Double Gold Slot Machine

Double Gold Slot Machine – Double Gold Slot Machine has been tagged 27 times by members. Double Gold was last spotted aboard the Grandeur of the Seas cruise ship on August 29 at 5:40 p.m.

Look for the new 5-reel, 20-payline Double Gold™ slot at your favorite casino. This game is exciting for reel players and high payline video slot players alike. The multipliers on the paytable can appear alone or in combination to give you more reasons to spin and more ways to win.

Double Gold Slot Machine

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Joan Mainhart had a moderately successful day on the slots at Maryland Live — $100 in, $150 out — but standing outside the casino in the afternoon sun Friday, she considered whether to accept a million-dollar jackpot. for $500 per spin.

The retired IRS legal representative from Linthicum thought for a moment and came up with a definite conundrum: “Only if I’m playing the lottery can I splurge.” Otherwise, he said, “there’s no way.”

From regulars like Mainhart, who play the quarter and dollar machines, to high-rollers who can’t think of pumping a few thousand into a slot machine, people will soon have a shot at the state’s biggest slot jackpot, as Maryland Live presents a new game. $1 Million Machine at 11am. Saturday.

Planned for months, the machine comes just before the opening of what is expected to be Maryland Live’s toughest competition — Horseshoe Casino Baltimore is scheduled to open Aug. 26 near downtown with its own $500 slots, the limit allowed by state law.

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Maryland Live CEO Rob Norton doesn’t say the timing has anything to do with the Horseshoe, except that Maryland Live wants to stay competitive, and that includes the $500 machine and about 200 other new machines. floor.

The $1 million Double Gold machine was hidden Friday in a room marked “High Limit Slots,” with 98 machines starting at $2 per credit and going up to $500 per credit.

The current $500-per-spin machine, a Double Diamond model, has a jackpot of $500,000 and smaller jackpots of up to $1,000. People have played the machine about 10,000 times since it was released last August, Maryland Live said. spokeswoman Carmen Gonzales. Players won more than $50,000, but no one hit the jackpot.

On Saturday night, the Arundel Mills casino will break out the $1 million machine for an invite-only party for a few hundred high-rollers, who together generate about 80 percent of their earnings and accumulate enough points to join one of the casino’s VIP clubs. Norton said. Before the machine opens to the public, VIP members can enjoy food and drinks and free swipes on the large handle on the side of the Double Gold machine, which looks like any other except for its dazzling jackpot.

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There are other $1 million machines in the Northeast, but Norton said this is the only one that isn’t a “progressive” machine, meaning multiple casinos contribute to the jackpot. In that case, the winnings would be paid solely by Maryland Live, the state’s largest casino and one of the top-grossing casinos on the East Coast, drawing about $1 billion in bets per month and generating about $650 million in annual revenue.

According to Kevin Harrigan, a gaming machine expert at the University of Waterloo Gambling Research Lab in Ontario, at the usual rate of play, losses and wins, a player could easily lose $12,000 an hour playing a $500 machine.

Danny Graner considered the possibility Friday afternoon as he sat in front of one of his favorite $5 Triple Star machines in the “High Limit” room, where Maryland Live has won its share of jackpots two years ago. Severn, a retired Army man, sat in a gray “I’m Only Lazy When I’m Awake” T-shirt, blue shorts and flip flops.

He has played the $5, $10, and $25 machines, but never the $500 machines. Maybe if you hit a few thousand dollars on one of the lower priced machines, or if you feel really lucky and lose money, you can try a $500 bet or two on the new machine. casino, Baltimore’s Horseshoe Casino, will mark the first major competition for Maryland’s largest casino, and Maryland Live! in Arundel Mills.

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Stephen Martino, director of the Maryland Lottery, whose agency regulates casinos, told the News that because of its size, he expects Maryland Live! will continue to generate the most revenue, even after the Horseshoe opens on August 26.

Rob Norton, CEO of Maryland Live! he told the News he doesn’t take any competition for granted.

Last weekend, the casino introduced the $1 million Double Gold slot, which offers a $1 million jackpot for a $500 play.

It is the only million dollar slot not only in the state but also in the Northeast.

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Later this year, the casino will open a new restaurant, and Norton says plans are underway for a new casino hotel.

“I will say there’s a bit of an attachment to making sure everything we do is A-Plus, and that includes making sure we have the best selection, the best selection and the best machines,” Norton told the News.

According to game analysts, Maryland Live! In two years, it will face even more intense competition when the MGM Casino in National Harbor, Prince George’s County.

Voters approved the sixth casino license when they approved Constitutional Amendment 2 of 2010. Maryland Live! and its owner, the Cordish Company, opposed that ballot question, but Norton says the casino will be ready for that race as well.

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As for the opening of the Horseshoe Casino, Maryland Live! placed several billboards along Russell Street approaching the Baltimore Casino.

“We are proud to be the market leader. We expect to be the market leader. We welcome the new competition. Cool act, but we will compete.”

Norton also says that Maryland Live! is also monitoring the situation in Atlantic City, whose casinos have lost business to competition from other states, including Maryland.

He said a Maryland Live! A job fair held in Atlantic City earlier this month prompted the casino to hire 60 casino workers who will soon be laid off after three casinos close this year. The IGT S2000 are the classic reel machines that can be seen in casinos today. These are our most popular home machines. We recommend keeping the machines coinless, although coin handling

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