Inca Slot Machine

Inca Slot Machine – A new slot machine, based on the childhood game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, found its way to Circa’s floor, and we had to check it out.

Circa says it is the only one in the world where the game can be played currently. There are three machines in Circa, and a degree in rocket (or any other) science is not necessary to play.

Inca Slot Machine

Technically, Aruze Gaming’s machine is called “Rock Paper Scissors Instant Win”, without the commas. We can’t write without commas, sorry, Aruze.

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The appearance of this new slot coincides with G23, the Global Gaming Expo, where slot manufacturers from all over the world gather to show their remakes of existing games. But with engagement.

First, choose a denomination: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100. Yes, you can bet $100 per pop. These are the amounts of your bet (there is no “maximum credit” on this machine).

In an early Japanese version of “rock, paper, scissors”, the game involved “snail, frog and snake”. Snake beats frog, frog beats snail, snail beats snake.

Then, hit “Play/Random Select”. This button places your bet, but you still have to choose between the mentioned rock, scissors and paper.

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If you press the button twice, the machine will choose rock, scissors or paper for you. Don’t use “random selection” or you’ll miss half the fun. Everything possible.

This is a fast paced game and the “random selection” button makes it even faster. Faster means more frequent results (or betting results). Faster results are great for the home. For the player, not so much.

As mentioned, once you hit the “Play” button, you’re faced with the timeless (wait for it) decision: Rock. scissors Or paper.

After studying zero-sum games and Nash equilibria, we determined that we only use these terms to try to impress.

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Imagine reading this article, reading that “skill-based game” thing and actually believing: “This is a skill-based game! Like the claw game! I’m going to better this machine – which is equipped with a Random Number Generator – for using my amazing intellect and intuition! Good luck with this.

Once you make your selection, the game immediately tells you if you have “tied”, won or lost. If you win, the wheel tells you how many credits you will receive.

If you link, the screen says: “Link! Prize Level Up”, and the values ​​on the prize wheel increase. Prizes on the wheel can increase up to five times the original values. There is a message above the wheel that tells you the “level” of the wheel. This can happen several times and really increases the suspense. Also, we completely missed this feature when we played. The bottom line is that links are a really good thing, and five links is especially great (assuming you win in your final test).

Presumably, a player must have a chance in three of winning (as the options are rock, paper and scissors). We suspect that this is not only the case when the game is played in a slot machine. Think of it as red and black on roulette. It feels like 50/50, but it always has a built-in edge (in roulette, it’s zero, double zero and sometimes triple zero).

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Here’s a video of our first encounter with Rock, Scissors, Paper as we try to figure out the game. We’re not particularly fast, so if we can get it, so can you.

Please note that our selections are not just random, they are driven by data, in conjunction with years of experience in the gaming sphere.

Most of the winning amounts are, as they say in the world, “small”. The biggest prizes on the wheel are 125 and 250 credits, but there are also jewels that correspond to bigger prizes (progressive amount).

Slots players will recognize these as “Major” and “Minor” jackpots. On the day we played, the top prize was over $5,000, the smallest jackpot was $258.

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The constant “Go, go, go!” it definitely adds a lot to the experience, and by “a lot” we mean annoyance.

We found it hard to visually follow the yellow prize selector on the wheel, which must be a key reason you’re playing this game in the first place.

We trust when you see this machine at other s, you will not have the artwork of Vegas Vickie. A big disadvantage for others, because she is beautiful.

Inside the baseball: The Rock, Paper, Scissors slot is located in a Muso Curve 55HB cabinet. Feel free to use that fun fact to impress the ladies. Just kidding. If you know this fun fact, you are very unlikely to come into contact with women.

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Our first impression of the Rock, Paper, Scissors slot is that it is another novelty game like Go Go Claw. We predicted that Go Go Claw was a flash in the pan that would hurt. Don’t let the fact that Go Go Claw performed spectacularly (and can now be found anywhere in Las Vegas) undermine the fact that we are a noted gaming expert.

We are a devotee of reel slots, so novelty games like Rock, Paper, Scissors don’t get much of our disposable income.

The nostalgia aspect might attract players initially, but if they don’t see the potential for big wins, interest is likely to fade quickly.

It’s worth noting the introduction of Rock, Paper, Scissors means 40 percent of the oddball games predicted by “Vegas Vacation” now exist in the real world s. In the movie, there was a game called “Rock, Scissors, Paper” (Aruze cleverly avoided that legal minefield) and, of course, War. “Guess Which Which Hand”, “Coin Toss” and “Pick a Number Between 1 and 10” are in the works, we trust.

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