Mario Slot Machine

Mario Slot Machine – Super Mario Bros. 3’s slot machines make a surprise appearance in Super Mario Maker 2.

Super Mario Maker 2 has received its final update in the form of World Maker. This major content drop adds tons of new features, including the ability to create whole worlds. However, one addition that will stand out for longtime Mario fans is Super Mario Bros. The return of 3 slot machines.

Mario Slot Machine

Super Mario Bros. 3 was originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan in 1988 and released in North America two years later in 1990. New items in this series include features such as glide down hills, pick up and throw objects, and more. However, one of the additional features that surprised many was the slot machine mini-games run by Toad. The goal was to match the sliding pictures to get the reward.

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Cut to 32 years later, it looks like slot machines made a surprise appearance in Super Mario Maker 2 – ‘ Game of the Year 2019. As in its original appearance, SMM2’s slot machines allow users to win up to five. Live to match the pictures correctly.

Players can get 1UP for crafting the iconic mushroom, 2UP for Blue Flame, and 5UP for Superstar. However, it all depends on the timing, as there is absolutely no reward if the image creation fails. You’ll need a keen eye to learn when to press A to stop the line at the correct location.

Lines stop from top to bottom for those who want to increase their chances of winning. The main outlier is the midline going in opposite directions from the top and bottom.

The addition of slot machines in Super Mario Maker 2 will surprise many fans. It can be tough to pull off, but a few extra lives are a nice bonus on the harder briefcase levels. Check out our Super Mario Maker 2 page to learn more about our ongoing coverage.

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