Golden Gong Slot Machine

Golden Gong Slot Machine – Unique game theme New game interactions and scenarios Unlimited free games Multiplies of “Hulunbuir Grassland”, “Street Steel”, “Dragon Treasure”, “Golden Wild – Growing Lion” and “Jin Yu Man Tang Supreme” rewards.

A golden cup means eternal wealth and prosperity. This is a 5-level progressive link, an exciting pick-up bonus for a chance to win one of 5 jackpots. Play all the tracks and have fun with your favorite free games.

Golden Gong Slot Machine

Jade Link – Level 4 Progressive Jackpot! When you get 5 matching special symbols, you can spin until you hit the jackpot! This type of game increases the excitement of the players who want to win the grand prix. Hit 4 Levels of Progressive Linked Jackpots Fast! Win 5 combos with the main symbol and then win the progressive jackpot! Progressive wins are multiplied with each push!

New Aristocrat Slot Machines

Hong Yun Gao Zhao is LT Game’s latest link with an exciting free play bonus and a chance to hit one of the 5 progressives. These games have beautiful Chinese themed graphics and a fun cash pick bonus. 3 Fit the belt and the appropriate progressive sleeve. By increasing the number of special symbols, you reach higher progressive levels.

Innovative and creative gaming. Adaptation of the Chinese story “Fight the Landlord” or “Gong Gong Yi Shan” with the popular Chinese card game. this series of games tries to introduce different elements as well as new ways of bonus features to enrich the diversity of the gaming family.

The new game cabinet has never been seen before! “RGX 1000” is the first cabinet in the world with REAL GOALS! Matching an interesting story line with elegant animations, the combination of games and cabinets is eye-catching and fun; Not to mention the unique BINGO Jackpot!

Featuring exquisite Chinese graphic elements that convey the meaning of wealth and prosperity. More gold symbols activated lead to higher payouts.

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