Double Blessing Slot Machine

Double Blessing Slot Machine – When players talk about slots, they may sometimes refer to the volatility of the slot. If you’re not sure what they’re talking about, today’s post should help.

The concept of volatility also appears in areas other than stocks. It generally means how much of a swing, up or down, you can expect over time based on what you’re doing. More volatility indicates the potential for a big downswing, which you obviously want to avoid.

Double Blessing Slot Machine

When it comes to slots, various decisions can be made to make the game more unstable, which generally tends to make the game more difficult. You can read the series of posts in the Slot Volatility brand for much more, but this includes:

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A slot with lower volatility will not fluctuate as much at a given time as a slot with higher volatility. The way it does this is to pay you more often, but in smaller amounts, as a general rule. There’s still jackpot potential, but spin to spin is designed to measure payouts more frequently.

On the other hand, a higher volatility slot is designed to pay more but less often. This can mean more dead spins with a dwindling bankroll until you hit a full line or a bonus that brings you back to life.

So part of how volatility comes into play is the level of risk. If you put $20 into a high volatility slot, you can limit your losses, but you won’t have enough funds to land one of those bigger hits. Of course you can deposit $100 and get nowhere.

I’ve played Double Blessings on multiple occasions and played close to $100 only to get a bonus right before I ran out of money and got slightly ahead. If this bonus hadn’t come when it did, I would have gotten the $100.

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At times, players can control the volatility of the game by choosing the number of lines and the line multiplier.

A great example of this is Stinkin’ Rich, which I have written about here in the past. You can play fewer lines and multiply the number of lines, which just means you don’t get paid on the lines you don’t bet on – less chances of paying out, but getting paid more often than you, that’s exactly what we just defined higher volatility before, so how can you expect, it can be a harder way to win, but more profitable when you do.

Fortunately for players, everyone has different preferences for what they want to play. And while newer games seem to be increasing volatility as sequels and other extra bets have become more prevalent, there are still manufacturers who will create a low volatility game here or there to attract these players. Many of them, such as Quick Spin, have enthusiastic fans on the casino floor.

Then there are others who like to swing for the fences. A friend of mine who prefers volatile games had quite a casino run during a trip to Las Vegas, which resulted in him playing much harder than normal and getting crazy offers from the casinos to lure him back. Had it gone the other way, the budget would have been spent long before the end of the journey, but the swings went his way.

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As such, it helps you as a player to gain information (using sites like Know Your Slots, of course) to acclimate yourself to what makes the game volatile, understand your risk tolerance, and what you want out of visiting a casino and finding games. which provide it to you.

My name is Joshua and I’m 30 years old, I work in technology as a marketer by day and regularly dabble in the casino when I don’t have time. Know Your Slots will reflect my interests in understanding the different ways you can play slots, games that give you a potential edge, casino promotions and systems and how you can get the most out of them. Dancing Drums is a popular casino slot. it follows in the footsteps of games like 88 Fortunes and 5 Treasures, and as such it’s not surprising that it got its own sequel, Double Blessings. This sequel came before the second, more direct sequel, Dancing Drums Explosion, which was reviewed here earlier.

Unfortunately, this game, like many sequels, falls into the trap of sequel volatility, which makes the game even harder than its predecessor, itself a bit difficult at times. That’s not to say that Double Blessings doesn’t have its fun moments, but players who are fans of Dancing Drums and expect a similar experience on Double Blessings should understand the changes and what they do to the game.

First, let’s talk about what is similar. The betting structure, with gold symbols on top and line bets at the bottom, is a clean carry over from its predecessor. Based on the number of gold symbols you activate higher gold symbol salaries and activate access to progressives. It is also important to activate which symbols can be stacked in the bonus round, which is a big change that will affect the betting strategy in this game. But we’ll talk about that in a moment.

Double Blessings: A Tougher Sequel To Dancing Drums

The way you trigger the progressive selection screen remains the same – land a wild symbol and have at least two gold symbols active and you can win your way to the progressive on a predetermined bonus screen. Betting on the gold symbol works as follows:

Your chances of winning any particular progressive are the same at any bet level, but your chances of triggering the screen increase depending on how much you bet. Higher stakes mean you’ll be picking more often, but every time you enter this screen, your odds of winning any progressive are the same, regardless of stake level.

Now for what’s different. First, payouts for non-gold symbols have increased. This may seem strange because it means that when you have the gold symbol turned off, you get more than before. The reason will also become clear when we get to the bonus round.

In the case of gold symbols, the payouts of three types have been reduced. Four of a kind were lowered except for the top gold symbol which went up. And five of a kind fell apart from the top two gold symbols. This means that you won’t get as much money for accumulated symbols in the base game.

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Take the hit shown at the top of this article. On Dancing Drums, the same win would be $54.00, as it is a 54x payout of $1.00 per line, compared to 90 cents on Dancing Drums. That’s a 10 percent cut for the same bet. It adds up over time and is not unlike a video poker machine that lowers some payouts and increases a few much rarer ones – you increase the volatility of the slot to increase the value of certain scenarios but weaken the rest.

Now let’s talk about this free spins bonus. It starts with a trigger with at least three bonus symbols or wild symbols starting from the leftmost reel. The same applies to Dancing Drums.

The bonus is set to 8 spins, unlike the Dancing Drums volatility option. The default reel set is 5×3, but small symbols can appear on the reels, and if they appear and match other symbols to fill or expand a line hit, they will stack two additional symbols matching the dot symbol above the 5×3 reel set , a double blessing as it were.

Given that you can expand multiple reels, this can result in a nicely stacked win far beyond what the base game can offer, making it likely that payouts have been tampered with – the bonus is designed to potentially transfer much larger stacked cylinders. when the right script comes along.

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Unlike Dancing Drums where you have to select higher reels and then your spins are reduced, this is based on a standard set of 8 spins. So effectively the base game was made harder to allow more bonus potential.

This means that the bonus is more volatile in turn, as you have to get these symbols in the right places to get a special hit. Even in this scenario it is possible to get a bonus.

Even more volatile is the fact that the only active symbols that can lead to expanding reels are those that are activated as gold symbols. So if you bet one gold symbol, your bonus will be 5×3 for 8 spins compared to the 5×3 grid with 15 spins and one gold symbol active on Dancing Drums. And don’t forget that the highest salary is reduced by 10 percent. They really want you to bet 88 cents per spin here.

Higher stakes, harder base game, more volatile bonus… it has all the makings of a harder game than

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