Crazy Money 2 Slot Machine

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Crazy Money 2 Slot Machine

Crazy Money 2 slot machine by Incredible Technologies is a successor to their very popular Crazy Money slot but now adds a wheel spin to determine your bonus! The wheel will give you credits or one of two bonus features if you trigger the bonus with 3 bonus symbols. If you trigger the bonus with 4 bonus symbols, the “quality” of your wheel improves with a double chance of getting the bonus feature. Finally, if you trigger the bonus with 5 bonus symbols, the wheel kisses between The Mint and the Money Catch bonus, guaranteeing you an entertaining bonus feature! Like the original Crazy Money, the “Money Catch” bonus essentially a “Pick” bonus where you choose dollar bills corresponding to different credit awards: at a maximum bet of $4, the best possible you can win with this bonus is $174 and the worst is $58. Reel money is in a new bonus, called “The Mint” where you are awarded 12 free spins on a smaller bonus reel layout. Besides the usual symbols, the bonus reels now have gold coins that you collect for different progressive levels: the more you collect, the higher the progressive you can win, as you can see, Enjoy!

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Won 21 jackpots overall on the Carnival Miracle 14-day Hawaiian cruise in Feb 2022z. Here are some of my winnings: Have you ever dreamed of playing a slot game that prints money? It sounds unbelievable, but Crazy Money II slot does just that. Unfortunately, only the animated theme of the game makes the bills as it is set in a curious vaulted bank.

The original Crazy Money slot game was a huge hit for developer Incredible Technologies, and the company is back with a new version that looks similar to the first version but is a little slicker in its execution.

It is housed in a vault, and it is called Crazy Money II, so it is not surprising that all the symbols in this slot are banknotes of different denominations. Played with five reels and three rows, the idea of ​​the base game is to line up the same size banknote on 15 paylines.

The $1 dollar bill is the lowest payment, and the value increases to $5, $10, $20, and $50.

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A neat concept unique to this slot is that some symbols appear at 45-degree angles, creating two paylines in the shape of a V or upturned V if the angled symbols match. .

These are the bonus rounds that, as you might expect, have the potential for the biggest payouts. The bonus is much improved in this version of Crazy Money slots. To reach the bonus, land at least three on the bonus wheel scattered across the reels. The bonus setup changes with more bonuses scattered around you.

There are two bonus games available: the Mint bonus and the Money Catch bonus. The selection is made by turning a fortune-style wheel behind a solid vault door.

You get 12 free spins and the introduction of higher paying charges, along with special gold coins. Each coin you collect along the way adds to the counter to the right, bringing additional payouts up to a progressive jackpot award.

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It’s really raining money here. Dollar bills fall from the top of the screen, and the mystery prize value of each note is revealed when you click on it. You have a set number of attempts to get as much real money as possible.

As with most other slot machines, there is very little you can do to improve your chances of winning at Crazy Money II.

However, if you have the money available, always play with the max bet option, as this will increase your prize amounts.

The game has progressive jackpots available, and as a percentage of each bet goes to those jackpots, the amount you can win in the base game will decrease by a factor or two. With that in mind, it’s probably not surprising to see that the RTP of this slot drops to 92%, which is low compared to other slot games you can choose from. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to hit one of the jackpots, you won’t have to worry too much about that.

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If you now want to earn your own money, you can play Crazy Money II at TwinSpires Casino. Sign up for your account today, claim the generous welcome bonus when you make your first deposit, and head to the slots section to begin your journey into the vault. Good luck!

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