Magical Odds Slot Machine

Magical Odds Slot Machine – Ocean Magic is what some call a “shifting state” slot machine from developer IGT. Characterized by a series of wild bubbles that rise up after each match. If it is played only when the previous player drops bubbles in good positions, it can lead to a player advantage.

As mentioned in the introduction, Ocean Magic is a variable state game. If the last bet resulted in bubbles appearing on the bottom three rows or on the bottom row, the game is in a higher position than without guaranteed bubbles. Playing with bubbles in the right places can lead to a player’s advantage. A smart player should only start playing in a positive position and leave the game as soon as it is in a negative position.

Magical Odds Slot Machine

As with most slot machines, Ocean Magic was difficult to analyze because I didn’t know the reel separation, bottom-up probability, bubble burst probability, and the number of bubbles in the burst, and probably other things. factors. In lieu of this information, I’ve done my best based on following game and industry norms. Analyzing the game directly with math was too complicated, so I wrote random simulations for Wild Bubble and Bubble Burst modes. I put the simulation at a return of 85% to 86%, which is how many casinos around the country set their video slots, and also err on the side of being conservative in showing the value of this game. Below are my results in both modes.

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I know there are wild bubbles in both modes, but the two modes are labeled Wild Bubble or Bubble Burst in the lower right corner of the screen, so I’ll stick with that terminology.

That said, the table below shows when you should play. Play with any two bubbles in the “yes” slot or the “maybe” slots, except for maybes on rows 1 and 4 of the 4 reels.

Some on my forum disagreed with me about playing with the bubble in the top left corner or in the middle of the 4th reel. I think these discrepancies usually come from players playing Bubble Burst mode, where one extra bubble doesn’t really matter. . Remember, the line payouts in wild bubble mode are double the bet amount compared to Bubble Burst. This makes a single bubble about twice as expensive.

In Bubble Burst mode, winnings are halved (relative to the total bet) for more bubbles. This makes any bubble irrelevant given the same location on the screen. The table below shows when you should play based on where the monster bubble(s) will be NEXT ROLL. Play with any two bubbles in the “yes” slot or the “maybe” slots, except for maybes on rows 1 and 4 of the 4 reels.

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