Japanese Pachislo Slot Machine

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This rare Aztec slot machine is imported from Japan. Featuring customized reels and a color LCD display, this hard hitting machine will make a great addition to any game room. Will take tokens or new 10p coins.

Japanese Pachislo Slot Machine

Pachislo slot machine is an authentic Japanese gaming machine used in casino parlors in Japan. Because gambling is illegal in Japan, Pachislos works on tokens rather than coins.

Universal Bros Dead Or Alive 5 Pachi Slot Japanese Slot Token Play Japan

Unlike most slot machines, each reel has its own designated stop button, which allows you to control when each reel stops spinning. Because the machine operator has more control over the game than traditional slot machines, Pachislo players can develop a certain level of skill instead of relying on pure luck alone.

When you place an order with us, we will take the machine out of the store and bring it to our workshop, where technicians will thoroughly clean and inspect all components, ensure they are in working order, and carry out any necessary repairs. .

Due to the age of these machines and the fact that they were originally used in commercial environments, cosmetic marks are likely. However, we feel that these minor imperfections add to the patina of this classic machine and help tell a story of its past life. Ow crap — after seeing me there yesterday, watch me follow me home today from a local Goodwill this afternoon, refused the price, and the nice checkout lady let me go behind her counter to get a closer look at her. Then I couldn’t get it out of my mind, so made a 2nd trip again this morning… at which point (store manager?) Bruce finally *ever* helped pull it off. Behind the counter, I can plug it up to see what happens — and even more so by considering (and agreeing to) my slightly lower price ‘offer’ after I’ve done so. But wait — there’s more — Bruce got the better of me by the time I got to my credit card at the cash register… The machine seems to have the correct ‘color coded’ price tag, even though he technically called it full price and I brought it home for half price instead??! !!

Beyond the Japanese-made (I think) machine, I’m barely in the process of finding out what it actually is, probably not very old, made for some sort of commercial service, but now (according to the labels inside) ‘remanufactured’ for home use (by a company in Rochester, NY). I’m barely in the process of *playing around with it* to determine if it actually *works* — all I can say for sure right now is that it powers up and lights up *as it’s supposed to*. I haven’t yet figured out how to get its wheels turning and work though…it might just be a matter of a “reset” process that I haven’t (please?!) figured out yet.

Aladdin Japanese Pachislo Slot Machine For Sale In Tomball, Tx

Continuing to study?!! 🙂 This is called the “PACHISLO” machine. They are very popular and commonly found in arcades in Japanese cities (along with “pachinko” vertical pinball machines), and differ from more common ‘slot machines’ in that their reels are individually stopped by the player once they are spinning (via 3 large buttons under them, rather than using the machine itself automatically, while playing 2 Light up in different colors. This distinction qualifies them (legally, anyway?) as a “game of skill” vs. a “game of chance”.

This particular model was made in 2002 and has a ‘dance party/rave’ theme. It seems to be (thankfully!) a USA-friendly design (for whatever reason?) as its essential functions/etc are labeled in English (and lots of Japanese), and its ‘voice’ speaks English. And yes — in addition to a *variety* of sound effects when in use — it plays music and ‘dialogues’. Another unique feature of this model is the small red display panel immediately to the RH side of its reels (I guess?) which is actually an LED matrix that occasionally shows various moving patterns / scrolling letters / etc. as the game plays. Being ‘part of the game’ in some special ‘bonus mode’ that I haven’t found yet.

Yes, as I’ve already added in the ‘comments’, I’m waiting for hundreds of tokens for it now to put it through its paces and find out what it does — but for now it looks like it’ll work fine anyway?!!

My package of ‘authentic vintage’ tokens arrived right on schedule last week and I’m now happy to report that my CLUB RODEO is in a fully operational state in every sense, even as I continue to actually learn. How to play it’ along with more details of ‘what it is/how it works/etc/etc’. [Another thing learned by accident…steadily holding a phonecam taking video with one hand and playing a slot machine with the other isn’t that easy…?? ] I have added a post for tokens here:

Pachislo Slot Machine

Here’s a related little ‘fun fact’ for today — on a return visit to the same GW store, Bruce was behind the counter when I checked out, so I asked him if he remembered me…he didn’t until I mentioned ‘slot’. the machine’. Then he remembered and immediately asked if I would do it – I smiled and answered yes and we chatted a bit more, during which he reached under the counter with an “Oh, you want to eat it too” voice. I’ve had a few bags of ~50 tokens that ‘loose’ from my machine (or two others just sold last week in “working” condition for more $ dollars, which I’ve never seen… and that’s probably a good thing?!!) while it/they were sitting there. As he showed me the shaky phonecam video, he also caught a manager-type guy and stared at him. Really happy with my result in it. You know…I guess whenever one expects a free bonus from a slot machine, but not so much from a Goodwill store…??!!

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