Madonna Slot Machine

Madonna Slot Machine – A visitor from California found himself away from the Heartbreak Hotel after a few turns on a slot machine in downtown Las Vegas.

Davy in Los Angeles won $315,429.61 Monday morning on a 25-cent Elvis slot machine at Four Queens, according to the casino’s Twitter feed.

Madonna Slot Machine

$315,429.61!!!!! Repeat $315, 429.61!!!!! #Congratulations to our davy guy, Davy from California, who won $315,429.61 playing Elvis Scientific Gaming!!! — 4 Queens HotelCasino (@4QueensLV) December 16, 2019

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Four Queens also shared a winner on Friday. A visitor from Pennsylvania won $17,628.54 on the Penny Progressive Walking Dead machine.

$17,628.54!!!!! #Luckylady from Pennsylvania hit a progressive dime on the #walkingdead #slotmachine by @aristocratslots for a whopping $17,628.54. Congratulations to our winner!!! — 4 Queens HotelCasino (@4QueensLV) December 13, 2019

At Binion’s, a visitor from Washington won $7,200 Monday on Triple Double Red Hot, and a guest won $4,228 on a Madonna slot machine.

This lucky guest playing our Madonna car will win an extra $4228!!!! — Binion’s (@BinionsLV) December 16, 2019

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Crews began demolishing two Station Casinos properties on Monday, as the company began work to reshape its Southern Nevada real estate portfolio.

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Clank-clank-clank-clank-clank. This is the sound of money – metal coins hitting a metal tray – in one of the reduced amount of coin operated machines that are still in use in the Las Vegas area. Winning became Joe Levin’s thing. He was at the local Blue Moon casino in Wishwill four times in four weeks and four times he walked out with a small piece of change. He just couldn’t lose. He had his favorite slot machine and never let him down.

Joe played at the casino with girlfriend Bonnie Cohn. Bonnie enjoyed playing Black Jack and was a serious shooter. He didn’t count cards but he had a photographic memory and could remember the order of cards that came out of the shoe, and which cards didn’t appear. He bet strategically and usually walked out in good form.

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It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, so after a hearty lunch, Joe and Bonnie headed north to Wishwill. The Wishwill Blue Moon Casino was located on Chippewa lands. It was small compared to other gambling houses in the province.

As soon as they entered the casino, they felt kind of funny because no one was asking for proof of vaccination, or enforcing the mask law. Apparently the Covid pandemic is over, even though the number of infected people continues to rise and the sixth wave is said to be very unpleasant. It didn’t make any sense, but both Joe and Bonnie got triple shots and both wore masks to come in to make some money.

They gave each other a quick hug and Bonnie headed for their table, while Joe went to his favorite slot machine. It was called ”Spin It” and he always played it well. He pulled out a hundred dollar bill and went to the nearest cash machine to break it into twenty. He started playing high (five cents a throw for a total bet of fifty) and lost his twenty in no time. He repeated his bets, fluctuations up and down but he had no success and in a few minutes he lost his hundred dollars. He went to the cash machine otherwise known as the redemption machine and money another hundred in twenty. Joe wasn’t worried because he had bad starts in his last few outings, but he always came back.

He went to a game called Lucky Wheel that had a hundred and eight dollar miner and couldn’t get a hit. He lost sixty dollars and went for a walk. After he was in Madonna’s car. He enjoyed the tunes, but at fifty dollars a throw he didn’t get a single bonus or return on his investment. It was frustrating, in twenty minutes he lost two hundred dollars. He went to the ATM and took out two hundred (200) more, he knew it would bounce, he always did.

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He next went to a progressive car. He introduced Gorillas. He sat in the car, (the minor was forty-five dollars and the major was eighty-seven dollars) and did his best to make some money back. Instead he lost a hundred. He was down three hundred dollars and became frustrated.

Joe checked on Bonnie and didn’t want to be disturbed. He said he kept his cool, but was laser focused and not very receptive to conversation. He left feeling frustrated.

His next stop was called Lightning Links. He sat down and began to play higher numbers than usual. He thought one hit and he would be in business, instead he dropped a hundred in six minutes.

It was strange for Joe to go to the ATM to get money, but he did not see an alternative. He hated the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) because they charged exorbitant rates to get money and the bank added their own charges, It was like giving money away.

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Joe took another two hundred and went back to Lightning Links. He lost a hundred in a hurry and was down three hundred when a miracle happened. He hit a major. Six hundred dollars. He was happy but for some reason fell into stupidity. He considered that he had lost four hundred and was only up two hundred and did not go. It was a ridiculous call. He sat down and played and before he knew it, he was throwing hundred dollar bills back into the machine and playing louder than he ever had. He was not happy as he tried to win all his money back and instead he gave back the six hundred (600) he won.

It gets worse. Instead of going to Bonnie and trying a different set of machines, she pulled out three hundred from the Instant Bank and sat back in the same machine. He was like possessed and obsessed. The problem was that Joe had lost all objectivity. Three hundred (300) were gone in a flash.

Joe never thought of himself as a problem gambler, going to the Blue Moon Casino as pure entertainment. He always set his budget and if he lost he called it a day, but for some reason this day was different than every other day and he didn’t even realize it. It wasn’t long before he was back at the ATM for another three hundred. He was determined to leave a winner.

No matter how much he tried and varied his bets, he could not get anything and soon he was out of money. He was crazy. He looked around, there were people looking at the car he was playing with. They saw how much he had put in it, and he decided he wasn’t going to let them get his money, so he put his baseball cap on the car instead, made sure there were ten dollars in it and drove to the ATM while they will always keep an eye on where he played so that no one else would sit in his seat. Not only was he lost, he was acting paranoid.

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The next three hundred went in what seemed like a heartbeat. A couple of times the biggest one showed himself but he didn’t win it. He was sure he was going to get all his money back, so he told himself one last time (with twenty-three dollars in the slot machine and left in his name) he went to get money from the ATM. This time it is

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