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Clinko Slot Machine – (October 3, 2018 – VERNON HILLS, Ill.) Incredible Technologies’ (IT) long-standing pursuit of innovation and original product creation continues at G2E 2018 (October 9-11) with the show’s theme of “Pushing Innovation to the Edge.” The slot machine manufacturer has become known for producing never-before-seen hardware and engaging content. Presenting its latest content at booth 4047 at the Sands Exposition Center in Las Vegas, IT will once again prove that it is constantly pushing itself and the industry to innovate beyond expectations.

Amidst another record year of growth and market penetration, IT is positioned to capitalize on 2018 successes, including expansions into international markets and additional US jurisdictions. The company’s latest hardware innovation debuts at G2E. The Infinity® V55 Edge™ is the casino industry’s first 4K video wedge, designed to be deployed with IT’s Infinity® V55™ cabinet, which debuted at G2E 2017. The Edge elevates and showcases the V55’s performance leadership with stunning graphics videos in crystal clear resolution. IT will showcase a myriad of configurations, including a never-before-seen toothed layout, and available video content at G2E – highlighting the Edge’s flexibility and configurability.

Clinko Slot Machine

“G2E is always a proud time for our team because it’s the culmination of another year of big ideas and hard work,” said IT President and CEO Elaine Hodgson. “We are excited to introduce The Edge to the industry this year as it represents another new way of thinking about slot products. Historically, we’ve proven that the Simple Sign Kit and Skybox cabinet have changed the way the industry approaches trading and now Edge is the next evolution of that. You’ll want to see it with your own eyes to believe it.”

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Along with the debut of the Infinity Edge Display, IT will launch dozens of brand new titles across all existing product lines, including its first multi-game, Incredistars: Money™. The Infinity V55 title unites three of IT’s biggest hits, Crazy Money II®, Money Rain® and Money Roll®, in a new form with bigger and better bonus events than ever. A huge catalog expansion for the V55 cabinet includes new games such as Clinko™ titles; Winning Wall™ and the return of the hit, King of Bling®. The American-themed Freedom Fortunes™ follows the IT success of Many Fortunes™, released earlier this year. Sky Dragons™ capitalizes on the success of Money Rain® 2 and the iconic Money Reel™. Original game families debut in the titles, Club 777™, Bars Up™ and DreamStar™. IT is also releasing its first high limit V55 products, flagship hits Heat ‘Em Up Power Wheel™ and Fate of the 8 Power Wheel™ in VIP format. New content for Infinity Skybox and Infinity U23™ will also be showcased with new game families as well as additions to existing families.

Incredible Technologies will be showing off their latest products October 9-11 at the Las Vegas Sands Expo Center in booth 4047. With an abundance of blog requests, many of which require short answers, I thought it best to blog answers to the most frequently asked questions! Q. Do you think playing with or not playing with a playing card makes a difference in winning or not? – Lorie B

Q. Security. You are quite famous in the slots world. What do you do for sure when you win? I keep seeing people lurking behind you watching you play, what happens when you get a big win? So you have to hire private security to escort you? Or does the casino supply it, and at what price? P.S. I still believe that you are such a Stellar Human Being.

A: I’m not special, even though my mom tells me so, haha. Anyone who feels insecure, whether they win the jackpot or not, can always contact security. They will be happy to escort you to your car for free. And in case you do win a large amount of money, consider asking the casino to provide you with a check instead of cash.

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Q. “I know I’ve heard you say… it’s all about timing”. However, what I would like to know is (1) when the bonus is triggered, the bonus result is determined at the exact moment you hit the spin button to start the bonus, and, (2) while you are in the bonus free spins…does pressing the spin button to start the next spin without letting it do it itself changes/changes the outcome?” – Donna F

A. I can’t speak for all machines, but the consensus from what I’ve gathered from slot manufacturers is that each spin is unique and driven by an RNG (Random Number Generator). So if you stop the reels during the bonus, then you change the outcome. Are you changing it for the better or for the worse? We’ll never know! For machines with a single wheel spin attached, the result is determined as soon as you press SPIN to initiate a wheel spin. So ask yourself, do you feel happy? If so, stop those reels. Otherwise, see what the machine has in store for you.

A. Online casinos are regulated just like real casinos and are held to the same high standards. Can one payment be better than another? Yes. The law states how low the payout percentage can be, but does not say how high it can be paid. Generally speaking they will be the same and it all comes down to timing when you hit that button.

Q. When I watch your videos and you play a multi-denomination game, I often wonder how you base your decision on which denomination and how much per bet? – Mary S.

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A: Sometimes it comes down to what makes me feel happy at the time. But also, with multi-denomination games, if the amount of lines in the game changes when you adjust the denomination, the payout percentage changes as well. So if you bet $5 on a penny, your odds increase a bit if you bet $5 on a 10 cent denomination. Just remember that the Mini on a penny could be $10 and on coins it would be $100 – so the chances of hitting a mini (or other progressive) will decrease if your total bet stays the same as it is based solely on the payout percentage.

Q. What about writing about how casinos decorate the casino (carpet, shiny machine out front, computers, etc.) influences people to gamble. I watched it on the Travel Channel and it was really interesting. – Paula W

ANSWER: I don’t have any inside information on this. All I know is that everything is designed to KEEP us in the casino. Those swirling carpets, the maze of layouts, the fact that ATMs are not located at the exits – all this is to keep us there longer. They know what they are doing!

Q. I like to play more than one machine at a time to see which one will give me a bonus. I know you have strong feelings about this, can you tell us why? – Amy J

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A. Playing on two machines at once does not increase your chances of getting the bonus. If your odds are 1 in 100 of getting a bonus game, it doesn’t automatically become 2 in 100 because you’re playing on two machines. It becomes 1 in 100 and 1 in 100. Since the machines are designed to take our money, you are basically just looking to lose your money twice as fast. Some people (I believe) choose to play two machines side by side because they don’t want someone else to have a chance to win the big jackpot. But again, that doesn’t help you. Since it’s all about timing, your neighbor would press the button at a different microsecond than you. I also find it rude when people grab two machines when I want to play it, especially on a busy night. Most casinos have a rule that you can only play one at a time.

Q. Does the “machine” know when a free or extra game is being used? – Roxanne D.

A. It doesn’t matter if it’s cash or freeplay. All it cares about is getting and keeping your money. I’ve hit the freeplay jackpot twice so far, if not more!

Q. Is a money bank a good idea when you want to keep your winnings? – Tiffany N

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A. At just under $30, Winners Bank is one of the best investments you can make. It’s basically guaranteed to return its value the first time, provided you follow the rules. If you put $100 into the machine and cash out $150, take it to the ATM and put that $50 into your winning bank. Now he goes home with you as a victory! When you get home, open it with the key and count all your winnings. Be responsible and leave the key at home and put away those wins wisely.

What makes you keep it?

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