Hexbreaker 2 Slot Machine Online

Hexbreaker 2 Slot Machine Online – In my ongoing efforts to show the world how a video slot machine works, I set out to break down the way Hexbreaker was designed by playing it. Equipped with a cell phone camera, I recorded about 45 minutes of play. With information about symbolic frequency, pay table and bonus rules only, it is possible to analyze the odds of any slot machine. This is what I tried to do with Hexbreaker.

Like the games I created before Jackpot Party, I chose Hexbreaker because it does not involve bonus rebates and the bonus rules are fully disclosed. The only secret is unplugging. So I found a game on a quiet corner of Main Street Station in downtown Las Vegas and recorded a 45-minute game. These videos are available on YouTube:

Hexbreaker 2 Slot Machine Online

When I got home I hired my brother to hand-shoot the three visible symbols on each spin for 506 spins in the first and second videos. It took hours of my finances.

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I then tried to put together a sequence of reel panels based on the observed sequence of symbols. To balance the reels and loop around, I assumed that some sequences appeared twice on the same reel plate. These are selected according to what completes the reels and which sequence occurs more frequently. My webmaster JB then wrote the program to assemble the sequential combinations. It should be noted that by sequential observations, multiple solutions are possible. The bottom strip is just one possibility. However, they will all have the same expectations.

As mentioned above, I do not claim that these are real plots in Hexbreaker. However, the symbolic frequency, I believe, is close to the actual game at the highway station. The chart below shows my best guess on what Hexbreaker tires look like.

The way multi-line video slots work is that they draw a random number for each reel to determine where on the reel board to stop. In this case, the game will select five random integers, one for each reel. Random numbers should be from 1 to 69 for reels 1 and 5 and 1 to 67 for reels 2 to 4. Suppose the game selects numbers 55, 41, 24, 29, 11 for reels 1 to 5, respectively. . Then assume that the game maps these numbers to the top row seen on the screen. In this example the screen will look like this:

The next table shows the total number of individual symbols on each reel. Again, this is my best guess.

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Step Three – Payroll Tables Payroll tables are easily visible from the rules screen shown in the table below. The logo is unusual and can be replaced with any combination of payments. The cat symbol is unique because if the player achieves at least three cats without wildlife, it costs more if the wild animal is used. Lastly, unlike most slots, hexbreaker win line payments pay in both directions. If the player can win either way, only the highest winnings on that payline are awarded.

Step Four – Line Pay Math The next table shows the number of combinations for each win. Cells are left blank if they do not generate a win. Wild Symbols The special rules about cat symbols and both directional payments make mathematical analysis of line payments win tedious, complicated and error prone. In my strong opinion, the safest and easiest way to analyze winning lines is to score every possible result with five loops.

The bottom right cell shows the total winning combinations of 53, 972, 083. There are 69 * 67 * 67 * 67 * 69 = 1, 431, 932, 643 total possible combinations in Hexbreaker. That makes the hit frequency per range 53, 972, 083/1, 431, 932, 643 = 3.77%.

The next table shows the probability of each win. The bottom right cell shows the bandwidth per 3.77%, which is also taken above.

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The next table shows the product of each winning probability and what it pays. The bottom right cell indicates that the player can expect to win 53.22% of his bets per spin from the line payout.

Paid games based on the number of Jinx symbols anywhere on the screen. Salary winnings are based on the total number of bets. The game costs 150 for five distributions, 13 for four and 4 for three. For those unfamiliar with Chinese superstition, the number four is very lucky because it sounds like the Chinese word for “death”.

The table below shows the probabilities and contributions to the return for each installment amount. The bottom right cell shows a total return of 5.89%.

The player will play the Mirror Mirror Bonus if he gets the mirror at least 4 times in a row on any active pay line. Winning is based on the number of bets in a row.

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In the mirror bonus, there are 13 mirrors. This game will place 13 random prizes behind the mirror. The prize is bigger if the bonus is triggered by a five mirror symbol. Players then have to break 5 glasses and keep the relevant prizes.

In addition, the game randomly places the Treasure 5 symbol behind the mirror. It is possible that one mirror will have more than one symbol. I assume the way the game works is that one of the 13 mirrors is randomly selected for each Treasure symbol, even though the other symbols are already placed with that mirror.

The table below shows the 13 prizes depending on whether the bonus is triggered by four or five mirror symbols.

As mentioned above, if a player finds at least one treasure symbol, he will receive a bonus in the bonus. The table below shows the rewards according to the number of treasure symbols found and whether the bonus is triggered by four or five glasses.

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The next table summarizes all the parts of the mirror bonus. The bottom right cell shows that this function contributes 17.15% to the return of the game.

The player will play the Money Ladder Bonus if he gets a ladder symbol somewhere on reels 2 and 4. All wins in the Money Ladder Bonus are based on the total number of bets on the starting spin.

The bonus has a ladder with 12 steps on each side. Starting from the bottom step on the right and going counterclockwise, the rewards are as follows: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 4, 16, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1. In the picture above, I bet 13 coins, so all wins per step are multiplied by 13.

Hoo Doo will start at the bottom of the stairs and move around it counterclockwise. Players will touch the Ouija Board which will select numbers from 1 to 13. The cat will then move several steps around the stairs. When the player stops at each step, he will collect the prize at that step. Then the reward associated with that step will be zero. Each time a cat moves on the floor to lift another round of stairs, each remaining prize will increase by the total number of bets. If the cat used to stop on the steps he had stopped before or at the top of the stairs, the bonus would be over.

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The table below shows the probabilities and return expectations for each prize draw. The chart is based on a random simulation of more than seven billion bonuses. The lower right cell shows an average win of 18.707.

The probability of a silver ladder bonus is (9/67) × (3/67) = 0.006015 or 1 in 166.26. The contribution to the return of the game is 0.006015 × 18.706941 = 0.112517.

Step Eight – The final table summary below shows the return of each winning category in Hexbreaker. The bottom right cell shows the total return for the game 87.517%.

The return of other Hexbreaker games is likely to vary. With most video slots, there are many different versions available, most of which differ by disconnection. The casino manager can choose which version to put into the game.

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The purpose of this page is not to endorse Hexbreaker as a good or bad game to play, but to present a general idea in slot machine design.

Disclaimer If I do not specify the above, I do not claim that this page is a true description of Hexbreaker. Because of the repetitive symbols, I had to call some judgment to fill in the blanks. As explained above, there are also different strip orders, which are possible depending on what is observed on the machine.

I would like to thank J.B. For a combination of 67 to 69 different sequences of three symbols for each reel into a full reel panel. Do not understand at all. I noticed that the taxi driver was pressing the spin button as fast as crazy when chasing the center column.

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