Dynamite Blast Slot Machine

Dynamite Blast Slot Machine – What Makes It Special: A wild reel with three dynamite caught in the reel; getting another reel with three dynamite with active wilds resets the count for existing active wild reels; persistent status roll for every bet

Joe Blow is a pair of Aristocrat games with persistent country reels. With Aristocrat being a generally turbulent game design company, Advantage Play here can be a little more difficult to deliver positive results, but there is some potential for some great hits as a direct result of the persistent reel component.

Dynamite Blast Slot Machine

Today’s article covers the Gold version of the game, another article featuring Diamonds is available separately. Although the persistent state mechanism is the same, there are some important differences between the two, so they are not direct clones.

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Joe Blow Gold is a 5×3 reel set with 30 rows evaluated against a 60 cent betting structure. While it looks like it should increase the line bet, the line payouts are actually weaker than other Aristocrat games for poker symbols and so on.

The main reason for this is that it has the Persistent Wild Feature which we will explain shortly, which quite often brings the wild to the surface, and many times the wild some.

There is also a free spins bonus when you get three or more bonus symbols, which are also linked to a collection of dynamite and wild reels.

This is the bread and butter of game design, as well as Advantage Play. In any spin, one or more dynamite symbols can appear on any of the five reels.

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When you collect three in a particular reel, the reels will go wild for the next three spins. As you can see, you can easily land a lot of wild reels quickly.

However, if during those three spins you manage to collect three dynamite on any of the remaining reels, you’ll get three more spins, with all the wild reels in play. So the original reel counter is reset to 3, and the new reel is reset to 3.

The exception is if you manage to make all five wild reels through dynamite. The game will instantly pay you 100x your bet, and then reset the counter and clear it. While 100x is a solid payout for such an occurrence, one might expect it to happen on the last spin, as opposed to the first, with all the other wilds in the game, as you are guaranteed a few line strokes before they happen.

Left in the wild is certainly the best game, and with five levels of betting on the reels, there are chances. In the absence of it, as with many games with symbol collections and wild reels, more symbols on the reels further to the left is a better game.

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So it tends to be a game of party or hunger – usually it changes easily, thanks to wilds or dynamite quick landing rewards, or it sucks up your money quickly when it doesn’t cooperate. I haven’t really met many of them.

Getting three or more JB symbols on the reels will trigger the free spins bonus. You get more spins for more symbols, but you will get a minimum of 10.

You collect dynamite in the free spins bonus, just like in the main game. Any dynamite or wild reels collected in the base game will carry over to the bonus; Similarly, any dynamite or wild reels left in the bonus will be carried back to the base game. If at any time you manage to get all 5 wild reels in the bonus, you win 100x, same as before.

However, another counter is activated in the bonus. Each time you collect a stick of dynamite, the counter increases. If you reach 15, you will win the Grand Jackpot of $1150. However, any time after the counter is at 3 or more, a wild blast can occur, with one reel space going wild for each unit on that counter. The counter is reset to 0 and you should try to get 15 from the start.

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So you effectively have two things you want to achieve: A 15 counter for Grands, and wild reels via the same Persistent Wilds Feature mechanic.

SlowPokeSlots has a video featuring Diamonds and Gold, as well as a payout table. Diamonds posts are also available in Know Your Slots!

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