Lotus Slot Machine

Lotus Slot Machine – Looking to review Royal Lotus Slots? Well, Green Tube, a developer owned by Novomatic that focuses heavily on online content, has released this game which is a slot game.

The graphics will be fairly typical for the genre it belongs to, and it will be a beautiful title with typical features, as it uses one of the flowers that is widely associated with the Chinese.

Lotus Slot Machine

In the example of Royal Lotus, they chose a configuration with 5 reels and 50 active lines. The game is built around free spins, regular and additional wilds and scatters, so it includes all the main factors.

Lotus Flower Slot Free Demo Play Or For Real Money

Its payouts, which can reach 1,000x the bet, are enough to make it a viable option, and the $100,000 prize is a worthwhile goal for any player.

The Royal Lotus betting system starts with a minimum value of $0.50 and covers a total of 50 active paylines, so it’s not the cheapest way to start. You can then increase the bet up to a maximum of $100, which means you can spend up to $2 per line.

The princess symbol is your main target, as it can pay out up to 1000x your bet if you can load up the slot’s reels with it. As long as the selected bet is the largest available bet, the jackpot may reach $100,000.

We are not impressed with the list of features they have chosen to implement in the Royal Lotus. They have wild and free spins which are two of the most popular features these days. However, there is nothing special or unusual inside.

Lotus Flower Slot Machine $10 Max Bet *big Win* Live Play Bonus!

Let’s start with the wild symbol, which depicts a beautiful pink lotus. Most slots use wilds as wilds, replacing other symbols when placed in the right position. With both regular symbols and wilds, you can create winning combinations.

As a result, you will receive more winnings in the long run. The scatter is the only symbol that cannot be replaced by a wild. The downside to this mode is that the wild is only available on reels 3, 4 and 5.

Asian dragons are scatter symbols and appear on the first three reels. The symbol must appear on all three reels to get 10 free spins. This feature can be reactivated for another 5 free spins.

With wilds now appearing on the last four reels, it looks like the free spins can pay out even more. After each free spin you will get an extra wild.

Lotus Flower Video Slot Machine

This is not an uncommon theme, especially when you consider the Chinese origin of this design and its focus on the lotus flower.

The main character is a Chinese princess, and there are gorgeous pink lotus flowers, dragons, and other symbols that typify this type of slot. Inside are hand fans, wallets, treasure chests, and swords, however there are some Asian-style royals on the list, so it’s not all fancy.

At the end of the Royal Lotus slot review, this game appears to be a very standard Chinese themed slot machine with artwork and features that may be found in other types of gacor hari ini slot games. This does not make it less profitable. It just makes it less attractive.

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