Giants Gold Slot Machine

Giants Gold Slot Machine – SG Gaming has passed the partnership with Appers Casino through all its acquaintances and signed a five-year contract.

The supplier installed additional Riviera terminals in all four Aspers casinos. Riviera offers an advanced gaming experience with performance-enhancing features from SG Gaming’s in-house content team and a full suite of B1 gaming content.

Giants Gold Slot Machine

Furthermore, Aspers locations in Stratford and Milton Keynes will benefit from Jackpot Party, SG Gaming’s exciting new Mystery Progressive offer. Jackpot Party runs on a three-screen video topbox with colorful LED lighting and custom graphics featuring three progressive pots, with jackpots of up to £20,000 available via connected terminals at the venue.

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Mark Beattie, Group Head of eGaming at Aspers Casino, said: “We are delighted to be expanding our relationship with SG Gaming, as our customers are already enjoying its extensive range of content and state-of-the-art terminals.

“We are committed to offering players exciting new games, and this partnership gives them access to a wide selection of popular games such as Rainbow Riches and Dark Knight in the B1 gaming experience. We look forward to what the next five years will bring as we see SG Gaming’s continued commitment and investment in the UK casino industry.”

The deal expands the partnership between SG Gaming and Aspers, with Infinity terminals operating across the entire property, following the initial introduction of the Riviera terminal at Aspers’ flagship casino in Stratford.

Further in 2019, the advanced and innovative Equinox 2.7 will be introduced to all locations. This dynamic and modular HD gaming terminal offers game stability and a great gaming experience.

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Simon Johnson, Group Commercial Director at SG Gaming, added: “Following the success of Rivieraroll, we are delighted to further develop our relationship with the UK Casino industry by providing Aspers gaming venues with the latest exciting features. Mystery Progressive and the latest Equinox inclusive casino offer.

“We are committed to providing the casino industry and its players with innovative ideas, adding value to our customers’ retail gaming proposition, and providing flexible products and content that enable players to play fun and engaging games. It is fantastic that Aspers and its customers are benefiting from this and we We are happy to expand our cooperation.”

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