Magic Of The Nile Slot Machine

Magic Of The Nile Slot Machine – Magic of the Nile is a unique land based slot machine that offers a bonus for the player. The point of the game is for players to collect stones. These stones can be red, blue or green. When the player collects three of the same color, he plays a free spin, which pays between 10x and 25x the amount of the bet.

To take advantage, the slot player, or “vulture” as it is often called, should only play when the last person has enough stones left to play. The number of stones is clearly indicated by the number of pieces burned on the three obelisks. For example, in the image below, the game is in the form where two stones of each color are collected, which is very good.

Magic Of The Nile Slot Machine

Behind is the pay table. Stores are left to right only. Wild symbols do not appear on reel 1, so there are no wins for wilds alone.

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The player gets a wild spin for removing three pieces of the green obelisk. In that spin feature, the game scatters five to ten random wilds on the screen before the reels stop spinning. These wild animals are held in place. Whatever the sign is usually behind the sticky wilds it doesn’t matter.

In the example below, the game gave me six random wilds. When the reels stop, the seventh wild is at the bottom of reel 4. My total win is $10.45, which is 13.93x the bet on the starting spin.

The player gets a wild slot for removing three pieces of the red obelisk. In that spin mode, the reels stretch from three to six rows. Most importantly, the number of paylines has been increased from 30 to 75. I’m pretty sure that reel stripping is used as well.

In the example below, you’ll see the Scrolls expand to six rows. My total win was $18.00, on a $0.75 bet, or 24.0x the amount of the initial bet.

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The player gets a Multiplier wild spin for taking three pieces of the blue obelisk. In that spin mode, all wilds turn into 2x wilds. The winnings will be in the wild, most of them will be doubled. Remember, two or more 2x wilds always double the win.

In the example below, you can see the 2x placed on the wilds I just got. The final winner was $27.50. Based on my $0.75 bet on the starting thread, I won 36.7x my bet.

How many obelisk units are defined to swing towards the player? That is the big question. My answer to that is mostly based on the opinions of slot birds who play this game and are willing to share their opinions, under the guise of anonymity.

Although opinions differed, everyone said it was better to have two pieces of the same color than one of each of the two colors. Most players said that the green obelisk, which leads to random wilds, is the least expensive, and the red and blue ones are about the same. However, some players have no idea which colors are the most important and treat them all the same.

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Everyone said the other reason was the casino itself. The stronger the slots, the more parts to play. As I have said many times, there is a good relationship between the quality and cost of a casino with the tightness of its slots. Casinos that cater to tourists have larger slots, in general, than casinos that cater to locals. Finally, you can tell how crowded the slots are due to the power of video poker and video keno, which is measured.

It was decided not to play in three parts or less. Some of the players said that they will play three parts if the two of the buy are of the same suit, and it is a loose casino that appeals to both the players and the players. However, most suggested at least four.

The idea of ​​playing with five parts was also strong. I don’t think I’ve ever talked to a player who seemed to know the game that wouldn’t play with five or six.

There are four sections with different opinions. Some said they would only play if there were two suits with two pieces per piece, while others said they would play with four, including a 2-1-1 situation. It is often said that the four is a border case, it is included in the casino itself, and sometimes how the green parts are explained, some are cheaper than the red and blue ones.

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The game offers five different bet levels. It’s like a special game, and it’s in a special way. Fortunately for slot birds, the betting panel will show how many of each obelisk’s pieces burn in five levels. They make it easier by showing the stone at the top of the obelisk that burns like a diamond if two parts are lit. For example, in the image below the $0.75 and $6.00 bet levels there are two parts that light up in each part, and the stone above those obelisks is bright.

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