Cow Invaders Slot Machine

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Invaders Return from the Planet Moolah™ is a crazy multi-game, packed with features that give players endless opportunities to win big! Showcasing a free spins bonus that provides up to 400 free spins and 5 base game features that award wilds, free spins and extra credits, players will want to visit Planet Moolah and never come back!

Cow Invaders Slot Machine

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Invaders Return From The Planet Moolah Slot Machine By

1400 really fun game. Get the unicorn cow!!! Took a long time to reach but took out 3000

At the Silver Legacy in Reno, NV, last month, I put $3.50 into a PENNY machine: “Invaders Return from the Planet Moolah” – one of my favorites just for the name, the graphics and the sounds (“Moooo!”). After a few games I got the big bonus…200 free spins (with additional bonuses for a total of 275!)…and ended up with a payout of $1622.00 – from a PENNY SLOT! I guess you could say I MILK the strange cows!! (No cows were tipped or injured in the game!) A rare thing happened to me while on vacation in January 2019 in Las Vegas. On a cold but still sunny evening at the Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas, one block from the Fremont Street Experience, I caught Unicow. If you’re a slot machine lover like myself, you’ll know how big of a deal this is.

Unicow is called “mythical” because it is INCREDIBLY hard to hit. It ONLY appears on the fifth reel of the Invaders Return From The Planet Moolah slot and must be in a WINNING combination. In other words, it is only valid when it appears as part of a 5 of a kind win. These wins are rare enough, and combined with the fact that there is only one Unicow present on the fifth reel, the odds of hitting it are many thousands to one – and possibly higher.

When Unicow hits, you know it. First, you get a big picture of Unicow on the screen, telling you about your amazing luck.

Hit The Grand Jackpot X4 (22k) This Is Life Changing For Me

The game then enters a haywire override mode with cows entering the ship transport beam and being activated. Unicow it seems never comes alone – it brings its friends, like Moolah Cow, Drop in Wilds Cow and the simple but effective Wild Cow. All the captured cows are then processed by the slot – and in my case this ended up generating 200 free spins, with added bonuses such as drop in wilds.

The game from that point was great. It took about 20 minutes to play all the free games as I hit other free game combos along the way – so probably played around 240 free games in total. It was great fun watching all the winning combinations send money to my machine account balance. By the end I had turned a 70c spin into over $400. My only gripe? I should have played higher value spins! But hindsight is a wonderful thing and up until that point the slot had been taking money from me – so I had reduced the size of my spinning bet. I was still VERY happy with the result.

All hail the mighty Unicow. Several of the online casinos we feature on this blog actually offer this Invaders Return slot for real money ONLINE – so check out the links and get lucky!

I am a VIP casino player who plays in online casinos and land-based casinos around the world. Read about the best casino promotions and online casino bonuses. Learn How To Beat The Casinos From Me! Video slots are usually multi-denominational and are coinless. Coinless means the machines will take all the new $1-$100 bills.

Invaders From The Planet Moolah

Many of the video slots have several bonus games. These are extremely popular games for people who like a lot of interaction, sound and fun.

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Invaders from the Planet Moolah has 5 reels and 25 paylines and is a Cascading Reels video slot powered by WMS Gaming. This game is quite different in appearance as it mainly features cows in space (yeah, kinda weird). You will see a cow above each wheel floating in its own spaceship – they are known as the family members.

Look out for the wild cow symbols as these are the key to the game – they appear on reels 2 to 5. First of all, you’ll notice that the game doesn’t use traditional spinning reels as symbols fall from the top of the screen. If you have a winning combination, winning symbols disappear and the symbols above them fall into place.

Invaders From The Planet Moolah Free Play In Demo Mode And Game Review

Then new symbols come in from above to fill in the gaps. This is known as the Cascading Reels feature and can give you multiple wins per spin. If you have clumps of wild symbols, this can lead to longer sweeping events. You can obviously win quite big from multiple wins from 1 spin.

However, if you have 4 or more consecutive overlapping wins, you will trigger the Invade feature. 4 wins from 1 spin will reward you with 7 free spins, while 8 wins from 1 spin will reward you with 50 free spins. Basically you can get 7, 10, 15, 25 or 50 free spins in the feature. All wins come from a 1x multiplier.

The WMS Bluebird 1 raised industry standards in terms of cabinet design and software. This cabinet differed from the standard box design, with smooth rounded doors. The sound quality is fantastic due to the Bose speakers on the beautiful cabinets. WMS Bluebird software is one of the most popular with fun new games and amazing bonus features. Players will flock to these machines!

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