Diamond Rain Slot Machine

Diamond Rain Slot Machine – For over a decade I’ve been heading to Las Vegas for the InterBike trade show. Since my reason for doing so was to interact with the bike industry, all I needed was a room with a bed, shower and internet access. Since I only expected to use the room for eight hours a day, if that, the cheaper the better, and to make it even more economical, I shared a room with a friend who was also of the same mind .

A few years we hosted at Circus Circus. I think we spent about $25 a night total a couple of visits. It was a shabby place, a patina of dirt and failure mixed with dust covering everything, a place well past its prime, if it ever had one. But, like every casino hotel I’ve been to, you had to walk through at least some of the gaming floor to get in and out of the hotel; casino owners seem to place the elevators in the center of their palaces. And, like almost all casinos, you can’t see outside from the floor. Bad lighting, gilded gold, flashing lights, noises; it was designed as an assault.

Diamond Rain Slot Machine

We usually got up early, often to get a ride. So we came down before 7am, dressed to ride, and inevitably passed people sitting at slot machines who looked like they were about to pass out as we absentmindedly fed in coins. the one-armed bandits. It was always a depressing sight. I was heartbroken for people who used their vacation to take a room in a hotel where they just give money away to the house and get nothing back. People flew to Vegas for this? It looked so sad, so empty; the end of The Dream, perhaps the end of The American Dream.

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Nevertheless, those sad people may have side-eyed us. They may have thought of how deluded we were about youth and life and the illusion that we get something back for the money we spend and that the only thing that matters is getting more money.

I believe money is a means to an end. I get money to exchange it for more important things. And when I use it for pleasure, the money is the means not the end. A meal, a race, an achievement, a faster bike, an experience, reduced drudgery, a view, time with friends and family, education, and so on.

But I wonder if those people feeding the slots are actually everywhere and growing in number. There are only two modes with slot machines: win and lose. Although it almost completely loses. It’s not like training or preparation makes a difference in slots. And slot machines actually offer players terrible odds, the worst in casinos; it is estimated that the chance of winning the top prize at any machine is somewhere between one in 5,000 and one in 34 million. Losing is what you do the vast majority of the time, which is almost certainly going to be the end result, and the illusion that a win can make up for the losses and the resulting promised dopamine boost will somehow and is what gets people to try in the first place. Terrible odds are why slots are good for business owners. According to one article I found, the Vegas Strip slot machines actually pay more than machines in other locations—the player will lose an average of $0.00.82 per spin, just under one cent. Of course, for slots fans, this is a great value. 600 spins on $0.25 slots in an hour costs the player only $4.92, if you ignore the other costs related to travel and food. As if it’s a fair game and the house just wins some of the time.

Even small losses can add up to big money. In 2013, Americans lost $119 billion dollars while gambling. That’s more than Americans spend on cycling, which was estimated at $97 billion in 2017 (including other wheeled sports). If you want constant dollars, the $119 billion in 2013 will be more than $125 billion in 2017.

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There is an impression that slots are for poor people and for those who are skeptical about their ability at other games. I don’t know if it’s true, but people had to come to Vegas and probably pay for a hotel room. Circus Circus was cheap, but even cheap adds up when you add flights and meals.

But playing games where the house always wins also reinforces another idea; cheating is ok because the system is not fair. So winning is all that matters. And it’s not good for gaming, life or driving.

In a democracy, the means are supposed to justify the ends. Elections are supposed to be a means of both obtaining the consent of the governed and allowing course corrections of that consent. To follow the processes – forming alliances, submitting bills, debates, having votes, etc. is about the way to improve the end result.

Cycling is often about the means justifying the ends. A bike commute makes the job easier, if not bearable. A long drive warrants a meal afterwards. The time spent training dwarfs the time spent racing. When getting there is half the fun, the means are at least as important as the end – and then there’s the drive back.

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President claims to be an athlete, but the only game he seems to enjoy is one where the cheating is easy and he enjoys beating others. He is a known and prolific con artist; even cheated on golf with Tiger Woods. And his sons like hunting animals with high-powered rifles, not exactly sports. In both cases, it’s the trophy they’re after. The experience means nothing.

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