Golden Egypt Slot Machine

Golden Egypt Slot Machine – Here we take a look at one of the most popular perks on casino floors in recent memory. It’s IGT’s Golden Egypt. In 2018, you’d be hard-pressed to find a casino that doesn’t have this machine. It also helps that it’s a very popular machine and gets good play from regular gamblers. Of course, that means there are plenty of opportunities to play the advantage. Here’s how to discover those opportunities and make money.

The benefits of Golden Egypt are related to the acquisition of wild spins. Of course you want to know how you get those wild reels. You get wild spins by collecting coins as you play on each of the corresponding rings. When you collect two coins on a reel, it will become wild for each of the next two spins. Coins appear regularly and this is a good advantage for players for a reason that I will explain a little later.

Golden Egypt Slot Machine

The consensus among most advanced players is that you only play Golden Egypt when there is at least a coin on two of the first three columns. If there are coins in column 4 or 5, so be it. But they mostly don’t help until the 1st three columns already have a few coins. The reason is that this is a machine that pays from left to right. A single wild spin on column 5 isn’t likely to help you much unless you get really lucky and land a 5. Sometimes you can even find machines where there will be no coins in columns 1-3, but column 5 will already be wild. Skip it.

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On the next spin, I got the second coin on spin 1, which means that spin 1 and spin 3 will both be wild on the next spin.

Make sure that when you are trying to find advantage playing opportunities at Golden Egypt, you look for all betting combinations and denominations. The betting options board can be a simple setup with 5 betting options or a more complex setup where bettors can choose the number of lines and place a bet for each line. Go through them all again. One of the great things about Golden Egypt frequent coins is that it doesn’t take much to play. You can check out a machine, wipe it, walk away, and minutes later another opportunity could be waiting because someone made a few spins and left a few coins.

Some of the vehicles in Golden Egypt are multi-denominational. Repeat the process of going through all betting combinations for each denomination.

Overall, Golden Egypt is not the highest paying slot machine, but it is still a good machine for many runners due to the high frequency of games.

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If my explanation of the rules wasn’t clear, here are screenshots of the rules. Click on one for a larger version.

First let me get my disclaimer out of the way. This analysis is based on a simulation of the game I created based on Golden Egypt based on my experience playing the game, watching YouTube videos, and slot machine design industry norms. My game is based on a total return of 86%, which is a conservative estimate of what video slots pay out nationwide. So I want to strongly emphasize the following advice, which is not based on the actual Golden Egypt game, but my best estimate. So take my advice with a grain of salt.

All of that said, the following chart shows my assessment of the value of the game in any given state. The first column shows the coin pattern on the machine. For example, 1-0-1-1-0 would mean coins on reels 1, 3, and 4. The middle column represents the cost of finding a game in this state, as measured by stakes. For example, a $25 max bet game on a 1-1-1-1-1 state would cost $25 × 6.79 = $169.75. The right column shows the average number of spins a player will play before the game goes into a negative state and the player must stop playing. Unspecified patterns have a negative expected value and should not be played.

As you can see, every playable coin configuration has at least two coins in the first three spins. So that’s my basic strategy. play if and only if there are at least two coins in the first three rows. The legends and beauty of ancient Egypt make for perfect slot content: gold and treasure, incredible landscapes, pharaohs, Cleopatra, and of course, pyramids. No wonder developers produce so many games and gamers can’t get enough of them.

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Here at TwinSpires Casino, we have the best Egyptian slot machines for you to enjoy. Here are the top five.

Cleopatra is probably the most famous of the ancient Egyptian slots. Will you find its famous charm when you seek your fortune on the banks of the Nile? Set across five reels with captivating hieroglyphic symbols, theme music and even the soothing voice of the woman herself, you are transported back in time.

There are 20 paylines for regular base game fun, but for extra cash get three or more animated Sphinx symbols to trigger the free spins bonus round. Get 15 free spins and all rewards are three times the normal amount.

In Egyptian slot games, you’ll often see a scarab beetle used as a symbol. This is known as the scarab beetle, a sacred symbol in ancient Egypt when the locals cut gems in its shape. To you and me, a scarab beetle is a big dung beetle, and there doesn’t seem to be anything auspicious or sacred about it.

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However, it makes for a great hole, yet with interesting gameplay. You play in blocks of 10 turns, and each time a scarab lands, it borders the space with gold. At the end of the ninth spin, all golden squares become wild for the 10th spin of the reels. With a bit of luck, you can get decent payouts every 10 turns. Also watch out for Pyramid Scatter symbols that trigger free spins.

In Sphinx from IGT, you hope to plunge deep into the pyramids into a graveyard where great prizes are hidden in coffins. This is a more simplistic game than the others with nine paylines and traditional symbols like pyramids, those scarab beetles again, Tutankhamun (the wild symbol), palm trees and more hieroglyphs.

Landing three ancient Egyptian coin symbols sends you to the burial chamber for the bonus round, where you choose from one of five coffins containing the great and good (maybe not so good) of the period. Cash prizes are random.

Another play that is believed to be based on the beautiful Cleopatra, who was, after all, the mistress of many, as legend has it. Set against a gorgeous, deep blue night sky with stars twinkling above the sand dunes, the look of Mistress of Egypt is enhanced by music and sound effects.

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IGT does a good job transporting players to North Africa and the desert sands. The symbols start with card symbols and then include four animal deities such as Ra and Bastet. The Mistress is the highest paying symbol that can expand on a spin. Golden pyramids are wilds and they can land randomly on the reels for a big win. Trigger the bonus by landing beautiful blue diamonds, rewarding you with up to 75 free spins.

The last Egyptian slot on the list is Valley of Fortunes, a high volatility slot from High 5 Games. This is like no other slot machine. The look and sound are definitely ancient Egyptian, but that’s where the familiarity ends. Many of the symbols on the 5×3 grid fall as jewels. The black ones

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