Lions Slot Machine

Lions Slot Machine – The Lion’s Share was a three-reel progressive slot machine found at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Given how old the machine is and the high turnover in the gaming business, no one knows the history of the game for sure. However, I think it’s safe to say that it’s the oldest slot machine at MGM and the jackpot hasn’t been hit in years. By today’s standards, it’s pretty dated, with mechanical reels, dull graphics, and any cash-out that requires a bribe.

After the original publication of this article, the jackpot was hit on August 24, 2014 for $2.4 million. The remainder of this article is unchanged from its original publication before hitting the jackpot.

Lions Slot Machine

It is sometimes rumored in player circles that the game has a player advantage as it has been growing progressively for 20 years. That’s where I come in. This page details my analysis of the game to determine how good it is.

Lions Slot Machine Review

I started playing this game on 14th January 2014. I recorded how many times each reel landed on each symbol between my own play and the 153 spins I watched on YouTube videos. The following table shows my results.

Based on the pay table and observed results, the following table shows the probability and return of each event. The return column is the product of success, probability, and (1/3). The reason for dividing by 3 is the bet amount of $3. In other words, the return column corresponds to a $3 bet.

So, based on this small sample size, the game returns 108.1% of the money bet. When betting one or two coins, the return drops to 99.4%. Based on the small sample size, I would consider these results rough.

On March 2, 2012, a man named Smokelot posted on a Vegas message board that he had played Lion’s Share 10,000 times and had landed a lion on the center payline 33 times on reel 1, 42 on reel 2, and 34 on reel 3.

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In early February 2014, forum member AxiomOfChoice sent me his data on Payline Lions. In 1,896 spins, the lion landed on the center payline 5 times on reel 1, 4 times on reel 2 and 6 times on reel 3. Here’s the combined data, looking only at the center payline lions.

Assuming these probabilities and using the data from my spins for other symbols, the return table looks like this.

Based on three coin bets, the lower right cell shows a total return of 103.6%. With one or two coins the return drops to 98.4%.

Based on this combined data, the odds of hitting the jackpot are 1 in 19.0 million. My understanding is that the jackpot started at $1 million. If that were the case, and everyone bet $3 at once, the game would have been played about 60 million times. In this number of spins, the expected number of jackpots is 2.9. The chance of never hitting the jackpot in 60 million spins is about 5.4%. I must remind my readers that every spin is independent, so the probability of hitting the jackpot is the same as every other spin.

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As a scientific type of guy, I hate using data from someone I’ve never heard from a two-year-old forum post as the basis of my analysis of a game. However, the Smokelot data seem reasonable to me, and his results are similar to the combined results of AxiomOfChoice and I .

I’d love to go back to collect more data or hire someone else to do it, but it’s hard to get on board with the recent media hype. I also hate hog it for hours with a line waiting. For this reason, I publish my results both ways, using my data and the combined results of myself, AxiomOfChoice, and SmokaLott. It is a war against democratic values, human rights and peace. We can make an impact and help with our contributions.

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All the symbols of this casino slot will attract you with high payouts that appear often. 3-5 symbols of lions, masks or cards will pay 5 to 3000 coins. Also, there are symbols with special features like free spins and wild feature. The latter is activated by extending wild. It fills the entire reel and replaces any symbol on the dashboard. Three or more scatter symbols trigger the free spins round. You get up to 50 free spins, which are automatically played. If you manage to collect 3 or more scatters during the Free Spins feature, you’ll be awarded additional free spins in the Roaring Free Spins bonus round. Enjoy the Lion’s Roar video slot online or choose other free online casino slots of the competitor and play without download or registration.

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Guides Read our comprehensive guides for up-to-date information and top tips… Learn more about slot types 3-reel, 5-reel, multi-payline and video slots… Software developers Find the best software provider to suit your gambling needs… Find safe investments Deposit and withdrawal methods. Awesome and free. Royal and fierce. At the top of the animal kingdom lives one creature – the white lion. Embark on a wild safari ride in search of this elusive hunter. Follow him as he travels across multiple landscapes in search of his one true home. Admire his majesty from afar, but be careful not to get too close.

Lions Slot Review

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