Lobstermania 3 Slot Machine

Lobstermania 3 Slot Machine – In my continued effort to lift the veil of secrecy behind slot machines, I present the following analysis of the IGT game Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania. Information on the design of this game is taken from the academic paper PAR Sheets, Probabilities, and Slot Machine Play: Implications for Problem and Non-Problem Gambling by Kevin A. Harrigan and Mike Dixon, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. .

The authors of the paper obtained equivalent sheets for the game through the Canadian Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. I commend the Government of Canada for this release. The purpose of this page is to advance the analysis of lobstermania beyond that presented in the Harrigan and Dixon paper.

Lobstermania 3 Slot Machine

It should be noted that there are other versions of lobstermania besides this one. As far as I can tell they differ by minor changes in the details of the payout schedule and bonus rounds.

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Harrigan and Dixon give symbol distributions for two Lobstermania par sheets, one for 85.0% and the other for 96.2%. Both are presented below. Notice how the 96.2% version has more high-paying symbols and any given symbol is distributed more evenly across the 5 reels. To show that the distribution is more spread out in the 85.0% version, note that the number of clams per reel in the 85.0% version is 10, 8, 3, 4, 7. At 96.2%, the distribution is 6-6. 5-6-6. However, the number of key symbols (wild, scatter and bonus) are the same in both games.

Harrigan and Dixon do not indicate exact reel stripping. However, unless the scatter symbols are so close together on the same reel that they can appear at the same time, symbol order does not matter for this game, as well as for most video slots. The following reel striping is fictional, based on the 85.0% version.

The way the game works is to pick 5 random numbers, one for each reel, and map each random number to a position on the corresponding reel. For example, the game for reel 1 would be to draw a number from 1 to 47. For example, this number was mapped to the symbol in the top row. If the random number for reel 1 was 37, the symbols shown on reel 1 would be a clam on the top row, a starfish on the middle row, and a boat on the bottom row.

The next table shows the Lobstermania payout schedule. All wins must be left aligned. The wild symbol can substitute for any line-paying symbol.

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Lobstermania has 47 × 46 × 48 × 50 × 50 = 259, 440, 000 possible outcomes. The following table shows how many of these combinations result in each possible win. These figures are the result of a program with five nested loops that tallied the totals for each win for each possible combination.

The next table shows the probability of each possible win. This is the number of winning combinations for that win shown in the table above, divided by the total number of combinations of 259,440,000. The total in the lower right cell reflects a hit frequency per line (probability of winning any) of 3.25%.

The next table shows the contribution to the return for each possible win. Each cell is the product of the probability from the table above and the payoff table. The right cell shows a total return from line payments of 55.28%.

If it appears anywhere on the screen the player gets credit for the “Scatter Pay” symbol. Scatter payout wins are based on the total amount bet. The following table shows the number of scatters per reel, the total symbols per reel, and the probability of a scatter on that reel, which is 3×(column 2)/(column 3). Multiply by 3 because each reel has three visible positions.

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The next table shows the probability and contribution to returns for 0 to 5 total scatter symbols. The lower right cell shows that the scatter payout feature returns 10.65% of the game’s return.

A player earns a bonus if he lands a bonus symbol on reels 1, 2 and 3 on any active pay line. The following table shows the probability of getting a bonus symbol on each of the first three reels. The bottom right cell shows the probability of activating the bonus on any active pay line is 0.06%, or 1 in 1,730. If the player plays a maximum of 15 paylines, the bonus chance per spin is 0.87%, or 1 inch. 115.

There are three possibilities for the number of lobster traps, 2, 3 and 4, each with equal probability. Thus, the expected number of traps is 3.

There are two possibilities for the number 2 or 3 per trap, each with equal probability. Thus, the expected number of traps per trap is 2.5.

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania Slot Machine By Igt

Prizes can range from 5 to 250 per lobster. Each award has an associated weighting as shown in the table below. The way the game works is that it picks an integer from 1 to 322 and maps it to a weight according to a table. The bottom right cell shows an average of 44.02 wins per lobster.

Average win per bonus (average net)×(average lobster per net)×(average win per lobster) = 3 × 2.5 × 44.021739 = 330.163043.

The expected return for the bonus feature is (bonus probability) × (average win per bonus) = 0.00578168 × 44.021739 = 0.190890.

The table below summarizes the three ways to win the game. The bottom right cell shows an expected return of 85.012%. In other words, for every dollar a player bets he can expect to get 85¢ back.

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Harrigan and Dixon’s paper noted that they were given par sheets for seven editions of Lobstermania. Available returns were 85.0%, 87.5%, 90.0%, 92.5%, 94.0%, 95.0%, and 96.2%. Video slot machines are usually multi-denomination and coinless. Coinless means the machines will accept all new bills from $1-$100. Many video slots have multiple bonus games. These are extremely popular games for people who enjoy lots of interaction, sound and fun. We recommend purchasing LCD monitors for these games.

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Over the years, Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania video slot machine has been a hit on casino floors around the world. You can attract customers with Lobstermania! Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania Video Slot is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot from IGT. This is a coinless machine. There is a Lobstermania Bonus and Lobster Scatter payout feature. The machine plays music by the B 52’s. This machine is housed in a very nice Chop Top burlwood laminate cabinet. An LCD monitor is available as an upgrade at an additional cost. New packs of generic printer paper are available for purchase.

Video slot machines are usually multi-denominational and coinless. Coinless means the machines will accept all new bills from $1-$100. These are extremely popular games for people who enjoy lots of interaction, sound and fun. We recommend purchasing LCD monitors for these games.

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RTP stands for ‘return to player’, and refers to the expected percentage of wagers that a slot or casino game returns to the player over the long term. Higher RTP = more chance of cashback.

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The newest installment in the Lobstermania series, Lobstermania 3, was a huge hit for us, with the option to play with 50 paylines or 720 ways to win! There’s a small and major progressive jackpot at stake, along with a lucrative bonus game, so high rollers stand a chance of bringing home some mega real money prizes. Add to that scatters, multipliers, and wilds, and you’ve got chances to grow your bankroll around every corner. Check out this mobile-friendly slot at one of our recommended online casinos today – we know you’ll love it!

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