Extra Rewards Slot Machine

Extra Rewards Slot Machine – Before writing this article I believed that fictional money casinos could never compete with their real money counterparts in terms of revenue.

One particular game changed my mind – Slotomania. This game has successfully monetized its free slot machines for years.

Extra Rewards Slot Machine

Slotomania has been on the market for almost ten years. It was published in November 2011 by Playtika. This publisher has a collection of successful games, such as the World Series of Poker and Caesars Casino.

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Playtika has specialized in creating casino games and has dozens of them among the app stores. Slotomania is a free to play slot casino game. Unlike many other casino games on the market, here, players cannot use real cash or win real money. This game is all about fun and adrenaline.

As you can see, the profits are huge. Even better – it keeps growing, every year. There are even some surges like the one in 2020 when the entire mobile gaming industry is booming. 2020 alone brought $332 million into Playtika’s pocket.

None of this would be possible without millions of people downloading the game. Game user acquisition strategy plays an important role here.

In the end, the game monetization strategy is what makes the big bucks. However, none of this would work without a combination of game mechanics, retention strategies, etc.

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Some players will love the game and continue to play, while others will lose it for good. To turn things around, Playtika makes it all about winning and receiving. In the first session, the player will receive an array of rewards – from free coins at home, surprise gifts, constant winnings in the machine, etc.

There isn’t much guiding needed though. Slotomania is a traditional game with a familiar and simple concept – play the machine and try out luck. All tutorials are completed in minutes. The game only explains the basics of gameplay and allows users to explore additional features on their own.

Overall, the tutorial is well done, as it is simple, short, and direct. Slotomania casual player base, and there is no need to be overwhelmed with all the game has to offer.

The game brings Vegas vibes to the player’s screen. Everything in the game is flashy and glittery. The lobby, slot machines, and all other features come in cartoon art style with bright colors.

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Each slot machine looks different, so players can choose to play in dozens of different-themed machines: from trains to chili, diamonds, wild west to pandas. This way, everyone can set the game they want.

Slotomania was designed to bring the slot machine experience to mobile and did a great job at it. The user experience is well polished and the flow of the game is easy to follow.

The button is in the middle of the action. It can be triggered with a tap, or with an automatic feature that keeps the machine spinning. It all depends on what the players like – join the game, or zone out and leave it on autopilot.

The home screen of the game contains all the basic features of the game in one place. At the top, players can find resources and stores in the game. Different slot machines are placed in the center of the screen and make the center of attention. All additional features are placed on the left or bottom of the screen.

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Let’s not overcomplicate things, natural slot games are as simple as it gets – it’s all about playing, winning, and losing.

For this reason, Slotomania uses a combination of smart mechanics that make the game – fun, addictive, and profitable.

This mechanic is taken from brick-and-mortar casinos and almost every slot game uses it. It stands for the rare jackpot reward players can win with random play.

Want to know the best part? It increases every time the player plays a certain slot machine without winning the jackpot. Therefore, it motivates players to continue playing.

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It can be found everywhere – from core mechanics to gameplay, meta features, rewards, and even in some purchasable items. Although everything is not random, they have succeeded in creating such an illusion.

In mobile games, energy mechanics usually means life, movement, etc. Slotomania does not have that feature but it has one that acts like an energy mechanic.

Of course, I’m talking about coins – the hard currency of the game. Once the player runs out of coins, they cannot play the game, as if they ran out of energy. At the moment, they are faced with two options: wait for the game to give a gift or buy it.

When it comes to slot games without real money gambling, most people have some questions in their mind.

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Let’s be real, if people are into this type of game, it makes more sense for them to just go to the casino or play with real money online.

However, millions of people play and pay for games like Slotomania. It all boils down to two things: user behavior and game offerings.

The first is the average player. The motivation to gamble comes from basic human nature. They like to make high profits, win against all odds, and occasionally make a profit.

Next, there are gamblers involved. Guess what? The motivation to play is almost entirely different. For them, it’s all about the gambling rush – going all in, excitement, and unpredictability. This is a player who can go from top to bottom in minutes.

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Then, there are regular casino visitors. These people play slot games to polish their skills so they can apply them to real money gambling.

Finally, some users just play the game to kill time. For example, for the weekend of mobile gamers who want to spend time.

Generally, this genre has a typical target audience – Baby Boomers and Millennials. In fact, the average Slotomania player is 48 years old! Additionally, 58% of players are women.

Finally, some motivations can be applied to all types of players. The entry barrier for the game is low, they do not have a large investment, and they can play the game for a long time, guilt-free.

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The key to a successful monetization strategy is knowing how to approach all these different types of players.

This combination is increasingly popular in the mobile gaming industry. Over the past few years, many games have added subscription offers on top of their existing IAP models, including Slotomania.

Hard game currency – coins come with the most exciting offers. Players can choose between six different packs, from $1.99 to $49.99. Only for new players, all offers come with 100% more. People just love the feeling of exclusivity, which makes the offer seem even more tempting.

Players are less likely to spend money on the soft currency of the game – gems. Therefore, they only come in three different offers.

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Next, the game offers three booster subscriptions. When players subscribe, they can enjoy subscription benefits for three or seven days. A cheaper, three-day subscription can be used as a trial. If the players like it, they will definitely come back.

All gem and subscription deals range from $0.99 – $9.99. Even most coin deals are in the <$10 pool. The reason is obvious. Playtika knows that players will not spend hundreds of dollars on a single purchase.

They also know that most paying audiences will spend minimal money. In fact, the best selling deal in the game is the $1.99 coin pack.

Let’s be real, many gamers will never visit a game store. Others may visit, but they won’t buy anything.

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Therefore, the game should bring offers to the players. Equally important, it should make them feel needed.

To find out how Slotomania does this, I put myself in the player’s position for 7 days.

When I spin the engine and go forward, a pop-up appears saying “First daily dash complete!” appeared. Next, I confess

A pointer led me to a gift icon that explains what just happened – I was involved in it

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Brings extra rewards. It comes in at $4.99, which is the standard battle pass price for this type of game.

Why not be the standard on how early in the players’ journey looks. This way, players will get extra rewards from a single session. When they continue to play, the game counts on the fact that their appetite will get bigger and bigger, which will potentially result in a purchase.

When I was on the home screen, there was a note about the free bonus in the game store, I went and claimed it. This is important because it works as a simple trick to lure players into the store every day.

. After finishing and claiming the reward, I was offered to play again, but for a bigger prize. This will cost me $2.99. After refusing, the game asks, “

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What makes this offer interesting is that the game tries to monetize players through a meta feature, more precisely, based on luck.

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