Dragon Quest 11 Slot Machine

Dragon Quest 11 Slot Machine – Octagonia is located along the northern reaches of the Dundrasil Region, and it looks very different from when you were last here. The place is now overrun by monsters and Upper Octagonia has turned into a casino. Rab also thinks Jade is somewhere in town so look around.

Check the store as usual to see if there is anything you like. The underbelly of the city has not changed except for the people who have turned into monsters. Go to the casino as soon as you are ready. The only game you can play here is the Slime Quest slot machine where you can easily win lots of tokens. However, don’t get carried away as the token doesn’t seem to be real and will disappear from your pocket once the boss in this area is defeated.

Dragon Quest 11 Slot Machine

The gifts you get from the exchange counter are also pretty useless. Think about spending about 50,000 tokens on some fertilizer. Either way, spend 10,000 tokens to pick up a Love Potion and give it to the green dracky blocking access to the VIP floor. It will get out of the way and let you through. Jade doesn’t seem to care much about herself, and is quick to lash out when the party tries to get her to join them.

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Try not to spend too many resources on him because the main boss follows almost immediately after this encounter. To start, stick Sap and Decelerate on it then immediately go on the attack. The main issue here is that his Puff-Puff ability stuns your character almost without fail. Even with a +3 accessory that protects against disease. If you have anything in your arsenal that can lock his abilities then make sure you use them. Rab should focus on taking care of the health of the party.

Otherwise, have Hendrik cast Holy Impregnable on himself while the others can be awakened with Sylvando’s Sobering Slap ability. It’s also a good idea to go into this battle with your characters all fired up, so you can defeat them faster and save your resources for the tougher battles ahead.

Light up your party with Kabuff and Magic Barrier, making sure to do the latter twice to reduce damage from Kafrizz Booga’s spells. If you have some Asbestos Earrings, be sure to wear them as well. Stick Sap and Deceleration on Booga then go to town with him. Booga also has a seductive dance that can cause your character to start dancing and waste their turns. All three can stun characters when they are unlocked as well.

Sylvando has a better chance of resisting this troublesome status ailment, so make sure you stay by his side to heal any charmed characters. It would be nice if you could get Antimagic or Fizzle to stick but it looks like Booga has good resistance to them. Rab should cast Kanan as Rain and use Multiheal to keep everyone healthy the entire time. Sylvando’s Hustle Dance does the job pretty well too.

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With Booga defeated, his hold on Jade and the entire city will be broken. Hero will regain the Green Orb and Jade also gains the ever-useful Re-Vamp ability. He has Lorelei’s Harp which should allow you to access Sniflheim again on the way to Arboria. But we’ll deal with the Hotto dragon problem first.

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You’ll want to spend time at the casino, then. Sometimes you’ll unlock powerful new gear, while other times you’ll unlock things like a bunny suit outfit for Jade. As in real life, winning at a casino requires a bit of luck, but since this is a video game, there are some tips and tricks that can be used to get the odds in your favor. We will share them on this page.

There are two different casinos found throughout the land of Dragon Quest 11, each casino with its own unique rewards. The first thing you want to do when visiting any casino is save your game first, and if something goes wrong, you can always reload your game and try again. The first thing you want to do in a casino is to have a good starting threshold of tokens. Exchange gold for some tokens, a good starting amount is 500 tokens – this is the currency you stake and then exchange for prizes.

With the game outlined, let’s quickly talk about the casino in Dragon Quest 11 and the prizes available.

The first casino you will be able to access is Puerto Valor Casino. Puerto Valor Casino has some powerful equipment in its prize list, such as the Platinum Powersword.

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The casino at Octagonia is designed in your favor. Every jackpot target is easy to reach, the reason is that all the prizes here are actually garbage until you have cleared the monsters from this casino. The gifts you see here are expensive and have ???? written on their names. After visiting the VIP room with Love Potion is when the casino will release the actual prize list. However,  any wins you gain during monster possession will be completely removed. Save your game: while the odds of making tokens are in your favor… you know, better safe than sorry 😉

Buy a large amount of tokens: you can do this directly in the casino. I started with 900, giving away almost all my gold. You should not buy too few tokens because the minimum bet to start winning something is 30 tokens PER SPIN. That’s because by doing this you activate all lines of the slot machine. If you have more tokens and want to earn faster, you should bet the maximum amount (90 per spin).

Use only five-column slot machines: otherwise, you will just waste your money. Three columns and card games are a huge waste of money.

Don’t worry if you start losing tokens: because you will! You will only start earning when you are in metal mode. Metal mode is a special mode that doubles all your earnings and (for what I experienced) also increases the number of times you get tokens.

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Remember to save from time to time: it seems that the chance to enter metal mode decreases after getting 20.000 tokens. This is bad because not only will you get tokens more slowly but there is also a risk of losing them. To overcome this, you just need to exit and then re-enter the room to auto-save!

That all! This way I got all the items from the casino in a little over 40 minutes. I started with 900 tokens and after 30 minutes I was 68k+. After 40 minutes I hit the jackpot!

The process of winning enough tokens to get all the items is long. And boring. Fortunately we can automate it with a small program: autoclicker.

Just download it and put 500 in the milliseconds tab. This way the program will make a click with the mouse every half a second, making a spin on the slot machine automatically while you do other things.

After 7 Hours Of Autoplaying Slots, Went From 100k To Almost 1m.

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