gaming and is available on many platforms.

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In casinos, you will find China Mystery in separate cabinets like most slot machines. You can also find it as part of the huge multi-machine progressive game Titan 360, which is available in less than 10 casinos around the country. Another place you might encounter the China Mystery machine is outside of casinos as part of the popular MyVegas Facebook game and mobile app.

There will be different amount of paylines depending on which configuration and denomination of China Mystery you are playing. The game is available in 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 line versions. Likewise, you can find multiple denominations of China Mystery, ranging from $0.01 to $1 per credit. You’ll find the penny slot version of this video slot on the main floor of the casino, while the quarter and dollar denominations are often found in the high-limit rooms. Depending on the casino you visit, you may also find a nickel version.

China Mystery is somewhat of an anomaly in today’s casinos. Gold country casino restaurant. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some newer slots have. Despite the lack of crazy bright lights and loud noises, the game is still fun because of its familiarity and simplicity of gameplay. China Mystery can be considered a classic video slot in the same way that Wheel of Fortune is a classic reel slot.

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The China Mystery bonuses are quite simple. There is only one way to get a bonus with this video slot game. You simply need to line up at least 3 bonus symbols per payline to claim free games. What takes bonuses from simple and boring to awesome is the fact that you can win up to 15 free bonus games per active payline. If you have 25 active paylines, you can win up to 450 free bonus games by filling every video reel with the bonus symbol.

After playing China Mystery, it often doesn’t seem like bonus games are hard to find. But it could also be a memory bias, as this is one of Konami Gaming’s most volatile consoles. Bonus free games are useful for winning big jackpots.

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Some versions of China Mystery offer progressive bonuses, but they are not very high. Progressive Jackpots are not the Wide Area Progressives associated with multi-casino games that you can find in Wheel of Fortune and some other slot machines. Progressive jackpots are offered on fewer machines, so the jackpot is smaller.

There are no fancy bonus games with China Mystery, so the jackpots come from big wins in the base game or free bonus games that match the base game. The free bonus games do not include a multiplier, so you get the same winnings in the free bonus games as in the regular games. Winning the highest maximum bet can pay more than a jackpot in each game’s progressive jackpots.

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Many video slots often have symbols placed randomly on each reel, but this is not always the case with China Mystery. Stripes of symbols appear together on the reels and it can look like a jackpot is just around the corner. Jackpots aren’t easy to come by when playing penny slots, but when they are hit, it’s a pretty cool site. Symbol striping allows for a cover all effect, with the same symbol appearing on every video reel, and it pays off big.

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If you have the opportunity to play 450 free games and cover all the winnings, you have the chance to win a magical hand paid jackpot. China Mystery’s biggest jackpots have a little fireworks that can psychologically make the jackpots feel even bigger.

The gameplay of China Mystery is so popular that it spawned a few similar games. If you’re looking for a video slot with similar gameplay to China Mystery but with a different theme, look no further than Mayan Chief, Lago Di Amore, and Roman Tribune. Casinos often place these games close together so that they are not too difficult to find. Try China Mystery slot online for free in demo mode, without downloading or registration, and read the game description before playing for real money.

Average RTP (96.10%), low volatility, poor gameplay, and lazy visual design make this China-themed game a tough move for us.

Konami’s China-themed slots are largely interchangeable, to the extent that China Mystery and China Shores, another of their slots, both use largely the same set of images for low- and medium-value symbols.

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The main difference this time is the absence of pandas and a blue background instead of green.

There isn’t much of a story going on in these slots, but the central theme is usually Chinese imagery. Coins with square holes and women in conical jean hats are the identifying images of the Chinese mystery.

The real mystery is where Konami’s budget went for this. While their video game division releases triple-A titles such as the Metal Gear series, their slots division produced a rather simple looking slot.

The art is uninspiring and in every color they appear almost exclusively in ugly shades. There is almost no animation to speak of, except for the spins of the dial and the flashing line indicating a win.

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There is no music soundtrack and only the most basic sound effects that add nothing to the mood or tone of the console. Ode to Joy starts after the free spins, but it’s too little too late. And German classical symphonies hardly fit the East Asian aesthetic.

As a result, the beginning of this slot is unattractive and holds the audience’s attention very little.

There is no gambling feature and only a bonus consisting of free spins (see below).

So the gameplay is very basic. Where some slots treat this as an advantage, here it only adds to the feeling that not much effort was put into the player experience with this slot when it was designed.

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Three or more bonus symbols trigger free spins, with eight spins for three symbols, ten for four and fifteen spins for five symbols. Additional bonus symbols result in even more spins and can also appear during promotions

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