Hexbreaker Slot Machine Online

Hexbreaker Slot Machine Online – Hexbreak3r, also known as Hexbreaker 3, is a popular slot game by IGT that is sometimes in a positive state. This makes the game an advantage game sometimes.

The essence of the game is the number of symbols shown on each reel varies, from 3 to 8. When the player earns a horseshoe symbol, the reel will expand by at least one position, up to four. When the player earns a horse on a reel that already has eight positions displayed, the player will win something and that reel will reset to three positions. When the reels are long enough, the game offers a player advantage.

Hexbreaker Slot Machine Online

The following are the important rules for Hexbreak3r. This is not necessarily a complete list, but I believe that everything is suitable for the game.

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The free spins in the bonus have much the same rules as paid spins, except as noted below.

If my rules above are not clear, I invite you to read the rules screen directly below. Click on any thumbnail for a larger version.

Please take the following advice with a grain of salt, don’t take it with a grain of salt. This analysis is based on educated guesses and the advice of several advantage players who have been generous with their advice, unlike most APs. Please also use your best judgment to determine when the odds are in your favor.

For my advice on when to play, I define the “combinations” as the product of the reel lengths of all five reels. For example, in the image below, the number of combinations is 6 * 4 * 3 * 6 * 6 = 2, 592. This figure is also conveniently displayed in the lower left side of the game screen.

Advantage Playing The Super Powerful “hexbreak3r”

I will refer to the “height” of a coil as how many positions are displayed. For example, in the image below, the height of coil 1 is 6.

The advice given is for the average casino, which I assume has an RTP (return to player) of 90%, including the value of points. In borderline cases, the player should be more inclined to play in generous casinos and less in stingy ones.

That said, my preliminary advice on Hexbreak3r is to play if any of the following conditions are met:

Please note that the reels advance at different rates. Reel 3 advances very slowly, about 1 position every 1, 900 spins. Reels 2 and 4 advance the fastest. In general, the faster the coil advances, the lower the price in the lock zone.

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It should be noted that the game in the panel of the game where the player chooses how many credits to bet, the game will usually illuminate at least one in yellow and the words “hot bet.” I’m not sure what criteria need to be considered to be considered a “hot bet.” Do with this information as you wish.

As of this writing, in June 2022, casinos have been known to take countermeasures against players who play slots only in an advantage state, up to avoiding such players. I will admit that I did not understand it. I noticed that hustlers are fast tapping the spin button like crazy when chasing the center column which is the progressive. It didn’t make sense to me and I thought to myself “All this for $113? (Set at minimum bet)” I didn’t think it was worth it. But boy was he wrong. Turns out that the highly volatile game was one of the best slot machines for advantage players in 2020.

Hexbreak3r, like its predecessors, is a game that pays both left to right and right to left. Reels start at a low of 243 up to a maximum of 32768 ways to win. Reels grow when horseshoe symbols land. An orange horseshoe will move a reel up one spot while a blue one will move it up a minimum of 2 spots. When a reel makes it to the top aka the “lucky zone” you are awarded the prize that corresponds to that reel.

There are several scenarios where Hexbreak3r can be in an advantageous state. The first and most obvious is to see the reels stretched to something that gives the player about, let’s say 8000+ ways to win. More ways to win means potentially more opportunities to get big wins with stacked symbols. Also columns 2, 3 and 4 are where both the wild and bonus symbols reside. Landing bonus three in full on the columns is one of two ways to get the “unlimited free games.” Expanded reels mean a better chance of landing full bonus symbols. The other way is to get it by reaching it at the top of the happiness zone through the horseshoes.

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When chasing the bonus in the lucky zone, generally your best bet is to take it in one off if it’s on column 1 or 5, two off in the rare event a bonus symbol is on top of column 2 or 4 .The reason is that the horseshoe shows up with more regularity on columns 2 & 4. This is also why the credit values ​​on these columns are typically lower than those on 1 & 5.

The last and most important advantage game situation you can find is the center column 3 or less steps away from the happiness zone. You may be thinking that it’s not worth it like I did two years ago but here’s what it is. Column 3 is where the horseshoe is the smallest. But finding one in an elevated state means it will stay high for a while. Combine the center with high columns 2 & 4 and you will get more bonus rounds and stacked wilds. Hexbreak3r’s edge becomes even stronger when high columns 1 & 5 join the party giving the player the potential for massive base game pays.fi, hitting the progressive in the bonus reset the progressive but does not reset the position of column 3 in the Base game.

The column 3 edge is so strong that it is still a game even if the four other columns are at the bottom. It will likely cause short-term pain but don’t sweat it. Play Hexbreaker 3 until the center column reaches the top.

One thing you will need to chase the progressives is time. Unless you are extremely lucky to hit a blue horseshoe that boosts you to the top, it will usually take you at least a few hours to reach the top and that’s with you fast tapping the whole way. I’m not a fan of quick taping personally because I’m self-conscious by nature and don’t like that it draws unwanted looks but if you’re going for the progressive there’s no way around it unless you want to potentially sit on Hexbreak3r for 24 hours.

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To put into perspective how profitable the pillar 3 advantage was, I knew someone in my area who took daily notes of every Hexbreak3r in the casinos. He would travel to any place that was four away on column 3 from the previous day in hopes that it had moved up. This was before many hustlers picked up the advantage and he did quite well for himself. Watching this YouTube video from RandomSlots posted in February 2020 shows this. There is absolutely no way that in 2021 you can leave pillar 3 two off and not expect an advantage player to immediately jump on it. However, at this time he was able to get off the machine and actually come back to play it again.

If you see someone speed playing to chase the 3rd pillar progressive, I believe it is best that you move on to something else. There is an extremely high probability that the person is an advantage player or at least a knowledgeable customer. Don’t waste your time.

Hexbreaker 3 is an elite advantage game slot machine. I’ve heard some claim that the game was nerfed by IGT. I strongly doubt this and believe that it is just as powerful today as it was when it first appeared a few years ago. In addition to advantage plays, Hexbreaker 3 is a massive point generator if you use a casino player card. A great way to increase your status with a casino, higher free play and comps.

With that said, I believe casinos have misjudged the popularity of Hexbreaker 3. Casinos see a huge amount of coin-in, interpret it as a hit and order more of them when in fact the vast majority of those dollars come from advantage. Players clean up the center column progressively. When the columns are in a depressed or non-advantageous state, it is an absolutely brutal game with few redeeming qualities. In my opinion, regular slot players have picked up on this and I don’t see them getting nearly as much play as they did before. For example, there is a potential $3.20 game in one of my local casinos with the center column sitting 4 away from the top.

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