Igt Slot Machine Manual Pdf

Igt Slot Machine Manual Pdf – 1 P a g e 1 Owner’s Manual for IGT Slot Machines S-PLUS, S-2000, Vision & Reel Touch

2 P a g e 2 Introduction to S-Plus, S-2000, Vision and Reel Touch Index Page 3 Setup and Safety Page 3 Identifying Your Machine Page 4-5 Inside Your Machine Page 6 Coin Comparator Page 6 Coin Hopper Page 7 Bill Validator type Page 7 MPU Trays and EEPROMS Page 7 Cash Box Page 8 Ticket Printer Page 9 Troubleshooting and FAQs Page General Slot Machine Questions Page 14 Cleaning Your IGT S-Plus Page 15 Cleaning the IGT S-2000 Page Cleaning the IGT Vision Page IGT Reel Touch Page If you notice any errors while reading this guide, please send them to the error description. Then we will immediately fix the bug and release the update. A digital copy of this manual is available from the support section of our website.

Igt Slot Machine Manual Pdf

3 P a g e 3 Thank you for shopping! Congratulations on your recent purchase of an automatic Las Vegas slot machine! Each of these machines is unique and has original casino markings and has been extensively restored to look as close to its original casino configuration as possible. After purchase, we offer a six-month warranty on your machine and put your machine through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure it meets all expectations. Your car arrives with a fresh battery, freshly installed software and has been thoroughly cleaned. Before plugging into your car, we recommend that you read this manual to familiarize yourself with your input and consider important safety considerations. We will walk you through the process of setting up your car properly. Configuration and Safety You’ve probably noticed the weight of your new car. On average, IGT slots weigh 250 pounds or more. Extreme care is advised when moving and lifting these machines and we recommend having them installed by a professional. Always have someone help you move the machine to prevent any accidents, and if you need to move the vending machine to a new location, please contact us. We are happy to help with installation. All local slot deliveries include installation as a standard service. The best place to park your machine is on a hard surface, such as tile, on a large, well-built table or stand designed to support its weight. Leisure Slots offers a variety of slot stands designed specifically for casinos. Carpeted surfaces are ideal for gaming machines, but we recommend a wider base to distribute weight properly, and we recommend that the machine is always placed against a wall or another machine to prevent it from tipping over. We recommend the use of surge protectors in any machine installed to protect electrical equipment. In terms of location, slot machines should not be left in direct sunlight, heat sources, or areas with high humidity. Excessive exposure to sunlight can affect the color of the buttons and the appearance of the glass. By always keeping safety in mind, you’ll enjoy years of fun with your new car and everything it has to offer.

Components Of The Slot Machine

5 P a g e 5 S-PLUS These machines can be easily identified in three ways. They typically have six serial numbers on the right side, “Winner Paid” and “Credit” meters to the left of the center of the reel glass, and a motherboard behind the hopper. These are the older generation of IGT machines and are much simpler in terms of features than the S-2000 machines. These are very reliable machines and there are many different game themes for these machines. If there are cuts on the top glass of the meter, they can be improved with an advanced meter. S-2000 These are current IGT machines and very customizable. Almost every part of these cars can be upgraded, from the doors to the color of the speakers. They support many features: Coinless Mode Enable or disable it during setup depending on your preference. Ticket Printer Get Cash with Ticket Printer Instead of Bunker Payments. Progressive meters If necessary, they can be installed on the reel glass. Special expansion memory boards can be installed to provide more sound options. Backlit Reels Some themes emit light from the reels on winning combinations. Highly upgradable Many game conversions are available in the market. If you want to convert your game to a new game, contact us. These machines are easily identified by the length gauge visible on the left side of the winding glass, the seven serial numbers on the side, or the multiple nameplates on the winding glass. Vision These cars look exactly like the S-2000, except for the screen on the top glass and the bonus game. For all vision games, the top glass has no light bordering the monitor and looks the same as the glass. Visionary games often have fun sound effects and bonus games that are fun to play. Reel Touch These machines are easily identified by their round-top, illuminated bezel monitors. They have five backlit wheels, all of which are tactile and include fun and entertaining mini-games. Titles include The Denver Duck, Tabasco, Bucks Ahoy, The Frog Prince, and Lucky Larry’s Lobster. All coilovers look similar to the S car and share many of the same internal components. They can be set by dialing the keyboard or by tapping on the screen in the settings mode. I-Plus (Not Pictured) These video slots and video poker are some of IGT’s premium machines. These include the popular Game King Multi-Game and Risque Business. They are characterized by round tops, video screens and slightly curved front doors. These machines have a different door opener control than the S-2000, Vision and Reel Touch machines and have a touch screen for selection on the screen.

6 P a g e 6 The interior of your new car IGT cars are quite solid, adjustable and user-friendly. Whether you have an S-PLUS, S-2000, VISION or Reel Touch machine, the machine’s opening controls and internal components are very similar. ALWAYS turn off the power before touching any components inside the machine other than the on/off switch and the MPU test button. Also, never remove the MPU tray while the machine is on, otherwise the board may be damaged. Coin Comparator This device compares the coins inserted into the machine with the sample coins and rejects the coins that do not match. A quarter on the counter can easily be converted to receive a token by exchanging it for a token of the same size as a quarter. The coin comparator can be easily removed by pulling it out of its plastic bracket. Be sure to unplug the cord before disconnecting it from the device. Coins can be changed by sliding the circular clip over the coin.

7 P a g e 7 Coins, nickels, dimes, or half dollars should not be placed in the comparator, as coins of different sizes may be mishandled by the hopper, damaging it or the machine. Coin Hopper This bucket holds all the coins accepted by the machine and will pay for them when you choose to withdraw cash. For ticket printer enabled machines, the hopper will not pay and will simply collect coins. A hopper is essential for all coin-operated machines. To remove your bunker, first hold it on each side, lift it up, and then pull it out. After removing the tray, immediately pull back the handle on the front of the hopper and the hopper will slide out. With new machines, we recommend at least two quarters or tokens (80 coins) to start with, and additional tokens as needed. As long as the coin matches the size on the comparator and is the size of a quarter, you can use the same tokens you would get at an amusement park. If your machine is coinless, it will be delivered without a hopper to save weight. Bill Validator Makes and models may vary depending on the type installed on the machine, but will be a DBV, WBA or MEI Cashflow receiver. The DBV receiver is available on IGT S-Plus machines. For these receivers, the bill will need to be inserted face-to-face. WBA receivers (pictured in the diagram on the left) have more memory to recognize more types of bills. Most are programmed to recognize the new $5, $10, and $20 bills. They can be removed by pulling the hinge under the bill frame. These receivers are usually found in S-2000 machines. MEI Cashflow receivers are often found on premium cars and can be identified by their distinctive yellow badge. These accept bills of various orientations, even upside down. Push up on the bar in the base to remove the head. MPU

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