Eureka Blast Slot Machine

Eureka Blast Slot Machine – Eureka Reel Blast is a Las Vegas-based slot machine manufacturer with over three billion euros in turnover, and it’s a big boy in the gaming industry.

Eureka Reel Blast is a slot machine from the manufacturer Scientific Games, based in Las Vegas. And with a turnover of more than three billion euros, he was born big in the gaming industry. Eureka Reel Blast is one of the new slot machines in Holland connected to the Jack-It-Link Jackpot.

Eureka Blast Slot Machine

This progressive jackpot is often associated with a number of slot machines at the same location at Casino Holland. Other well-known slot machines associated with the Lock-It-Link Jackpot are “Diamonds”, “Night Life”, “Cats, Hats and More Bats” and “Piggy Bank”.

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The Eureka Reel Blast Gold Mine is its central theme. This slots video game refers to the hunt for gold nuggets in the old wild west of America. It is easy to find slot machines at different Holland Casino sites.

Above the slot machines, of which there are often 3-6 in a block, a large light screen with video images of “Lock-it-Link” is hung. So that these cabinets attract attention immediately when you enter the game room.

Eureka Reel Blast has five video reels with three winning symbols on each reel. It is played on 50 fixed paylines, with a minimum bet of €0.50 and a maximum bet of €5 per spin.

This applies if the “doctrine” is set to one cent. The denomination can also be set to 2, 5 or 10 cents. The maximum amount you can bet per spin can be up to 25€.

Full Screen Of Dynamite Mega Jackpot On High Limit Eureka Blast!

The Eureka Reel Blast slot machine has two types of bonus games, the Free Spins bonus game and the “Dynamite Lock-it-Feature” (which I discuss below). Finally, Eureka Reel Blast has four different prizes that you can win.

The Mini Jackpot and Minor Jackpot are fixed and depend on the bet you play. Jackpot and Grand Jackpot are progressive jackpots that are constantly increasing. This is played more on connected slot machines.

The wild symbol on the Eureka Reel Blast slot machine is represented by a gold nugget. This symbol appears only on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 and can sometimes be filled with an entire reel. The wild symbol replaces all win symbols except for the scatter symbol and dynamite symbols.

The scatter symbol, which can be used to unlock the Free Games Bonus, in this video slot is represented by a mine entrance with an “Eureka” sign above the entrance. This symbol can be found on all reels.

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Finally, there are also pictures of seven dynamite rods linked together “on the reels. This is the code to start the so-called “dynamite lock feature”.

When a total of three or more scatter symbols appear in sight on the reels, you have won this bonus feature. The more symbols scattered on the screen, the higher the prizes during the free spins:

In addition, you cannot win additional free spins during free spins on Eureka Reel Blast and the Wild symbol (golden nugget) is only on the third reel during this feature.

During the base game and during the Free Spins Bonus game, you have a chance to unlock the Dynamite Lock It feature. As mentioned earlier, the graphics of dynamite rods play a huge role in this game. First of all, you need at least six images (in random positions on the game screen) to unlock the feature in Eureka Reel Blast.

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When you start the Dynamite Lock It feature, you’ll earn one-fifth of the so-called “Dynamite Spins”. During this feature, the falling images of the dynamite rods remain in place. The rest of the remaining open positions become black.

Then there are five spins to collect more rods of dynamite. The more these images are related to each other, the larger the dynamite rods in terms of the image. The higher the underlying price after the five cycles dynamite. From the picture of dynamite bars of four or more locations you have a chance to win big prizes at Eureka Reel Blast.

If you collect a picture between 4 and 9 positions, you have a chance to win the grand prize or the minor prize. With a 10- or 12-position image, the progressive Major Jackpot is added. With a full screen with dynamite bars (and therefore a very large image of this icon, consisting of all 15 modes of the game screen), you can prepare yourself for the so-called “big win”. Because then, the prize won at least 100 times your stake consists of up to 750 times your stake or one of the progressive jackpots. It consists of the grand prize or the highest prize that can be won… the grand prize.

Recently, during a visit to Holland Casino Nijmegen, I was surprised by some new slot machines that have been linked to Lock-It-Link jackpots. One of these machines included the Eureka Real Blast video slot. In addition, I was curious about the gameplay and features of this game.

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In terms of appearance, graphics, sound, and ease of use, this slot machine is as good as you can expect from most new slots. Beautiful, clear gaming screen, beautiful sound from the built-in speakers and a comfortable chair to sit on.

I started with $100 on a minimum bet of $0.50 per spin. While playing the coins regularly appeared in different positions, so I won many prizes, mostly smaller ones. Then we had to wait for the Free Games Bonus or, of course, the Dynamite Lock It feature. But this was long to come.

Unfortunately, I was not able to open the Free Games Bonus, but after losing almost 50 euros, I was once able to fill six positions with dynamite bars and thus start the Dynamite Lock It feature. In the end I was able to put together an image of 12 positions. And in the end, good for the small jackpot of 50 euros.

So I ended up at a slight loss, but I could have tried this locker for half an hour. On my next visit to Las Vegas or Holland Casino, I will definitely try this slot again to see if I can beat it. Have you ever beat a slot machine or got a big jackpot at Eureka Reel Blast? Let me know in a comment!

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