Free White Orchid Slot Machine Play

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A slot machine can be played on forty lines, each placing from one to five pennies. As you can see in the slot, the white spiny Orchidaceae has special characters and other advantages. It’s not a dangerous game in the White Orchid. Equipment may vary in box size and color. But we will check your device before we ship it to you.

Free White Orchid Slot Machine Play

The white slot machine of Orchids shows a guy, a girl, a jaguar, a butterfly, a frog and appeals card denominations from Jack to Ace. The machine also has a special Wild and Free Spins Bonus feature. The Free Spins Bonus falls unless it lands in the middle of the reel and goes away. When this drum has two, three, or four of these signs, beginning with ten, fifteen, or twenty, the current book runs. In this world there are new characters with the image of tropical animals, which form a complex of favorable factors. Free spins can be extended (by the same rules); but they cannot be more than one hundred and thirty consecutive.

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The famous IGT “IGame Plus” series of slot machines is a wonderful way to fill your slot table without overspending. This line connects with the themes of popular games when the box is recognizable as an attractive draw for players in the casino area. IGT IGame Plus are simple multi-line video games that appeal to players of all ages, especially fans of the classic IGT themes. There are orchid gardens in many countries. The most popular islands are located in Hawaii, Singapore, Bali, Costa Rica. Any one of these regions dreams of ever relaxing and vivid impressions. The tumult of the ocean, white sand, various plants and unusual animals – that is what we imagine with the wonder of the Orchis. It is very interesting to see these unusual flowers in nature, because most varieties of orchids grow on the trunks of trees. Many travelers prefer Costa Rica for such a trip. We will also go into the slot there. Why Costa Rica? In addition to its shores on two oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic, it is a true place of wildlife. the players throw in the relaxing atmosphere of Costa Rica while playing on the ocean coast. Socora White Orchid will perfectly cope with this task. If you are interested in our new product, you can buy it in our store – https:///product/white-orchid/:

The design of the game is related to the tropics. Maecenas imitates the trunks of life. The warm color looks very cozy with browns. On the other hand, the lush green and delicate shades of the flowers are noticeable at the edges. It sways around the trees, the stems of orchids and snakes interwoven. Orchids of different colors are collected here – from white to red. The Spina button is decorated as a large yellow orchid flower. Every touch to it awakens and excites the imagination.

The nightly version of the game is being played, not only does the career change after the changes, but also the design itself. The palm branches turn green and the vines turn black. It is not saturated as it is during the day. The flowers on the orchids have the same pastel shade of blue. This is how many colors appear at dusk, when you don’t see each one.

The daytime version of the play on stage involves dreams of the perfect secret vacation. The deck offers views of the crystal clear water in the still lake. A wooden boat delivered the guests to the sandy beach. The rest will not disturb anything here. Palm trees provide ample shade, blooming water lilies create a romantic ether. The transparent water plays with many shades: from emerald to blue. It seems that you can hear the sound of light waves and feel the coldness, just reach out and touch the water. From this point it overlooks the neighboring green coasts and magnificent mountains.

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The nocturnal version of the playing field not only shakes up the career behind the changes, but also shakes up the design itself. The palm branches turn green and the vines turn black. It is not saturated as it is during the day. The flowers on the orchids have the same pastel shade of blue. This is how many colors appear at dusk, when you don’t see each one.

A good symbol – a large white orchid flower. It has already bloomed, the petals are open, and the center calls out to touch the cream and feel an unusual tenderness. Scatters and Wild symbols – varying sunsets on the ocean coast. A sun, water, sky turn pink. Between these the line seems to be erased because it does not appear if the sun sets in the water or dissolves in the clouds.

In the next row are portraits of a young man and a young woman. Each image has two options to turn the head and the subject behind the young people. Both the guy and the girl embody energy and passion. Travelers are ready to tell their land and everything they see. The young man’s muscular shoulders tell of his athletic body. Such people enjoy surfing, conquering waves and taming the wind. The girl’s hair is decorated with an orchid flower. Orchids are also in her ornaments. Such beauty is welcome to tourists.

Another set of symbols introduces life in Costa Rica. Due to the fact that nature is almost untouched, in Costa Rica there are many animals that you will not find anywhere else on the planet. About 900 bird species are recorded here! Among them are the lively hummingbirds – traditional companions of the orchids. These small birds, such as ponds, are mainly found in tropical forests. Hummingbird features in the fact that they feed on flower nectar. Another inhabitant of the Pacific coast, more precisely of the ocean itself – Helmon’s flying butterflies. Shiny striped fish are found in quiet ponds. It is found among coral reefs. Of course, this is a wonderful illustration of relaxation on exotic shores. Do not be surprised at the presence of the tree frog among the symbols. The tree frog is a symbol of Costa Rica, where we are traveling virtually. Among the biological diversity of the area, big cats stand out, including the jaguar. Of course, the image slot in the sign deserves a separate jaguar.

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The cheap symbols are the paper symbols. Because of the stylized font, the letters and numbers look like branches connected to each other.

The pay tables are decorated like a swinging game, on a wooden stage. All the necessary information is placed on it, which seems to have been collected from the table. The perimeter of the scoreboard slot is decorated with orchid stems and flowers.

To show off the panels, the main subject is darkened. Therefore, it does not distract the attention of the players.

Congratulatory messages were placed on a darker wooden stage. Each plate is also decorated with orchids of various colors. If you love fast slots, then White Orchid could be just the thing for you. Produced by the cunning people in the IGT, you are brought to a land of beautiful beasts, flowers, and lovely people.

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At first glance, White Orchid looks like any other traditional five-reel slot. But the 40 paylines add up to 1,024 ways to increase your bet value. While the main game is fun, this slot really blossoms when you get to the bonus round.

White Orchid slots are a favorite in brick and mortar casinos, so you should definitely check out this online version at TwinSpires Casino. Ugly game of football. With the usual IGT effect sound, the game is fast paced as you try to match the symbols on the paylines. The lower symbols begin with J, Q, K, A. Then they take the more profitable ones, to look at a tree frog, a butterfly, a leopard, and two people (a man and a woman), both of whom are far too attractive; stuck in the slot game.

If you get a 40-payline symbol, the payout odds are medium. But if you add the 1,024 ways to win to the higher stakes, then the White Orchid slot machine payouts will be more regular. In all, the game returns 95.03% RTP, which is slightly on the low side. But the maximum payout is 5,000 x your stake, so all is not lost!

Big money can come from a bonus round feature called the White Falls Free Spins Bonus. While the White Orchid logo is a wild symbol, usually paying on normal paylines, the bonus round is triggered when a white orchid flower appears in the middle of the reel only. There are four rows in this slot, showing 2, 3, or 4 white orchid flowers in the middle of the reel bonus 10, 15, or 20 free spins.

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