Heart Of Venice Slot Machine Free

Heart Of Venice Slot Machine Free – This is a war against democratic values, human rights and peace. We can make an impact and help with our donations.

The charming Venetian Carnival slot machine has 5 reels, 3 rows and 9 paylines. Welcome to Venice, visit the famous carnival and win prizes!

Heart Of Venice Slot Machine Free

The game has several useful features, so let’s take a look at them. As soon as you collect three or more Scatter symbols, 10 free spins will be triggered. During them you will see another feature. Male and female masks replace each other, creating a new symbol that remains until the next spins. An extra 10 spins can also be won during this feature by matching three scatters again, or by matching mask symbols exactly in the same position each time. And the Scatter symbol also acts as a Wild symbol in this slot, replacing all game symbols. You can multiply your winnings by playing a mini-game that is common to many Novomatic slots. Bet on the color of the card. If you are lucky, you will receive a multiplied win. But the wrong game leads to the loss of credits for the last spin.

Hearts Of Venice

Visit the city of many canals and visit the famous Venetian carnival. Fireworks in the sky, confetti in the air, music and laughter everywhere, people in various masks and costumes walk around the city or ride gondolas. Couples shyly hide in the shadows, kissing each other. The holiday is in the air.

The whole theme of the game is this world famous carnival. Game symbols depict masks, canals of Venice, gondolas and are beautifully drawn. Join the celebration and play Venetian Carnival online slot for free. On our site you can always play video slots without registration. Play free casino slots to practice before entering a web casino to play for real money there.

Venetian Carnival Mobile Slot – ✅ Available on all mobile devices: phone and tablet iPhone / iPad / Android

This site uses cookies. Some of these cookies are essential and others help us improve your experience on the Website. For more information about the cookies we use, please see our Privacy Policy. What is good and evil? Why do they fight each other and how to distinguish good from evil? We suddenly discover that the world is not so simple. There is no clear line between good and evil. On the contrary, everything seems to be mixed. On reels with a classic 5×3 structure, representatives of heaven and hell are resisting. The design of the Angels and Demons slot machine provides for the division of the slot screen into two parts: on the right, the reels correspond to good, and on the left, the secrets of evil are displayed in red and dark colors. Accordingly, on the reels of the gaming slot, players will be able to find angels in heaven and demons in hell and attributes corresponding to the theme: burning candles, a scarlet rose, an ominous ring, a lyre, a heart. And also there are denominations of card signs.

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The main background is divided into two opposing, opposing forces that are present in every action. They symbolize two opposite energies, which, changing and interacting, represent the dynamics of the world. Everything suggests that reality consists of the interaction of opposites and opposite principles. We also see that the forces exist in parallel and opposite to each other.

By subordinating the colors to the corresponding nature, you can create an unusual landscape with unusual combinations. Part of the screen is filled with light and purity, which fills the player’s soul with warmth and a special thrill for mystery. Made in orange and gold, the second half of the screen will remind the user that the confrontation will continue indefinitely.

A sketch of another background: Paradise and Hell are two beginnings, two sources of the universe. Evil destroys and good creates. Indeed, it is the essence of the universe. Build and destroy.

There are two plans on the screen. The first one, on the left, is illuminated by golden rays and glows with a blue glow. The second is blood-red rays in the haze of fiery clouds. The space of the picture pulsates and crumbles in light circles from the radiant center. The fantastic landscape is inhabited by a multitude of both real and unreal elements that carry a hidden meaning.

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In the sketch of the main symbols – the angel and the demon, the constant confrontation between the two forces is conveyed. The demon is evil: deceit, hatred, envy, aggressiveness, laziness and fear. An angel is good: love, acceptance, patience, care, forgiveness, courage and diligence.

A male figure stretches out of the hellfire, the body is young and strong, with hooves instead of legs, burning eyes, tail and horns. There is a dynamic in his posture, as if he came out of the flame, as if he himself is a restless and trembling fire that threatens to destroy. Nearby is the figure of a blond girl fluttering in the clouds with wings behind her back. Everything is calm in her, almost serenity is manifested in the way she rises to the sky, in her eyes. In one of the Wild symbols, they meet where heaven and hell meet. Above her head is a golden halo, and below her is an all-devouring fire.

Adding animation is a good way to help you understand what’s going on. When 3, 4 or 5 Wild symbols fall out, the angel and the demon will come together in confrontation. He is fraught with many mysteries and dangers, she peers at the enemy. Mysticism, depth, mystery, fabulous gloom and a sense of the presence of otherworldly forces – this is the characteristic atmosphere.

All special characters have prototypes in the classic standard icon size. So Bonus acts like a broken heart. One Wild is the main characters, the second is a blazing infernal flame.

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Five basic elements, five phases of transformations or five energies that determine the course of the game, arise as a result of the interaction of the reels. This is a manifestation of everything that is happening. Illustrations of symbols convey emotions, energy, creativity. Each of them has its own personality and character. Wild actively helps to form prize combinations, replacing the main symbols at the right time for this. Angelic and Devilish Scatter will bring extra spins. A broken heart symbol will bring a bonus.

The candle symbolizes the light in the darkness of life, the lonely quivering human soul, the transience of life, which is so easy to extinguish. The lyre will play harmony between internal and external, between good and evil. Rose with a thorn – says that everyone has positive and negative sides, as it should be in everything that lives outside the original paradise. The pitchfork of the trident is one of the attributes of the Devil. A ring with a horned skull and red glowing eyes is the symbol closest to dark power.

All animated symbols look integral and form a single picture, which is quite difficult to do in such a scale.

There were also denominations of card signs: 10, J, Q, K, A. To emphasize emotionality and match the atmosphere, they are also divided into good and evil. Some drown in fire, others fly on wings to the clouds.

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The smallest details are clearly visible and prove that polar opposites are inseparable. Polarity is more than just duality or contrast.

Paradise has a huge size and several levels for different categories. Everywhere you look, everywhere greenery, different trees. There will always be spring and the aroma of delicate flowers. There will be no sizzling heat, no chilling cold. Everywhere will flow merrily murmuring streams and crystal clear waterfalls, gushing like a fountain. The inhabitants of Paradise will be able to take full advantage of all these incomparable riches. Its beauty excites joy and attracts to itself, illuminating with the radiance of rays and delighting with its fragrance. Light clouds surround this truly paradise.

The peacock walks in the clearing in front of the steps leading to the magic ball without worrying about anything. The statue of an angel, personifying goodness and peace, will meet you with its silence and blessing. A lot of greenery, from the abundance of which the head is spinning. Clouds beckon with their fabulousness. Juicy grapes, just reach out to pick them off the bush. Joy and complete peace will reign around.

In the center is a lake. The streams of the river, quietly calling themselves, move away from her. An unusual stone statue under the seething vaults of the waterfall seems to be watching what is happening. On the other side, there is a tempting serpent guarding the tree of life as a reminder that you may be banished from this garden. It’s worth being careful!

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Birds hover in the sky, angels guard the beautiful garden. It is simply impossible to believe that “paradise” does not exist. Streams of water rush down, bringing vitality and victory. Everyone will find their hidden meaning and discover new philosophical ideas.

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