Hexbreaker Slot Machine

Hexbreaker Slot Machine – Hexbreak3r or (Hexbreaker 3) from IGT came out a few years ago and I’ll admit I didn’t get it at all. I noticed runners were quickly tapping the spin button like crazy when following the center column which is progressive. It didn’t make sense to me and I thought to myself “All this for $113? (minimum bet reset)” I didn’t think it was worth it. But boy was I wrong. It turns out that this highly volatile game was one of the best slots for edge players in 2020.

Hexbreak3r, like its predecessors, is a left-to-right and right-to-left paying game. The reels start with a minimum of 243 to a maximum of 32768 ways to win. The reels increase when the horseshoe symbols land. An orange horseshoe will move a reel up one point, while a blue one will move it a minimum of 2 points. When a reel reaches the top called the “luck zone”, you are awarded the prize corresponding to that reel.

Hexbreaker Slot Machine

There are several scenarios where Hexbreak3r can be in an advantageous state. The first and obvious one is to see the reels spread out into something that gives the player, say 8000+ ways to win. More ways to win means potentially more chances to get big wins with stacked symbols. Also columns 2, 3 and 4 are where the wild symbols and bonuses reside. Fully landing the three bonuses in these columns is one of two ways to get “unlimited free games”. Expanded reels mean a better chance of landing the full bonus symbols. The other way is to get it to the top of the destiny area via the horseshoes.

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When chasing the bonus in the lucky area in general, it is your best bet to remove it by one if it is in column 1 or 5, two away in the rare event a bonus symbol is at the top of column 2 or 4. The reason is that horseshoes appear with greater regularity in columns 2 and 4. This is also the reason why loan values ​​in these columns are usually lower than those in 1 and 5.

The last and most important advantage game situation you can find is the center column 3 or less steps away from the luck zone. You might think it’s not worth it like I did two years ago, but here’s why it is. Column 3 is where the horseshoe appears the least. But finding one in an elevated state means it will stay high for a while. Combine the center with the high columns 2 and 4 and you will achieve more bonus rounds and stacked wilds. Hexbreak3r’s edge becomes even stronger when the high 1’s and 5’s join the party giving the player the opportunity for massive base game payouts. FYI, hitting progressive in the bonus resets the progressive, but does not reset column 3 position in the base game.

The edge of column 3 is so strong that it is still game even if the other four columns are at the bottom. It’s likely to cause short-term pain, but don’t sweat it. Play Hexbreaker 3 until the center column reaches the top.

One thing you will need to pursue progressive is time. Unless you’re extremely lucky to hit a blue horseshoe that propels you to the top, it’ll usually take you at least a few hours to reach the top, and that’s with you tapping fast all the way. I’m not a fan of fast peeps personally as I’m self-conscious by nature and don’t like it attracting unwanted looks, but if you’re going for the progressive, there’s no way around it unless you want to potentially sit down. Hexbreak3r for 24 hours.

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To see how profitable the 3 column advantage was, I knew someone in my region who kept daily records of every Hexbreak3r in the casino. He would travel to any place that was four away in column 3 from the day before in the hope that he would have moved up. This was before many mobs took over and he did quite well for himself. Watching this YouTube video by RandomSlots posted in February 2020 shows that. There is absolutely no way in 2021 you can get away from the second column 3 and not expect an advantage player to jump on it right away. However, by this time he was able to get out of the car and actually go back to play it again.

If you see someone speed playing to follow the progressive 3 column, I believe it is better to move on to something else. There is an extremely high probability that this person is an edge player or at least a knowledgeable customer. Don’t waste your time.

Hexbreaker 3 is an elite edge slot. I have heard some claims that the game has been nerfed by IGT. I highly doubt it and believe it is just as powerful today as it was when it first came out a few years ago. In addition to edge games, Hexbreaker 3 is a massive point generator if you use a casino player’s card. A great way to increase your status with a casino, games and higher complications for free.

With that said, I believe casinos have underestimated the popularity of Hexbreaker 3. Casinos see a large amount of coins, translate it being a hit, and order more of them when in fact the vast majority of those dollars come from advantage players clearing. progressive central column. When the columns are in a depressed or unfavorable state, it’s an absolutely brutal game with few redeeming qualities. In my opinion, regular slot players have accepted this and I don’t see them playing nearly as much as they used to. For example, there is a possible $3.20 game at one of my local casinos with the center column sitting 4 away from the top. It’s a big casino with good traffic and the car is at the end of a row. But it hasn’t moved for 10 days. So in conclusion, Hexbreaker 3 has a strong edge, but we need an average slot player to play them in order to get an edge. If the average gamer rejects it, we’ll see Hexbreaker 3 disappear sooner rather than later.

Hexbreaker Slot Machine By Igt

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Luckily a small winner came out of this. It could be disastrous if it was high because of how cold it played. Much better stuff these days than progressives have to bash. I will still play them. A little update on my location Result of 70 spins on 4x bet $4. One of these days I will face a great victory. It came close to a major hit in the Ultimate X Bonus Streak. A nice win regardless.

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Is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.comIn my continued efforts to show the world how video slot machines work, I decided to deconstruct how Hexbreaker is designed by playing it. Armed with a cell phone camera, I recorded about 45 minutes of gameplay. With only information about the frequency of the symbols, the paytable and the bonus rules, it is possible to analyze the odds of any slot machine. That’s what I tried to do with Hexbreaker.

Hexbreaker 2 Slot Review

Like a game I’ve deconstructed before, Jackpot Party, I chose Hexbreaker because it didn’t include bonus spins and the bonus rules were fully disclosed. The only mystery was the coil stripping. So I found a game in a quiet corner of Main Street Station in downtown Las Vegas and logged 45 minutes of play. These videos can be found on YouTube:

When I got home, I hired my brother-in-law to record, by hand, the three symbols visible on each reel for all 506 spins in the first and second video. This took many hours, at my financial expense.

Then I tried to piece together the order of the scroll bars based on the observed symbol sequences. To make the reels balance and spin around, I assumed that some sequences appeared twice on the same reel bar. These were chosen according to what filled the reels and which sequences occurred most often. My webmaster JB then wrote a program to collect the combinations in order. It should be noted that given the observed sequences, multiple solutions are possible. The scroll bars below are just one possibility. However, they would all have the same expected return.


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