Dungeons And Dragons Slot Machine

Dungeons And Dragons Slot Machine – Licensed games continue to resonate with casino players and operators, and major slot machine manufacturers are responding with new content based on popular movies, TV shows, video games and more.

Slot manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to get their products onto the increasingly chaotic casino slot floor.

Dungeons And Dragons Slot Machine

More recently, advanced cue packs are a key product that makes this difference. Developing a unique game mechanic is another method often used to get a game noticed by both players and casino operators.

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In addition to these approaches, the old standby for slot differentiation – third-party licensed content – ​​still works. Indeed, new slot games themed around popular movies, television shows, board games, pop personalities, and so on continue to find their way into sales, rental, affiliate, and many other types of slot machine categories.

To help keep track of all these licensed content additions, Casino Journal once again offers a roundup of popular licensed slots for each company, including a look at new licensed games showcased at recent trade shows in the pipeline for 2020 and beyond. which you will find below:

PAST AND PRESENT PRODUCTS LICENSED: A Christmas Story, The Batman Classic Series, The Big Bang Theory, Billions, Britney Spears, Candy Land, Downton Abbey, Dumb & Dumber, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, Farmville, Flashdance, Game of Thrones, Jaws, Let’s Make a Deal, Mad Max: Fury Road, Madonna, Magic Mike, Mariah Carey, Mission Impossible, My Cousin Vinny, Rolling Stones, Sharknado, Sons of Anarchy, Superman The Movie, Tarzan, Ted, The Big Lebowski, The Mummy, The Walking Dead, The X-Files, Tim McGraw, WESTWORLD.

NEW LICENSED GAMES FOR 2020 AND BEYOND: Crazy Rich Asians, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Game of Thrones – Winter is Here.

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Aristocrat’s biggest licensing news is its ongoing partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, which has resulted in numerous slot games based on the studio’s rich library of movies and television shows.

At G2E Aristocrat and Warner Brothers premiered the latest entry from this arrangement: Crazy Rich Asians Slot Game. Crazy Rich Asians slot will be a highly themed game featuring the sights and sounds of the contemporary romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians, the 2018 blockbuster from Warner Bros. Pictures directed by John M. Chu from the acclaimed bestselling novel. Kevin Kwan and featuring an international, pan-Asian ensemble, according to a press release.

The Warner Brothers deal isn’t the only licensing deal bearing fruit for Aristocrat. The company recently debuted a slot machine based on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation from CBS Consumer Products. Aristocrat’s ties to HBO also continue to fuel new slot content, as evidenced by the company’s latest Game of Thrones-themed concept: Game of Thrones – Winter is Here.

PAST AND PRESENT PRODUCTS LICENSED: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Casablanca, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Discovery Channel Shark Week, Felix the Cat, Fruit Ninja, Knight Rider, Penn & Teller, Press Your Luck, Richie Rich, Singin’ in the Rain, Snoop Dogg presents The Joker’s Wild, South Park, The Brady Bunch, The Mask, The Karate Kid, Underdog, Willie Nelson.

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NEW LICENSED GAMES FOR 2020 AND BEYOND: Monsterverse with Kong and Godzilla, Little Shop of Horrors, Zoltar 5X Pay and Zoltar Triple Jackpot.

A relative newcomer to the licensed slot game, Everi continues to impress with its growing lineup of slots themed around popular moves, plays, personalities and television game shows.

Over at G2E, Everi’s new licensed content included the Monsterverse Empire DCX case with Kong and Godzilla. Based on the shared fictional blockbuster cinematic universe from Legendary Entertainment, Monsterverse features Monster Bet, which allows players to bet big and play four arrays at once. The Empire DCX enclosure features two curved 43-inch horizontal monitors with integrated edge lighting and enhanced game-controlled lighting, a 4K display for an immersive player experience, and premium 4.1 surround sound.

G2E also showcased Little Shop of Horrors, based on the popular film featuring an unusual plant named Audrey II. Housed in Everi’s Empire MPX cabinet, the game features base game wilds that feed Audrey II and trigger the game’s biggest bonus, the Mean Green Mother free spins.

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Another new license from Everi is Zoltar, the all-knowing animatronic fortune teller from Characters Unlimited that has appeared in numerous TV commercials and been seen in hundreds of locations around the world and in the homes of many collectors. The company has developed two mechanical slot concepts on this theme – Zoltar 5X Pay and Zoltar Triple Jackpot premium mechanical bank is based on the omniscient animatronic fortune teller from Characters Unlimited, Inc. and features the iconic and recognizable voice of Zoltar, the great gypsy himself. Zoltar has appeared in numerous television commercials and has been seen in hundreds of locations around the world and in the homes of many collectors. Both games feature a free spins bonus where Zoltar predicts a multiplier between 2X and 10X with each free spin on the next reel stop.

PAST AND PRESENT PRODUCTS LICENSED: Adam Levine, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, American Gods, American Idol, Avatar, Back to the Future, Baywatch, Bejeweled, Betty White, Blake Shelton, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Breaking Bad, Bridesmaids, Charlie’s Angles, Dark Knight , Deal or No Deal, Dolly Parton, Entourage, Family Guy, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Ghostbusters, Godzilla, Harley Davidson, House of Cards, How to Marry a Millionaire, I Dreamed of Jeanie, James Cameron’s AVATAR, Jenga, Judge Judy , Jurassic Park, Megabucks, Money Drop, Orange is the New Black, Plants vs. Zombies, Rubik’s Cube, Sex and the City, Sherlock Holmes, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Goonies, The Hangover, The Price is Right, The Voice, TMZ Video Slots, True Blood, Wheel of Fortune, Wyland, Zuma.

NEW LICENSED GAMES FOR 2020 AND BEYOND: $25,000 Pyramid, Jeopardy!, Jumanji TRUE 4D, Wheel of Fortune Gold Spin Deluxe, Wheel of Fortune 4D More Money, Wheel of Fortune 4D Wheelmobile.

When it comes to licensed products, IGT continues to focus on its highly successful line of slots based on popular television game shows.

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At G2E, IGT showed that it will continue to develop its most successful slot theme, Wheel of Fortune. New innovative Wheel of Fortune titles included Wheel of Fortune 4D More Money and Wheel of Fortune 4D Wheelmobile. According to press materials, both titles use IGT’s TRUE 4D technology to give players an immersive gaming experience unlike any other.

Building on the success of Wheel of Fortune Cash Link, the company also debuted two new base games, including Ruby Riches and Shimmering Sapphires. Attendees also experienced the latest Wheel of Fortune title in the CrystalWheel Stepper cabinet with Wheel of Fortune Gold Spin Deluxe.

In addition to the latest iterations of Wheel of Fortune slots, IGT also gave visitors to the G2E booth a first-hand look at new TV game show titles, including Jeopardy! and the $25,000 Pyramid, both housed in the large-format Megatower Universal cabinet. These games join a growing family of game show-themed IGT games such as The Price is Right Showcase Showdown, The Price is Right Video Slots on the CrystalCurve ULTRA Case, and The Price is Right Plinko Slots on the CrystalDual+Stepper.

IGT’s TRUE 4D slot concept also includes a number of the company’s key licensed concepts, the latest of which is the Jumanji TRUE 4D game in the CrystalCurve TRUE 4D slot machine. According to press materials, the exciting title uses fan-favorite ingredients from the iconic film to create an immersive multi-sensory gaming experience.

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Konami Gaming continues to focus on producing licensed slot machine concepts based on popular video games of the recent past. Its latest product in this direction is Silent Hill, one of the most popular video game thrillers since the turn of the millennium, which takes a new form as a video slot. Players can experience a rich 3D world with characters, scenes and encounters from the most popular video game, set in the fictional ghost town of Silent Hill, which was abandoned due to a horrific disaster. According to press materials, this debut series includes linked progressive jackpots, several bonus adventures and an unforgettable Stay & Spin feature.

Konami’s new Horizon 49J cabinet showcased Silent Hill Escape at G2E, which follows prisoner-turned-protagonist Murphy Pendleton as he tries to navigate the haunted streets of Silent Hill. Along the journey, players encounter zombies and battle large monsters for a chance to receive instant credit rewards. During the Stay & Spin bonus game, players can fill the screen with credit prize symbols to win one of five jackpot prizes.

Silent Hill Return is led by a young heroine named Heather Mason who comes to the haunted town to avenge the death of her adopted father. As she tries to find her way through the fog, strange spirits randomly meander through the primary reels, triggering symbol-driven bonus features whenever they land on a Silent Hill symbol. When players bet on the button panel, red spirits can manifest and offer a chance to enter progressive jackpot bonuses.

PAST AND PRESENT PRODUCTS LICENSED: Animal House, Austin Powers, Battleship, Betty Boop, Caddyshack, Cher, Cirque du Soleil, Clue,

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