Lion Slot Machine

Lion Slot Machine – Majestic and free. Regal and intense. At the top of the animal kingdom stands one creature – the White Lion. Take a wild safari ride in search of this elusive hunter. Follow him as he traverses many temples in search of his one true home. Appreciate his greatness from a distance, but be careful not to get too close.

Slot Fundamentals is a column we run occasionally to help our players better understand how our games work. This edition includes ReSpin on Win, a popular feature found in some of our newer games.

Lion Slot Machine

High 5 Games has been creating the most innovative slot games for two decades. We want to give our players the best experience possible, so our game design team is always testing new features to keep our latest releases fresh. One such feature that only recently saw the light of day is ReSpin on Win, which somehow makes winning combinations even more interesting. But how does it actually work?

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It’s very simple, really. With ReSpin on Win, each wild or main line win awards a few coins – meaning you get extra coins when you win. The rich get richer in these games, thus; every wild or main line win leads to free spins and (hopefully) even bigger jackpots. Look for ReSpin on Win at High 5 Casino games like Celtic Courage and Shake the Sky like White Lion and Talon and Dove.

We hope you found it helpful, and that you get some big wins on slots with ReSpin on Win! What are the most respins you’ve been awarded in a game like this? What key point would you like to see us explain in the future?

Shake the Sky Casino is more popular than ever! According to our analytics team, the stats are high across the board. And it’s no surprise: Where will you find the first Asian-themed slot games on Facebook? Check out some crazy stats from March:

Spin daily on Shake The Sky in March! How many daily chains do you think you contributed to that total?

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Tony, CEO of High 5 Games, was nice enough to write a guest column for the High 5 Blog asking some of the questions our players asked about the High 5 Casino and Shake the Sky fan pages.

Lucinda Lopez writes, “Mr. CEO: Many of these games are real in the casino, and some are not. Do you think some of the other High 5 Casino games will eventually hit our local casinos, or are they just for use on Facebook? Like Pasión y Fuego!”

Hi Lucinda, thanks for reaching out. Going forward, we definitely plan to release as many of our social games as possible in land-based casinos. We have featured our latest games on Facebook because it is the fastest way to get our games to our loyal players. By launching our slots at High 5 Casino or Shake the Sky Casino, we can assess what our players like, and build a large audience for our titles before they hit land-based casinos. Social games like Stella Drive and Orb of Chance and Ocean’s Glory have already launched in land-based casinos with Bally Technologies, and other games, like White Lion and Empress of Time, will soon be available in land-based casinos. start at, also through Bally Technologies. Pasión y Fuego is actually one of many games from our social apps that will be released from land-based casinos in the future through Bally Technologies.

Brendan McNees writes, “How long does it take to make a game, from creating the basic concept, art, music, to actual implementation?”

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Hi Brendan, great question. High 5 Games is a comprehensive production company, meaning that every aspect of game creation is handled in-house. This allows us to make the best games, because we control the whole process. First, we work to identify the main features that will lead to an interesting gameplay, and when we are happy with the results, we go to choose the best theme. From there, we work on the game’s animations, graphics, and music, and then it goes through quality assurance to make sure it plays flawlessly and pays right. Throughout the process, we are with the game in an effort to constantly improve it. Usually, the whole process takes six to nine months from start to finish, and we’re always working on multiple games at once.

Lu Ferraz writes, “Nice to meet you. I really like H5C and the graphics are amazing. I’ve never been to Vegas, so I’d like to know if the slots are really like this? I hope you like it.” bring us fantastic slots. Hugs from Brazil!”

Hey Lu, thanks for the kind words. One of the things that makes High 5 Games so unique is that our slots are exactly the same, regardless of the platform you play on. If you play Dangerous Beauty at High 5 Casino, you can be sure that its gameplay, math models and art design will be the same at High 5 Casino Mobile, in a real money online casino, or in an online casino. . We do not change the payouts of our social games using predetermined winnings. We are committed to our authenticity, and we know that our players appreciate the real game. You always know what you’re getting when you play one of our slots, which is something our competitors can’t say.

Derek Haley writes, “I love slots in the casino. I play them often. Cave King, Sirens, Jaguar Princess. Do you have a favorite slot in your company that you like best? If so, please share with me.”

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Hi Derek, glad to hear you like slots and play them often. It’s always nice to hear from players who enjoy our games. We’ve made over 300 different slot games, so there’s a lot to choose from, and I love them all. I love every game. We put so much thought into creating them, it’s impossible to choose just one.

Hey Sabrina, good question. I know having an Android app is a concern that is often mentioned by our social gamers. I certainly hear all your wishes for an Android app; Our community management team does a great job of sharing feedback with our players, and I appreciate our players taking the time to let us know what they think.

I know there are thousands of people on the waiting list for Android. Like you, I’m eagerly awaiting an Android release. We do our best every day to give our developers all the support they need, so we can get the app out there as quickly as possible. We expect a much higher version of the app when it releases.

Linda Wright writes, “Have you ever thought about starting real accounts for your players where we can play and win real money?”

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Thanks for the question, Linda. Of course, there are already a number of H5G games available for real money online gaming in regulated jurisdictions around the world. As you know, the state of New Jersey passed a law last year that allows online gambling in licensed online casinos within the state. will be the first online partner of High 5 Games in New Jersey. Over the next few weeks, six H5G games will launch at Caesars online casino, and I definitely encourage all of our New Jersey fans to try out their favorite games. We are excited to have the opportunity to bring our slots to players in new online gaming environments like New Jersey.

To prevent any unwanted confusion before we start this game show, our release of Shake the Sky White Lion is not based on the 1980’s Danish band. Our game is about a rare and predatory big cat.

At the top of the animal kingdom stands one creature – the White Lion. Take a wild safari ride in search of this elusive hunter. Follow him as he traverses many temples in search of his one true home. Appreciate his greatness from a distance, but be careful not to get too close.

The White Lion features ReSpin on Win and Scatter Prizes that create random wins in this epic new game! With ReSpin on Win, every wild or main line win awards a number of ReSpins – meaning players get extra coins when they win!

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In anticipation of the release of The White Lion, we would like to invite all of our blog readers to participate in a White Lion anagram contest! How many words can you spell using the letters in WHITE LION? Here are a few to get you started: time, heat, and tile. Email your list to, and we’ll award $5,000 in Shake the Sky to the person with the most words!

3. Submissions close on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 9am EST, and the winner will be notified by email by 12pm. This is a war against democratic values, human rights and peace. We

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