Illinois Slot Machine Games

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Accel is proud to offer the best slot machines and redemption channels in the video game industry. Click the sections below to view full game libraries from each manufacturer, including Novomatic, Bally, IGT, Spielo, WMS, Aristocrat, and our redemption terminal provider NRT Tech.

Illinois Slot Machine Games

WMS WMS’ unwavering focus on Player Driven Innovation™ is combined with advanced, groundbreaking technologies and integrates game content and product execution to create products that transform the player’s entertainment experience. WMS is proud to bring these cutting-edge technologies and gaming experiences to the Illinois Video Gaming market with our Instant Winner® Multi-Game series. VGT Models: WMS s32 WMS Bluebird 2 WMS Bluebird xD WMS Blade WMS s23

Report: Springfield Has More Video Gambling Sites Than Any Other City In Illinois

ARISTOCRAT ARISTOCRAT is bringing the game forward again with their Helix™ Plus range. The Helix™ Plus builds on the other innovations in ARISTOCRAT’s growing and highly successful Helix line. Without increasing footprint, it features a simple design, large 27″ monitors, smart button design, award winning content and improved access to service. Available in a variety of configurations, the Helix™ Plus range offers versatility. VGT Models: Helix™ Plus Straight Helix™ Plus Slant MarsX Image

BALLY Founded over 80 years ago in Chicago, the Ballyname is an enduring and one of the most respected names in all of sports. Operating in all major sports venues around the world, Bally’s portfolio of premium sports and systems products are valued for their innovation, reliability, and cutting-edge technology. Bally also strongly supports industry-wide efforts to promote responsible sports whenever possible. VGT Models: Alpha Pro V22 Alpha Pro V27 Alpha Pro V32 Alpha Pro Wave

SPIELO The Vu Slant offers a player-focused design for a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience. The gamer- and professional-designed design includes two high-definition large-screen displays, a multi-channel audio system, game-controlled lighting effects, and an award-winning full-color button design paired with an ergonomic, elegant cabinet design. . The Vu Slant provides a complete solution that is network-ready. VGT Models: Spielo prodiGi Vu® Spielo Vu Slant®

IGT IGT has almost 30 years of experience in designing, developing, manufacturing, testing and installing video lottery terminals and casino games. IGT gaming and video lottery terminals are installed in more than 300 gaming locations around the world, including all jurisdictions in North America. VGT Models: IGT Crystal Slant IGT E20 Straight IGT G23v2 Premium Widescreen IGT Crystal Dual IGT Axxis 23/23 IGT Peak

Illinois Gaming Machines Help Heartland Communities

NOVOMATIC NOVOMATIC Americas Sales was established in 2012 as a strategic initiative of The NOVOMATIC Group of Companies. With more than 24,000 employees worldwide and headquarters in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria, the NOVOMATIC Group of Companies created NOVOMATIC Americas in order to introduce NOVOMATIC sports equipment to the North American and Caribbean Markets. NOVOMATIC Americas leverages the design, market research and experience of the Austrian group’s R&D departments to create market-specific products tailor-made for the North American and Caribbean regions. VGT Models: Novomatic Novostar® V.I.P. II Novomatic V.I.P. LOUNGE™ Novomatic V.I.P. III Novolite Panthera Correct

LIGHT & WONDER For over 80 years, Light & Wonder has provided customers with the best in interior design, efficiency, reliable security, and innovative technology. With major facilities on six continents, Light & Wonder is committed to providing customers and players with top of the line events. VGT Models: Twinstar J43 Slant Kascada

NRT TECH Designed and built for casinos, lotteries, retailers and ATM operators around the world. Our customer experience has elevated our product to one that makes a difference in our customers’ operations. With advanced solutions, integration and payment platform, NRT stands to equip your casino with reliable and efficient solutions that increase the chances of earning money, while increasing your customer’s experience on the casino floor. Posts by Topic Company News (182) Illinois Gaming Market. (134) Marketing Your Pennsylvania Business (121) Marketing Your Illinois Business (44) Location Features (16)

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Getting Started As A Gaming Parlor In Illinois

The Illinois video game market can be a confusing place for outsiders and industry experts alike. As the industry continues to grow, lies and confusion continue to grow. Here are some common myths and misconceptions we hear from property owners around the Illinois video game industry. Is it “Video Gaming”, “Slots”, “Video Poker”, “Video Slots” or…? Another reason for the confusion of many in this industry is to call the industry real and mechanical. Is it a video game? Is it video gambling? Video slots? The truth is, it just depends on the person(s) talking about it. For example, the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) refers to it as video gaming (hence, the Video Gaming Act) and devices as Video Gaming Devices (VGTs). The IGB defines a Video Gaming Terminal as, “an electronic video game machine which, upon investment, is available to play or simulate the playing of a video game, including but not limited to video poker, line up, and blackjack, as approved by the Board using a video display and microprocessors in which the player can receiving free games or credit can be redeemed for money.” If you’re talking to someone who plays VGTs, they’re probably talking about them as video slots or slot machines – a common name in their language. Adding Video Gaming to my site will cost me money There is a $100 application fee to submit an application to the IGB. Once approved by the IGB, the annual fee will be $100 to maintain the basic license. In addition to the IGB fee, you may also be required by the municipality to pay additional annual fees related to gaming, including but not limited to the “sticking fee” for each VGT, gaming license, video game liquor license, etc. These standards vary by municipality, so we recommend that you contact your municipality before applying for your video player license. I can only buy slot machines and install them in my location In the State of Illinois, in order to use video slots, you MUST sign an agreement with the Terminal Operator. The Terminal Operator (TO) is a licensed organization that owns, services, and maintains VGTs to be installed in Licensed Video Game Centers (Other Retail Establishments, Truck Stops, Veteran and Fraternal Establishments). The installation owner cannot purchase and use their equipment in their premises. Some TOs can give me more. The division of revenue is specifically defined by the Video Gaming Act. Your terminal operator cannot pay you more than this amount. This law dictates the following part that divides 33% to the government and municipalities, 33.07435% to the establishment and 33.07435% to the terminal operator. 0.8513% of the profit goes to the Central Communications Service. When looking for a TO, it’s important to find out what kind of support they can provide for you starting from co-op marketing, personal service, to promotional offers. As the largest Terminal Operator in the world, Accel Entertainment can support your location in a variety of ways. There seems to be a variety of myths and confusion surrounding the Illinois Video Gaming Market. Whether you already have equipment, or are considering adding equipment to your setup, Accel is here to make sure you are an informed customer. From

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About 10 years ago, Illinois lawmakers legalized video gambling. They hoped the machines, which offer electronic versions of slots and poker, would bring in billions of dollars in government revenue. So they passed the bill quickly, with little debate, to greatly expand the industry.

Today, more than 30,000 video slot and poker machines operate outside the casinos there, more than any other country in the world. Illinois now has more places to place legal bets than Nevada.

Coming Soon To Massachusetts Casino Floors: Patriots Themed Slot Machines

But the machines, which are scattered in bars, restaurants, and truck stops across the state, have come at a high price. A ProPublica Illinois study found that, far from draining Illinois of its revenue, the legalization of video gambling has increased. The country struggled to rule

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