Draculas Castle Slot Machine

Draculas Castle Slot Machine – Wazdan has deepened its portfolio with two new titles, Dracula’s Castle and Tetri Mania Deluxe, bringing them to a game bank of over 100 casino-friendly titles.

In these latest two game releases, the newly released features play an important role in providing player convenience and enhancing the player experience while providing important tools to the casinos.

Draculas Castle Slot Machine

Those brave enough to take part will be amply rewarded with Wazdan’s latest major release, Dracula’s Castle, packed with chilling thrills and more than a nod to Bram Stoker’s original 1897 gothic horror.

Dracula’s Castle Slot Review

The slots game takes place in Dracula’s castle, where all five reels are filled with sinister, ghostly and unnatural symbols. These include goblets of blood, Dracula, bewitching Transylvanian concubines and other themed icons in this multi line win slot. It’s hard to forget the sadistic, mysterious and menacing young concubines.

Dark, seductive and hungry, Dracula’s brides often appear in the game to torment players. Some of the symbols in the game have special abilities, such as the blood of the prince of darkness, which take the place of the standard symbols in the game after winning.

They feature an exciting gamble feature to choose the correct goblet filled with blood, the blood of the prince of darkness. This doubles your earnings in an instant with just one click. Wilds help players by filling the reel to reveal Dracula himself, thus spreading the win.

Keeping pace with market developments, Wazdan has also launched Tetri Mania Deluxe, a cool twist on the famous retro classic game with colorful cubes, players collect the Tetri-block symbols on this 4-reel, multi-win line slot to collect.

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Relaunched with an innovative gamble feature that includes more symbols, players get a second chance to win and even win double. There is also the Tetri Joker, a wild card that helps increase balances. With its advanced graphics that work smoothly on phones and tablets, this is one slot that really stands out from the crowd.

Jeremy Fall, Wazdan Brand and Marketing Director, said: “The Wazdan brand is synonymous with innovation and we are receiving strong responses from casinos based on the quality of our product portfolio, our successful track record of performing well with major operators spans over years in the industry.

We recently signed with EveryMatrix and Wazdan has lived up to its name as the game developer that is constantly introducing new and exciting online slots like Dracula’s Castle and Tetri Mania Deluxe and we are also including a strong element of player choice in the games it likes. The result is a more personal and enjoyable gaming experience.” Do you dare to take a trip to Transylvania, where Dracula and his bloodthirsty babies live? As the immortal vampire king of Dracula’s Castle slot, he knows that dark tourists from all over the world want him… so when they visit, he kindly wakes up from his coffin to be seen with all his slick hair. glory of sharp fangs.

He just doesn’t get in his way, because Dracula has one thing on his agenda: the need to feed. This is a horror slot, so get ready to partake in eternal hunger and take a bite out of the big, bloody wins.

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Wazdan has brought the walking dead to our screens, and we are screaming for the thrill of this slot. As big fans of Bram Stoker’s classic, gothic novel, Dracula is the vampire lord of the night, selfishly disappearing from selfies thanks to his glareless goofiness. Mirror or not, we see you Drac… we see you.

This slot will take you into the world of the most notorious bloodsucker and his seductive sister wives. On the reels you’ll see Dracula’s busty girlfriends Mina Harker and Lucy Westenra, Bats, Tomb Stones, their Transylvanian Castle and Card Deck Royals decaying.

The only special symbol here is Dracula Wild, and he sure is tasty with his skeletal 6-pack and fiery eyes! The symbol is also tasty: it is the ticket to hair-raising victories.

Dracula’s Castle slot is not traditional when it comes to its features. We wonder why? He’s such a conventional guy…just an everyday shapeshifter, hypnotist, and day drinker.

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There are features in this game that work to reward you for going toe to toe with the Earl himself. The first feature is Expanding Wilds, where Dracula fills the reel he lands on to help you create winning combinations. If more than one reel is filled, multipliers come into play. The more reels filled with the same symbols, the higher the multiplier for those wins.

The next feature is the Risk Game, where you have to try to select the cup full of blood. If you select the goblet full of blood, your winnings will be doubled, but if you select the goblet full of water, you will lose the risk game and lose your winnings.

Dracula’s Castle slot is very animated, so you will see her girlfriend turn to ashes in front of your eyes if she spills the cup with water on herself.

This 96.56% RTP video slot puts the power in your hands with its adjustable volatility feature. So you can choose to play a low, medium or high volatility game. Speaking of power, the wins are supernatural too, where a max win of €40,000 could be yours to feast on.

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Dracula’s Castle slot is only for the brave. It comes complete with a spooky soundtrack, piercing graphics, and offers all the horrors you could ever look for. The risk of being bitten by Dracula is low, the only risk he will take is the risk of winning big!

So if you have the stomach for it, a spooky adventure awaits you with Dracula’s Castle slot.

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