Lightning Zap Slot Machine

Lightning Zap Slot Machine – With the abundance of blog requests, many of which require short answers, I thought it best to create a blog of answers to the most frequently asked questions! question Do you think that whether or not your players play with a card makes a difference in whether or not they win? – Lori B

Q. Safety. You are pretty well known in the slots world. What do you do about security when you win? I constantly see people hiding behind playing you, what happens when you win big? So you have to hire personal security to get out? Or does the casino supply it, and at what cost? P.S. I still believe that you are such a wonderful human being.

Lightning Zap Slot Machine

A. I’m not special, even though my mom tells me so, haha. Anyone who feels insecure, whether they win the jackpot or not, can always reach for protection. They will be happy to escort you to your car for free. And if you win big, consider asking the casino to provide you with a check instead of cash.

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Question “I know I’ve heard you say…it’s “all about timing”. However, what I’d like to know is (1) when a bonus is triggered, what exactly is the result of the bonus? The moment you press the spin button to start the bonus, and, (2) during bonus free spins… whether pressing the spin button allows the next spin to start, allowing it to change/change itself without giving?” – Donna F

A. I can’t speak for all machines, but the consensus from what I’ve gathered from slot manufacturers is that each spin is unique and driven by an RNG (Random Number Generator). So if you stop the reels during the bonus, you are changing the outcome. Are you changing it for better or worse? We’ll never know! For machines connected to a single wheel spin, the result is determined when you press spin to start the wheel spinning. So ask yourself, do you feel lucky? If so, stop those reels. Otherwise, see what the machine has in store for you.

A. Online casinos are regulated and held to the same high standards as real casinos. Can one payment be better than another? yes The law says how low the payout percentage can be, but it doesn’t say how high they can pay. Generally speaking though, they will be the same and it all comes down to when you press that button.

Q. When I watch your videos and you are playing a multi-denominational game, I often wonder what denomination and per bet you base your decision on? – Mary S.

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A. Sometimes it’s all about what feels ‘lucky’ to me at the time. But also, with multi-denomination games, if the amount of lines on a game changes when you adjust the denomination, so does the payout percentage. So if you’re betting $5 on a penny bet, your odds are ever so slightly higher than if you bet $5 on a 10 cent value. Just remember that the mini on pennies can be $10 and on dimes it will be $100 – so the odds of hitting a mini (or other progressive) will decrease if your overall bet stays the same because it’s only based on the payout percentage. .

What to write about How casinos decorate the casino (carpets, flashy machines out front, comps, etc.) influence people to gamble. I use to watch it on travel channel and it was really interesting. – Paula W

A. I have no inside information on this. All I know is that everything is designed to keep us in the casino. That moving carpet, the illusion of a layout, the fact that the ATMs are not located at the exit – all this is to keep us there for a long time. They know what they are doing!

Q. I like to play multiple machines at once to see which one will give me a bonus. I know you have strong feelings about this, can you tell us why? – Amy J

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A. Playing two machines at the same time does not increase the chances of getting the bonus. If your odds are 1 in 100 that you’ll get a bonus on one game, it doesn’t automatically become 2 in 100 because you’re playing two machines. It becomes 1 in 100 and 1 in 100. Because the machines are designed to take our money, you’re basically asking to lose your money twice as fast. Some people (I believe) choose to play two machines side by side because they don’t want someone else to have a chance to hit the big jackpot. But again, it doesn’t help you. Because it’s all about timing, your neighbor will press the button at a different microsecond than you regardless. I also find it rude when people take away two machines when I want to run it, especially on a busy night. Most casinos have a rule that you can actually only play one game at a time.

Q. Does the “machine” know when free play or added play is being used? – Roxanne D.

A. It does not care whether it is cash or freeplay being added. It’s all about getting and keeping your money. I’ve won the jackpot on freeplay twice so far if not more!

Q. Is a money bank a good idea when you want to keep your winnings? – Tiffany N

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A. At just under $30, Winners Bank is one of the best investments you can make. It’s basically guaranteed to pay back its cost the first time around, provided you follow the rules. If you put $100 into a machine and cash out $150, take it to the bank machine and put that $50 into your winning bank. It’s now going home with you as a win! Once you get home, use your key to open it and count all your winnings. Be responsible and leave the key at home and be smart about chipping away at those wins.

What makes you keep going? How do you stay excited about gambling, events and Rudies? And when you’re not excited about an event or the day as a whole, how do you “fake it”? lol! – Valerie HA Although I was an actor for a long time, I was ‘faking it’ hahaha. I enjoy gambling legally, hosting events and meeting people. Having just arrived home from a 9 day trip across 3 states and casinos, I loved every second of it. Hearing stories from my Rudies and others about how my videos have helped them in their lives at the casino and in their personal lives is what fuels my energy. Sure I can have a ‘down’ day, and the show must go on. But still, it’s not cheating, it gives me enough energy to keep going. I love my job and I love the fact that I am able to employ 5 more people in the process! question How can one enjoy fifty rupees on slots when you have less money month? What types, bet amount, duration to stay with the machine? – Ben MA When I get down to less than $50 in casino play money, you have to have fun with small bets. Even a 50 cent bet can eat up your money quickly. Games like Dancing Drum allow you to bet as little as 8 cents a spin or even 18 cents a spin. The same goes for some versions of Mighty Cash. You’ll be surprised how much money you can actually win in bonuses on a bet of 18 cents!

With so many questions about blog tips in my inbox, I encourage you to go to the archives because there are a lot of repeat questions. Scroll down and take a look.

I also encourage you to consider giving back this holiday season. We are donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of our holiday treats to charity. We’re also helping families in need directly with a special Rudies For Life GoFundMe page. About 97% of donations go to helping them.

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Carol E asks “How do casinos evaluate how much free play you get.” To begin with, freeplay is basically defined as credits to play for free in a slot machine to win real money. Anything you build outside of freeplay is yours to have…or to play with. Casinos have learned that they can lure you in with a freeplay offer ($75 is what I got in the photo above), and that usually drives us to the casino, hoping that we’ll get something. Will stay for a while. This is the same strategy as sending you a free gift offer. Freeplay is based on your past play history. It usually takes 2-3 months for your offers to reflect your most recent play. Contrary to popular belief, the amount you receive as a gift usually has nothing to do with how little or how much.

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