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DC Comics has a long history of great comic book characters that translates very well into a collectible coin pusher character. The DC Comics Super Heroes Coin Pusher Machine has four separate hero and villain themed stations to play with, featuring a silver age look and design for the characters.

Coin Pusher Slot Machine

Each station is packed with design details for DC fans and/or just the characters themselves. Whether you’re a longtime comic book reader or just a fan of the latest Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman movies and animated series, this Design has something for you. Batman’s station is a partnership with the Joker, of course, and Harley Quinn even finds her way into the closet design. Harley is an interesting choice for Silver Age style as she is a more modern character, making her debut in ’90s Batman The Animated Series. If you haven’t seen The Animated Series and you’re a fan of Batman, you really should check it out. It contains some of the best Batman stories ever told and shows a better understanding of the character than most films.

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Batman isn’t the only hero – Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern, and Aquaman all have trading cards in this game. Throughout the four themed game sections, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and The Flash feature prominently while the other heroes are only on the map. The heroes are joined by the villains – Joker, Lex Luthor, Harley Quinn, Cheetah, The Penguin, Captain Cold and Darkseid. Collecting the hero set at this location will give you 3000 bonus tickets and the villain set will give you 5000 bonus tickets. If you collect both sets, 14 cards total, you will receive a Super Ticket Bonus. You may find different payouts depending on where you play.

Unlike the Wizard of Oz, Pirates, and Star Trek coin pushers where you control where coins come out on a left and right axis, the DC Comics Super Heroes coin pusher has a fixed coin ejection. They fall in the middle and only in the middle. However, you have some control over how many coins drop per game.

When you fire a coin, it doesn’t just roll down the ramp and onto the playfield, it moves the big wheel that sits above the playfield. As you can see in the image above, coins are in slots on the left side of the wheel. When you press the play button, a coin falls through a series of fins that constantly move left and right. Depending on how the coin travels through the fins, it then passes through the middle section under Superman and Lex Luthor, and which token section the coin travels through determines how many coins roll down the ramp and onto the playfield. You can get 1-6 tokens per game. The bonus drop at this location drops a total of 6 tokens at once. If you fall through slot 5, 5 will fall, same goes for slot 3 and 1. The coins then roll down the fixed ramp to the center of the board. Since you can’t change the ramp left or right, it’s much harder to drop cards off the edges of the machine.

After a few games, you’ll need to learn the timing of the coin launchers to maximize how many coins you get per game and the movement of the coin pusher to ensure the coins you drop get maximum movement per game. The timing is slightly different as you have to give the coin time to fall off the wheel at the top and through a coin number slot. It’s somewhat similar to Plinko in that it falls down, only without pins to hop left and right on. The flippers at the top determine the direction your coin will fall. To get the bonus coins you have to drop them almost straight down. However, by doing so, you also risk her falling through the 1-coin slot instead. Some players aim more towards the edges to try and get more coins per spin without risking a coin drop.

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Cards slide out from the left and you can get a glimpse of what card is next when you can easily spot all the characters. The hero set rare is Aquaman and the villain side rare is Darkseid. The cards themselves have a vintage Silver Age comic book design and have the portrait of the hero and villain on one side and the character’s stats and background on the reverse. There are also some multi-character party cards that don’t count toward the bonus sets, but give you more tickets per card. Similar to the Stuart card in JellyLab Despicable Me.

Overall, the DC Comics Super Heroes Coin Pusher is fun but has a few downsides. If you can’t move the coin ramp left or right, cards on the edges take a lot more to move over the edge. The platform on which the coins and cards sit before falling into the pay zone is frustratingly angled. Many players have experience moving cards so close to the edge that they just fall off, only to see the cards slide back onto the board because the angle is just a little too high. Despite these downsides, we think so

The game is a must-have for any comics and especially DC Comics fan – just know that the game requires patience to collect the full deck of cards. That’s partly just because of the total number of cards it takes to collect both the heroes and villains, but also because they’re a little harder to win compared to other coin pushers. If you play this game at an arcade often, it might be a good idea to just grab a few cards at a time and build up sets over a few visits.

Have you played the DC Comics Super Heroes Coin Pusher yet? If yes, what did you think of it? Have you slipped cards during the game? Have you already finished the card sets and how long did it take you? How do you think this compares to other card pushers you’ve played? Let us know in the comments. Thank you for reading!

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