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Hot Shot Revolution Slot Machine – LINCOLN, R.I. – There’s only one guarantee for your next visit to Twin River Casino: You’re going to leave smelling like Twin River Casino.

Even after the coronavirus closed its doors to the public for 86 consecutive days, that distinctive smell — like a stew of Marlboro cigarettes, well liquor and a sample of GQ magazine’s cologne — lingered in the air by Twin River. Lincoln welcomed a select group of its gifted players Monday morning.

Hot Shot Revolution Slot Machine

The casino may look and smell familiar, but it’s not business as usual. From temperature checks at the door to social distancing restrictions that leave two or three slot machines between players, casinos are slowly adjusting to the new normal after months of trying to woo customers — for Twin River, and for the government.

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A weekday panel of veteran Rhode Island reporters focused on what matters most in the Ocean State.

Cranston, R.I. Not every Joe was allowed to visit the casinos in Lincoln and Tiverton on Monday. Twin River has sent out invitations to 4,000 players, and officials expect about 1,500 people a day over the next two weeks. Twin River vice president and general manager Craig Sculos declined to say exactly how the 4,000 people were chosen, but he acknowledged that frequent use of their players’ rewards cards played a role in the invitations.

As guests entered the parking lot shortly before 10 a.m., guards stopped them and asked them to show their invitations. A woman in a Jeep with a Massachusetts license plate was told to leave because she was not invited. Those with a golden ticket (or reporter’s notebook) were advised to park in one of three parking lots because the casino was now divided into sections called “North,” “South,” and “West.”

The lines were the longest at the North Casino, considered by many gamblers to be the main entrance, with about 50 people turned away as they waited to enter the Twin River Hotel.

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At each entrance, each player and staff member was required to stand in front of a thermal camera ($10,000 to $15,000 each) that took their temperature in less than five seconds. The temperature is displayed on a screen, and if you are over 100.4 degrees, you are not allowed to enter.

Kim Ward, vice president of community affairs at Twin River Casino, demonstrated how patrons take their temperature when first entering the casino.Gretchen Ertl/The Boston Globe

If you’re running hot, Twin River is actually a convenient location: CVS Health has a coronavirus rapid testing center set up at the stop. (Note: In this case, if you have a temperature but the test is negative, you cannot use a doctor’s note to go in.)

From there, guests need to hand over their driver’s license so they can check into the casino’s contact tracking system. If a player tests positive for the virus, Twin River will send an email to everyone in the casino that day to notify them of the infection.

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“It’s no different than going to Whole Foods,” said Skulos, referring to the extra precautions all businesses take in a coronavirus world.

Once you enter and put on a mask (the casino will provide one if you don’t have one), you’re free to gamble once again like it’s 2019 there. of a type

No table games (no one wants your sticky bets), poker games, or off-track betting currently allowed. Even sports betting Rhode Island’s best advantage over Connecticut’s casinos is over if you don’t have the Sportsbook Rhode Island mobile app.

Before you ask if there are sports to bet on right now, you google “Russian table tennis”. In April, while the casinos were closed, the sportsbook accepted less than $600,000 in payouts and cleared $27,000 in revenue. According to Paul Grimaldi, a spokesman for the Rhode Island Lottery, more than 65 percent of bets were on table tennis and 32 percent were on football.

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At the casino, games include slot machines, video table games (you haven’t lived a Rhode Islander until you’ve looked at a scantily clad digital blackjack dealer) and arena games that let you play blackjack, roulette, and games. Mini baccarat dealers stand behind tables set up a few feet apart, along with dozens of other players.

With the exception of a handful of two-seat slot machines located throughout the casino, social distancing is nearly impossible to avoid. The two or three on the other side of each running machine are turned off and the chairs are removed.

You know how casinos are known for their eyes in the sky, with thousands of cameras placed in almost every area of ​​their facilities? In addition to catching cheaters, Sculos said they are now being used to ensure players keep a safe distance from each other.

If you don’t want to gamble, you probably won’t want to visit Twin River in the first few weeks after it reopens. Except for food courts, restaurants are closed. The hotel is not yet accepting guests. The Julio Iglesias concert scheduled for July 3 has already been cancelled, along with other upcoming events.

Rhode Island’s Twin River Casino: It Looks And Smells The Same, But The Familiarity Ends There

Jackie Farley swept the slot machines as part of Twin River’s cleaning crew.

The good news is that Twin River never runs clean. Currently the casino will close at midnight each night and undergo a thorough cleaning. It even has an electric thermal fogger that is supposed to sanitize entire rooms in minutes.

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